World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1318
Do not run!” The Imperial Feather Clan three people will certainly not give up, had been slapped a face maliciously, but has not made including root hair of opposite party, can they endure this owing? Shen Xiang wants is their this responses, if fights with these three Imperial Feather Clan, his cannot hit, if must lead them to run, that is can accomplish. These three pigs, sooner or later eat them.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Imperial Feather Clan really that damned type, has not changed, does not know how they inherited were so long, this rampant idiot and Imperial Dragon Clan placed on a par, will only bring disgrace on Imperial Dragon Clan.” You have the skill to sneak attack us, doesn't have the skill and our head confrontation? Imperial Dragon Clan is really this fellow, snort|hum!” Imperial Feather Clan shouted that behind pursues. On the fellows of this bullying the weak and fearing the strong, hits your me to think that dirty my hand, now you extend to call me other one side face, I am disinclined to hit you.” Shen Xiang jokes. That three Imperial Feather Clan anger is incomparable, was roaring in behind, although their speeds were quick, but actually could not compare the Shen Xiang use space to shuttle back and forth, but the Shen Xiang's consumption was big, if were not front has Huang Jintian top, he does not dare such to abuse the strength of Law of Space, in this Heaven World use radically in deflagration True Qi. Drew near!” In the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat anxious, mountain that front that was divided, is the Huang Jintian Tu Long's place. Just saw that great mountain in him, sees front suddenly to emit a golden red multi-colored sunlight, this multi-colored sunlight spreads suddenly, has almost covered these half Immortal Palace, Shen Xiang and that three Imperial Feather Clan most approaches there, by that intense Dragon Qi blowing retreat. Recitation of perishing dragon!” Long Xueyi said that then transmits intense dragon roar, shakes entire Immortal Palace slightly to shiver, the intense sound transmission in all directions, covers entire Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country. „Was this two dragons simultaneously died? What's all this about?” Imperial Feather Clan startled shouted. Why I initially killed Holy Dragon Crown Prince time doesn't have this phenomenon?” The marvelous sight that after Shen Xiang and died, initiate by this dragon to shock. „The Holy Dragon Crown Prince strength was too weak, therefore died does not have what sound, but the dragon of this rank is different, moreover Imperial Dragon.” Long Xueyi said. After dazzling light glow vanishes, front is lying down two gigantic incomparable dragon bodies, is similar to two thick walls stands horizontally there, golden color, red, above innumerable dragon scales under the sunlight illumination, reflects the intermittent eye-catching dazzling light.

little rascal, to your! I cope with them.” Huang Jintian suddenly clashes. Shen Xiang has not thought that these Dragon Corpse are so huge, must use the words that Vanishing Fire burns down, but also is very difficult. You at least must use 50% blood to burn down these two Dragon Corpse, hurry up, when the time comes I guide you to release Vanishing Fire to come.” Long Xueyi said. These two Imperial Dragon died, sound is so huge, definitely will bring to the attention of main palace, a bit faster fight, when the time comes only cannot look that these two Dragon Corpse were taken away by Imperial Dragon Clan. Shen Xiang stands on golden Dragon Corpse, mind suddenly transmits a strange feeling, afterward hears Long Xueyi shouted: In heart is thinking turns into the flame own blood, this can release, remember, only needed a small group on that's alright.” Shen Xiang complies immediately, releases small group flame, this flame is the snow white, a temperature does not have, but makes Shen Xiang think very fearful. He places on the flame Dragon Corpse of under foot, squeezes in piece of huge dragon scales, then jump to other a dragon corpse, like, emitted one group of Vanishing Fire a moment ago, squeezes under dragon scales. Completes all these, the Shen Xiang float upper air, he knits the brows: Doesn't have the sound?” Had, the interior is burning, but this Vanishing Fire burns time you cannot see, sensible temperature!” Long Xueyi said: This flame is the transparency.” Really, how long Shen Xiang has not waited, saw very astonishing one, sees only that two huge Dragon Corpse unexpectedly little disappearances, probably dissolves such. In the Huang Jintian of distant places and that three Imperial Family dogfights, releases very fierce Dragon Force, unexpectedly can suppress that three Imperial Feather Clan, he looked at that two Dragon Corpse, discovers is dissolving, on the face has shown the smiling face. Not long, Dragon Corpse completely vanished, that three Imperial Feather Clan also saw this, but they do not know that this is Vanishing Fire, has the thing about Jade Dragon, is some secrets, they do not certainly know, but thinks very strange.

Gathers the crystal, although called Vanishing Fire, but after burning down, can burn refined into many crystals the corpse, that was very pure energy.” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang releases Divine Power, before inducing these two dragon bodies , the place that covers, discovered that many small crystals, is similar to the small bead is equally big, he will use Divine Power locking, will then gather completely. These Little Dragon crystals are not many, have two jade boxes, the pure energy that but inside contains is huge! Imperial Dragon Clan came, large quantities of Immortal King, we remove quickly!” Huang Jintian clashes toward Shen Xiang with the quickest speed, to Shen Xiang sound transmission. Came, the speed is quick.” Long Xueyi also anxious saying. Huang Jintian flies side Shen Xiang, holds him, how afterward Shen Xiang does not know, at present one black, then goes through in a darkness. I in underground, now has been far away from that place.” Huang Jintian said. Long Xueyi is still monitoring there: That three phoenixes died, a Holy Dragon king appearance of Imperial Dragon Clan, rumbles to kill them, does not remain the dregs!” It seems like now dies not verifies, they do not know that is we do.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Huang Jintian leads him to appear in a riverside, he has used the earth escaping technique and Water Escape, runs away very quickly, the consumption is also very big, but his actually whole face happy smiling face. These time does attractively, our master and apprentice collaborates, matter that we could not have done?” Huang Jintian is laughing, he has put out two grains of Dragon Pearl, is sending out the golden and fiery red light glow. Also to the half minute, you do want Holy Dragon wants Fire Dragon?” Huang Jintian asked.

Fire Dragon, this little will possibly help my flame.” Shen Xiang was saying also puts out that two jade boxes, that is his acquired Dragon Jing. I want Holy Dragon, has not thought that your this brat can use the strength of Holy Dragon, should be the advantage that Holy Dragon Crown Prince brings.” Huang Jintian hey smiles, received the jade box in Shen Xiang hand. If lacks Immortal Crystal, that grain of Dragon Jing sells, can trade much, this Dragon Pearl.” Huang Jintian puts out a grain of Dragon Jing, carefully looks, this is Holy Dragon, inside is containing the strength of rich Holy Dragon. Brain is sick takes Dragon Pearl to sell.” Shen Xiang will receive, this is used to give him to promote the strength, he very much lacks this type of thing now. If is used to receive in exchange for precious alchemy herbs that also almost.” Shen Xiang also said that he also very much lacks this. Huang Jintian puts out several grains of Dragon Jing, threw in the entrance to swallow, making Shen Xiang call out in alarm one. I restore strength first, leading you to travel to consume me to be too many, you also well adjusted the good condition, only made this deceased person wealth, perhaps has not satisfied you.” Huang Jintian cracks into a smile. Shen Xiang nods with a smile, this Immortal Palace will become the battlefield, but these Immortal King Immortal Monarch Heaven Dan also will be the good things, if can open their storage equipment, or will pick 12 Dragon King Dragon Corpse again, either the phoenix corpse, that gained sends greatly. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian are resting, but earth suddenly transmits weak shivering, Huang Jintian opens the eye, looks in Lan Tian that together ray of light bunch, seriously said: great war started, it seems like that the strength of both sides is very strong, the senior king also left Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, the struggle of throne has opened, does not know that finally who was this Immortal Country new king?” In any case is not we, moreover these fellows are the dog bite the dog, that six Prince and Imperial Dragon Clan Fire God Palace these fellows cooperate, absolutely is not the good thing, but also makes the slave with that brutal way, if possible, I also really want to make him eat the point to owe well.” Shen Xiang said. This is wants certainly, especially Fire God Palace these fellows, unexpectedly also want to press for an answer you to teach that alchemy technique to them, when we rest well, overtakes, making them know that the flower like this is why red.” Huang Jintian said with a sneer.