World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1314
Shen Xiang went out of the hotel, Bai Ziqian just passed through from the entrance, his hastily gave Bai Ziqian sound transmission. Sister Ziqian, I here!” Bai Ziqian turns the head to look to Shen Xiang, then walked, looks like she is very calm, but in her heart is very surprised, Shen Xiang such quickly appeared, probably here is waiting for her, she confirmed that her whereabouts has not revealed that before she had not left behind the cipher in other places. Shen Xiang her led own room, Bai Ziqian to take off the mask, has revealed that pair of evil looking, but ice-cold blue eye, eyebrow corner/horn place mark the purple scorpion chart mark, was sending out the purple monster different multi-colored sunlight, thought so knows that she was a very fierce succuba. Sister Ziqian, does not see for a long time, recently crossed what kind of?” Shen Xiang has hit. A Bai Ziqian icy appearance, but looks at the Shen Xiang's time, in the look is revealing the temperate ray, her indifferently said: Fortunately, but also is living!” Shen Xiang has given her massive Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, this makes her handy, this type of toxin is many uses the poisonous master long-awaited thing. Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison Anything else? did not have words, I find a time to help you make.” During Shen Xiang knows Bai Ziqian to become a fugitive, definitely runs into many personal enemies, with poisonous solves the opposite party quickly. I little use strange poison, here are many! Youyou and that spirit? They fortunately!” Bai Ziqian asked. „It is good!” Shen Xiang says with a smile. I ask you to have the matter, I know that before you in main palace there, have not thought you will also come to here, is quicker than me.” Bai Ziqian said. „Will you know me in the main palace? I hide very well.” Shen Xiang does not think clearly.

I guess.” Bai Ziqian said: I want to look for you taking advantage of some blood, you can Hundred Poisons Immunity, the blood should also to solve some toxins.” How many wants?” Shen Xiang pulls the sleeve. Packs.” Bai Ziqian was impolite, puts out earthen jar to give Shen Xiang: I will not treat unjustly your.” Although a blood of earthen jar are many, the speed that but Shen Xiang restores is fast, has not cared, very simple bloodletting, packs that earthen jar . Takes away.” Bai Ziqian looks at that altar|jar blood very much satisfied, gives Shen Xiang small case. Shen Xiang opens looks, the discovery is a grain of blood red pill. Heavenly Blood Pill?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Um, eats up!” The Bai Ziqian book thinks that Shen Xiang drains that many blood, should be able to injure to arrive at Yuan Qi, but looks like still vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, she does not know that Shen Xiang has Jade Dragon Bloodline and Bone Spirit this type of thing, now these fuse together, making his physique more fearful, it can be said that not the body of going bad. After eating up Heavenly Blood Pill, Shen Xiang recovered the speed of blood to be quicker, shortly after restored to actually such. Sister Ziqian, do you come to here to look for me? How you know that I will certainly come to here?” Shen Xiang asked very much curiously. Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country the struggle of throne, if no accident, should make war here, if you in the main palace, will not need Takuya to know that this matter, should come to here depending on your temper, therefore I first will come here you.” Bai Ziqian said.

Some Shen Xiang excitedly said: Sister Ziqian, then you also do want to butt in this matter? Good!” Bai Ziqian shakes the head: No, I also issue a warrant for arrest now, if the exposed status, first met with a disaster is I, they not person who whatever will grasp strange poison side them.” I will wait for great war to finish here, so long as does not approach the battlefield, I am very safe.” Now chases down your person, which does the main influence have?” Shen Xiang knows that Bai Ziqian should be chased down frequently, she has killed Immortal King, moreover uses strange poison. Suppressing Devil Temple, I had killed a while ago Immortal King, is Suppressing Devil Temple's, but they are concerned about face-saving, has not said.” The Bai Ziqian's words had a scare Shen Xiang, Suppressing Devil Temple with Fire God Palace equally matched existence, is fierce, had left Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable. Does not need to be worried, although they have to trace my method, but I walked quickly, will not implicate your......” Bai Ziqian just saying that the complexion suddenly changes, her hastily takes the mask, said solemnly: „The Suppressing Devil Temple's person came, I walked first.” Before Bai Ziqian just got to the entrance, very strong barometric pressures raid, Bai Ziqian tenderly shouted, hastily plunges Shen Xiang, grabs Shen Xiang's in that instantaneously, fierce leaps, the wearing out floor, arrived in the upper air. The sound of bang gets up, Shen Xiang has not responded, sees several golden light from several side synclines slantingly infiltrates that hotel, the entire hotel was covered by golden light instantaneously. After golden light vanishes, the hotel also without a trace, there has deep hole that sinks! Sees this attack, Shen Xiang the fine hair raises up immediately, if not Bai Ziqian responds quickly, a moment ago that he already cut and bruised, the people who he also sees the attack are Immortal King, what makes his angry is, these person of unexpectedly slaughter innocents, in that hotel is occupied by many people.

Obviously this Suppressing Devil Temple was the how arbitrary, attack, even if were Immortal Monarch, must gasify, does not know that in had the famous family juniors, but had, this Suppressing Devil Temple did not fear. Is Suppressing Devil Temple's five Immortal King, now you also stare by them!” Bai Ziqian clenches teeth saying that afterward is drawing Shen Xiang, flies from many people of places, otherwise hits, in this No. 20 Immortal Palace the regions of some people must be ruined only. Goes to the open country, with kills them poisonously.” Shen Xiang said: You did not fear in any case, dies several Immortal King is also same.” Said dexterously, these are the Suppressing Devil Temple's fellows, resists the strange poison method to be very wise, if I can solve them, they will not pursue here.” Bai Ziqian said. Suddenly Bai Ziqian brought Shen Xiang to arrive at outside the wilderness, but that five Immortal King pursued tightly in behind, once for a while will make very fierce golden light, rumbled all the way several mountain tops. „Do they trace according to what your? Heavenly Dog same nose?” Shen Xiang asked that if did not clarify, was very difficult to get rid of these five Immortal King. „It is not, I and they hand over to pass away, they can release a special aura, then seeps to my body, unknowingly accumulated, I am unable to compel, I think in your body also to have.” Bai Ziqian said. Sister Ziqian, you are really stupid, Sister Youyou has taught me Engulfing Devil Art, I help you attracting these aura, I can get rid of their final.” Shen Xiang said. Gives a try!” In the Bai Ziqian heart moves: That aura, so long as condense on my atrium.” Bai Ziqian holds Shen Xiang's, presses on oneself that weak chest, said: Hurry up, they must pursue!”