World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1317
Shen Xiang looks at Huang Jintian astonished: Emperor...... The emperor feather is spirited!” Huang Jintian said a moment ago, he used the emperor feather to be spirited, Huang Jintian unexpectedly also understood that used this strength. „Like Dragon Force, is the Imperial Feather Clan unique strength aura, but I also can only use little, this may not have Dragon Force to be so good to study, moreover studied the use not to be big.” Huang Jintian said. Said that Imperial Dragon Clan definitely will suspect Imperial Feather Clan, this great war should quick approach, that two small Imperial Dragon?” Shen Xiang may not have what favorable impression to Imperial Dragon Clan, with Imperial Dragon Clan hostile, moreover that Dragon Emperor previous time also wants to seize Xue Xianxian they to coerce him. I have not massacred them, they are the Immortal Monarch rank...... Should be called Dragon, if butchers, they will appear the main bodies, the main body was too big, my storage equipment will unable to install, will therefore make the corona them, will then put in one to install in storage equipment of live person.” Huang Jintian Hehe said with a smile: This dragon meat should not be delicious, possibly is the same with the snake meat, the phoenix has the wing, should with chicken wing anything is the same.” Master, how then you do plan to handle that two small Imperial Dragon now?” Shen Xiang feels the chin to think, these two small Imperial Dragon are the Immortal Monarch rank, Dragon Pearl definitely is very strong, he must it refined into pill's words, needs long time. Massacres, here kills, can when the time comes certainly directs Imperial Dragon Clan and six Prince these fellows.” Huang Jintian has some puzzled places: „But how the issue processes Dragon Corpse, Dragon Corpse is very big, discards wastes.” Long Xueyi said to Shen Xiang: Burns, with Vanishing Fire, fires the crystal Dragon Corpse, that is the pure energy, will not be many.” Vanishing Fire?” In the Shen Xiang mind flashes through something, before Long Xueyi and he has said that this Vanishing Fire is one flame that Jade Dragon can release, specifically is used to commit suicide, for does not make the person obtain precious Jade Dragon Bloodline. Your Jade Dragon Bloodline, although fuses together with other things, is in your body, therefore you can also use, this type of flame has big destructive power to the dragon body, otherwise Jade Dragon will not commit suicide with this type of flame.” Long Xueyi said: You words, I will not teach you that's it, how this type of flame does not need to study, only needs some people to guide.” Shen Xiang builds on the Huang Jintian's shoulder: Master, I had the means that I can use a flame to fire the crystal Dragon Corpse, was when the time comes easy to preserve.” Huang Jintian opens the eye to look at Shen Xiang, surprisedly said: Is Vanishing Fire is inadequate? Your should brat not be Dragon Transformation?” Afterward Huang Jintian is pawing on Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang said with a smile: No, I am a person.”

Then said that you obtained Jade Dragon Bloodline!” Huang Jintian knows that so many things, let Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are very surprised. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile. Good brat, this is the good thing, after can let you, has body of the true Indestructible, if so, was easy to do!” Huang Jintian looks at Shen Xiang with a look, making Shen Xiang think that he must hemophagia to be the same probably. „A matter, I inquired the news, following several days will have the phoenix to come here to examine the battlefield, if possible, made me kill the place of dragon them.” Huang Jintian said with a smile cloudy. I understood!” Shen Xiang knows that Huang Jintian is calculating anything, if when the time comes happen to have coming of Imperial Dragon Clan, discovered that Imperial Feather Clan here, Imperial Feather Clan could not run away. That night, Huang Jintian brought Shen Xiang to choose the place, so long as when the time comes Huang Jintian ran away that two Imperial Dragon Dragon Pearl, destroyed completely Divine Soul, reduced the head again, Imperial Dragon will die, will appear the main body, turned into the big dragon. When the time comes sound is not definitely small, definitely will alarm these Imperial Dragon, you must favor the time to direct the Imperial Bird Clan fellow, when the time comes gives me to cope with that Imperial Bird Clan, then you burn down Dragon Qu, must before Imperial Dragon Clan and six Prince they have caught up leaves.” Huang Jintian seriously said, if when the time comes that crowd of Immortal King come, was very difficult to run away. After confirming the good location, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian returned, wait for coming of Imperial Feather Clan. At this time that side the main palace has spread news, has the news about looking for missing persons, moreover rewards for services rendered many, two surely Immortal Crystal! Is used for Imperial Dragon that seeks for that two to be taken prisoner. Shen Xiang has to admire Huang Jintian, abducts these two Imperial Dragon, unexpectedly has not made very big move, enabling Imperial Dragon Clan that side clue not to have, therefore he left behind the emperor feather to be spirited at the scene, but the Imperial Dragon Clan that side was very discrete, but began to have suspicions, moreover sent for investigating that side Imperial Feather Clan. If Imperial Feather Clan is used to coerce them, when the time comes their Imperial Dragon Clan must withdraw, because that two Imperial Dragon are the good seedlings, one is Holy Dragon. Master, if kills these two Imperial Dragon, you said that Dragon Emperor can appear?” Shen Xiang asked. Previous that Dragon Emperor appears, was own precious son died, although these two small Imperial Dragon were precious, but did not have to preciously like his precious son, did not need to fear that even if he came, we were also very safe, the premise was all smooth.” Huang Jintian said.

If the ordinary people, let alone Dragon Emperor, even if the dragon does not dare to provoke, but this master and apprentice two actually dare to cut to kill Imperial Dragon, has not feared Dragon Emperor! Came, Imperial Bird Clan fellow, three, although is the Immortal Monarch ranks, but you should deal with come.” On the Huang Jintian face has shown the happy expression: Quick can see the dog to nip the major drama of dog.” Gives me, I.” Shen Xiang hastily rushes to that hotel, runs to the Teleportation Formation direction. Imperial Feather Clan three Immortal Monarch level expert just came out from Teleportation Formation, releases to be full of the pressure the aura, making the people by far draw back, does not dare to approach them. Did not say Imperial Feather Clan very low-key? Now so to be how arbitrary?” Shen Xiang ran the past time, felt that that incomparably rampant aura, as if looked who was not pleasing to the eyes must kill people same. Is Immortal Monarch, you may probably be careful.” Long Xueyi said: „If not good, I will come out to help your.” I deal with come.” Shen Xiang saw that three Imperial Feather Clan expert, the clothes that puts on as if are made of the feather, are glistening the dazzling multi-colored sunlight, completely is the red, moreover heat is steaming, uses the fire attribute aura. Hurries to get the hell out, this Teleportation Formation from now henceforth was our!” A man drinks, emperor feather puts spiritedly, is deterring the people. How then we do want to leave here?” A quite brave person asked. Dies, like this you did not need to leave!” Imperial Feather Clan that man sneers, lifts the hand, emits a flame, hits to that person, incineration ashes. Get lost, seeing your small and weak fellows I to pinch you, goes!” Does not roll all burns you, if not I do not think the dirty hand, you already died.” Facing so overbearing and formidable three Imperial Feather Clan, the people can only complain in the heart that is far away from this Teleportation Formation in abundance.

After Shen Xiang sees them, picks up speed to hurry. These three Imperial Feather Clan whole face rampant smiling faces, look at the person who these flee in all directions, still also has to kill the heart, they lift the hand, condense formidable flame strength, the preparation must attack...... Shen Xiang sees this, calculates the strength of good Law of Space, appears in these three Imperial Feather Clan suddenly reluctantly! Imperial Bird Clan, here has not been one's turn you to be rampant!” Shen Xiang loud voice shouted, a palm of the hand sweeps away very much, very accurate selects the faces of these three Imperial Feather Clan, sends out „” a resounding. The slapping the face wound self-respect, thinks one were a cut above other people, stands erect in Nine Heavens Imperial Feather Clan unexpectedly by person fan maliciously a palm of the hand, moreover strength of this palm of the hand was very strong, was swollen their face fans. Before Dragon Force and that some differences Dragon Force of Shen Xiang revolution within the body, he uses at this time, this is the strength of Holy Dragon, is his previous time eats that Holy Dragon pill to practice, any has not distinguished with Dragon Force of true Holy Dragon use. „The strength of Holy Dragon, Imperial Dragon Clan!” Imperial Feather Clan shouted, but he felt better, because this is hit by Holy Dragon, if by the human so fan, that truly were very lost face. Right, is I hits your!” Shen Xiang said that immediately moves sideways the attack that avoids that suddenly to send, Imperial Feather Clan emits to burn the hot flame from the mouth together. These three Imperial Feather Clan thinking opposite party will initiate fiercely attacks, with their great war, who knows that after Shen Xiang avoids that to strike, leapt to airborne flies away.