World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1316
Accepts fate!” Shen Xiang sneers, the broadsword wields, one that blade shade heavily, brushes enters Immortal King of marrow to divide the whole body this toxin is the deep slash. This Suppressing Devil Immortal King fleshly body is very strong, if trades to be other people, perhaps turned into the fragment. You......” Shen Xiang induces to compel fast to several aura, hastily condense strength, releases one group of Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, infiltrates in the body of this Suppressing Devil Immortal King, burning down will result in Soul Body entirely extinguished. Walks quickly!” The Bai Ziqian's wound is not very serious, she draws Shen Xiang to flee once more, even if Shen Xiang does not appear, she can also escape. In them just always, four old man suddenly appeared, in that pile had not been burnt by Seven Colors Heavenly Fire that extinguishes, looks Heavenly Fire that this pile of seven colors light four shoot, these Suppressing Devil Immortal King complexions are very dignified. For a long time has not seen this type of flame, the person who can release this type of flame absolutely is not Demon and Devil, has not thought of side that succuba to have a such fierce fellow, died Immortal King, it seems like it is the time reported that reported Temple there.” old man seriously said. Who is? Can emit Seven Colors Heavenly Fire fellow such several! It is necessary to make big Palace Master ask that several fellows to ask, now died two Immortal King.” Dead Immortal King this regarding a super big influence is very serious matter, Heaven World is so vast, large number of elderly persons, but Immortal King is few, now Suppressing Devil Temple is chasing down the Bai Ziqian's time, died two, this is the huge matter. But now they lost the Bai Ziqian's trail, making them what is uneasy, the Bai Ziqian side has one to understand that uses Seven Colors Heavenly Fire expert. Bai Ziqian has the Shen Xiang one breath to run swiftly to very far place, but has not gone out of this Immortal Palace, but these Suppressing Devil Immortal King were also very difficult to find them. Serious?” Asking that Shen Xiang cares about.

All right, quick good!” Bai Ziqian also saw Seven Colors Heavenly Fire that Shen Xiang has released a moment ago, that also made her be startled, because understood that with the person of this type of flame in Heaven World such as extremely rare, Shen Xiang just transcend can use. She has not thought that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao can train that formidable Shen Xiang. Late at night, Shen Xiang and Bai Ziqian in woods, the Bai Ziqian's facial expression were better at this time, can massacre Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King, in her heart also happy incomparable. If were not Shen Xiang appears suddenly held a that Immortal King blade, poured into massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, perhaps is not easy to go well. „The struggle of throne must start quickly, I must leave as soon as possible, if Suppressing Devil Temple passes on the matter, perhaps seven Prince will search for my.” Bai Ziqian said. Um, Sister Ziqian takes care, later I must look for you, I will cause an important matter to come, you leave behind the cipher to be used to relate in the Immortal Palace entrance of accident.” Shen Xiang said. You are also careful, look after good Youyou!” Bai Ziqian looks at Shen Xiang gently, has patted his shoulder: Takes care!” Bai Ziqian walked, Shen Xiang returns to the regions of this Immortal Palace some people at the same night, Huang Jintian must slaughter Imperial Dragon only, he wants to know successfully. The day, Shen Xiang came back finally, but on here avenue, every other 1st Stage distance attaches the Bai Ziqian's portrait, there is a color, her demon beautiful face complete seal, looks at that portrait, somewhat lets the person to this succuba captivated. Devil Heaven, the female of Bai clan Devil Emperor, Bai Ziqian, was called demon scorpion Princess past, is good at using to use the toxin, now has used of Devil Decaying Death Qi Primordial Strange Poison kills three Immortal King...... Shen Xiang tears down one to post a reward the command, puts in Hidden Jade Ring, he asked with amazement: Sister Youyou, your father unexpectedly is Devil Emperor!” Others seal to him, he has not acknowledged that haven't you seen are past Devil Emperor?” The Bai Youyou sound is bringing ice-cold, obviously she does not have what sentiment to this Devil Emperor father.

Sister Meiyao has said that he when three realms great war died.” Shen Xiang remembered at this time, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao should have experienced three realms great war, but that was the hundred thousand year ago. But also has the rumor that he lives, since he died, a Devil Heaven Bai clan declined, the elder sister was pressed by Suppressing Devil Obelisk in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain hundred thousand year, but I......” Bai Youyou sighed gently. Shen Xiang saw cipher that Huang Jintian keeps, but he had not inquired that has the main palace to have the news that Imperial Dragon was cut to kill. „Was my Master motion failed? Hehe, I despise his, such good opportunity lost, but also has a face to look for me.” In Shen Xiang heart dark crisp, according to the cipher, arrived at a hotel. Huang Jintian plays the role of a grandiose old man, stands in the entrance. This hotel has the backyard, soon next.” Huang Jintian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang also thinks that Huang Jintian stayed here, has not thought that will wait for him to pay a bill here. Two small room that's alright, this hotel was so luxurious, is very expensive.” Although Shen Xiang also many Immortal Crystal, but he will not abuse. Rubbish, asking for it?” Huang Jintian stared his one eyes. Shen Xiang was helpless, has rented a garden -type house, in this hotel Great Villa, a day took over a thousand Immortal Crystal. Master, haven't you gone well? Hasn't gone well you to come to here to do?” Shen Xiang thought Huang Jintian to get rid, definitely meets the horse becomes to the merit, but disappointed him.

Smelly brat, you know that I haven't gone well? unexpectedly underestimates Master I!” Huang Jintian has knocked maliciously his head. I have inquired, the main palace has not spread any news, two small Imperial Dragon leave side Dragon King secretly, that is the good opportunity, was missed by you.” Shen Xiang feels the head, the resentment said fully. Young bastard, does not punch you one is not good, making you such underestimate me, I captured alive that two young Huang Long laboriously, trades your despising?” Huang Jintian lu had the sleeve. Captured alive?” Shen Xiang startled shouted, but the Huang Jintian's fist fell on him, suddenly, Shen Xiang had been pounded several hundred by that pair of fist bang, the whole body severe pain. Oh, Master I made a mistake!” Shen Xiang holds to whin saying that he also wants to tell Huang Jintian his success, he has killed Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal King, but that does not have what to be good to show off, why the wool has not fished to one, the value is well below two living Imperial Dragon. Long Xueyi their three females are more surprised, Long Xueyi thinks that Huang Jintian can get so far as scrap dragon meat to be good, but unexpectedly was captured alive by him. Hehe, knows well, although your this brat does the important matter that makes me admire much, but should not be proud, how I said is Master, if I play earnestly, the matter that causes will definitely not compare you to be bad!” Huang Jintian receives the fist, haughty smiles, then said cloudy sadly: I abduct these two small Imperial Dragon time, but also used Imperial Bird Clan to have the emperor feather that to be spirited, this fought them not to hit must hit.”