World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1315
Shen Xiang stressed subconsciously that soft thing, Bai Ziqian has drunk one coldly, the body released cold air, making him be startled to release Divine Power to induce in her atrium that aura immediately, he induced quickly, was truly special, what was very been relaxed by him was attracts. Was OK!” Shen Xiang completes quickly, if not the present situation is urgent, he definitely will tow a period of time, although is away from the clothes, but the feel is very good. Snort!” Bai Ziqian felt that the Shen Xiang's finger wriggled slightly, immediately moves out of the way his hand, then holds his wrist|skill, is shuttling back and forth in the forest. Threw off!” Long Xueyi said: That aura is truly strange, even if will be separated by to be induced very much, if not be I helps you go into hiding, perhaps after you, will become the goal.” Shen Xiang has also attempted on the road, is very difficult to compel, but is all right now, he was not worried. Ha Ha...... They separated sought.” Long Xueyi said with a smile, she has been observing that several Immortal King with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. Shen Xiang said to Bai Ziqian in a low voice: Sister Ziqian, they seek for us separatedly, you looked that we do collaborate to kill 1-2? Let their meat pain!” Bai Ziqian stops the footsteps, she also induces to pursue to behind nobody, moreover that condense together imposing manner had been divided into five. Even if not use the toxin, the independent combat words, Bai Ziqian can also defeat Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King. Good!” Bai Ziqian had considered slightly, is then drawing Shen Xiang, rushes in a direction, she can induce to these Immortal King probably in any position. Elder sister's her strength be fiercer than these Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King, but Suppressing Devil Temple has opposite party Demon and Devil cultivation technique, therefore the elder sister compares to have the pressure facing them, this you should be very clear, wait for you to favor opportunity fight , helping her in secret.” Bai Ziqian said.

Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: This naturally, this matter, although is not honored, but I compare to be glad to do.” Puts stab in the back anything, Shen Xiang was most adept, does frequently, but also little has let slip! However Bai Ziqian had not planned that makes Shen Xiang help, Shen Xiang just transcend, facing expert of Immortal King rank, simply did not have what revolt strength, even if there is strange poison not to play the major role. You wait for me here, I pursue that fellow, this should be in them quite fierce Immortal King.” Bai Ziqian loses Shen Xiang under a big tree, this great tree is big, needs dozens individuals to joint hold, moreover many tree hole. No matter also Shen Xiang does comply, after Bai Ziqian Shen Xiang squeezes in tree hole, like lightning pursues to Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King. Shen Xiang has complied with Bai Youyou, must help Bai Ziqian's, he turned into a bird, speedily flies in the woods, but the speed does not have Bai Ziqian to be so fast, only if he uses Law of Space to carry on the space to shuttle back and forth, but that very easy exposed whereabouts. Succuba, seeks at death's door!” Sky shook transmits, shakes the leaf in mountain forest randomly to dance. Is you provokes first my.” Before Bai Ziqian body , the blue light dodges, does not know that she has made anything, her surrounding thousand feet (333 m) trees suddenly turns into powder, was swept by gale. Airborne that Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King makes several to bring golden light of strength of Suppressing Devil, is similar to dodges the thunder to hit Bai Ziqian generally, but on Bai Ziqian the glittering blue light has strange strength, the ball will open, making the strength of these formidable Suppressing Devil scatter in all directions, is similar to innumerable golden needle flies to shoot the four directions generally, the hit trees instantaneously turn into the flying ash. „The war of Immortal King is really fierce, almost met with a disaster.” Shen Xiang is crawling in the ground at this time, but turned into a very small insect.

You use Primordial Strange Poison damn, everyone has to chase down your responsibility!” Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King drinks. Snort, before why , that does die the fellow in my hands to make me hand over strange poison? He should massacre directly my, if there is Primordial Strange Poison to place in front of you, perhaps you will rob like one flock of hungry mad dogs.” The Bai Ziqian ridicule said. Nonsense, do not slander us.” That Immortal King shouted angrily, dived from the upper air, was similar to a grain of golden meteor crashes, long jab Bai Ziqian. Affectedly virtuous fellow.” Bai Ziqian angrily said, body blue light glittering, jade fist suddenly turns into the purple black. Can use Devil Decaying Death Qi?” In Shen Xiang heart startled [say / way], he has not thought that Bai Ziqian unexpectedly can build up into the body Devil Decaying Death Qi, how his very curious this is achieves, this very danger(ous). That Suppressing Devil Immortal King rewiring gets down, Suppressing Devil Holy Power of both hands is very intrepid, shines on Bai Ziqian, making her feel burningly painful incomparable, but that Suppressing Devil Immortal King sees the Bai Ziqian jade fist color deterioration, in the heart is a shock is also astonished, but he is not afraid, he clearly has to cope with this strange poison means. Succuba, accepts fate!” That Suppressing Devil Immortal King said with a smile ferociously, double fist suddenly golden light inspired greatly, was the strength of fiercer Suppressing Devil. hōng hōng hōng! Several explosives, the earth was shaken to fluctuate by formidable strength, big piece split open, the gale curls up the ground disruption the stone, making the big lands be swept across by the pitch-black billowing dust covers. In this strength wave, the Shen Xiang careful shuttle space approaches. Ha Ha...... Your Devil Decaying Death Qi is useless to me, instead also injures to arrive at you, the succuba, I will capture alive your, then holds the slaughter demon congress.” That Suppressing Devil Immortal King said while loudly laughing.

The Bai Ziqian corners of the mouth are keeping purple blood, the face whiten, that pair of blue pupil was also gloomier, the fist braves the purple black blood. Suppressing Devil Temple's really specially restrains Demon and Devil, the Bai Ziqian such strong fiendish people does not hit them! Had other Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King to come, hurry up.” Long Xueyi urged. Shen Xiang clenches teeth, immediately shuttles back and forth among big Duan Kong, but that Suppressing Devil Immortal King had also detected. Who......” That Suppressing Devil Immortal King explodes roars, the roar is angry, because his belly suddenly has emitted the half azure knife, what making him panic-stricken incomparable is, this is winding around many Devil Decaying Death Qi the blade on. Shen Xiang pulls out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this punctures, but he has used most strength, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is luckily sharp, broken against was fierce, holds to put on this Suppressing Devil Immortal King Immortal Cloth, can break his defense. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” That Suppressing Devil Immortal King complexion coagulates, he knows that who this person was, except for Shen Xiang, who also had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? But he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly also has so massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, held a moment ago his blade time, has poured into. Suppressing Devil Temple already wants to grasp Shen Xiang, because that can obtain Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal two supreme treasure, but has come not to have the Shen Xiang transcend news.