World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1319
Heaven World is so big, has the person of paying dirt idea is not only Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian they, many not awfully also arrives at the battlefield of struggle of this throne to try one's luck. Long Xueyi sees many people to emerge in this Immortal Palace, at this time participates in great war in this Immortal Palace, is Immortal Monarch and Human Immortal late stage is in the majority . Moreover the equipment that from some famous big influences, along has is the immortal tool rank, even if has been damaged, that can also sell a good price, the luck good words, obtains one perfectly, gained in a big way. little rascal, Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace that matter is you do?” Huang Jintian is full of vigor at this time, restored the peak, momentarily can go to that battlefield to make trouble. „Do you also know the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace matter?” Shen Xiang stood up, has patted buttocks, asked with amazement. Except for you, whom I cannot find out to have this talent, whose female personal connection cannot find out to be so good, you obtain that Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit should for your woman, I reminded you, do not use, only if you were the man to do greasily.” Huang Jintian looks at Shen Xiang with the serious look. Shen Xiang laughed: Master, you do not need to worry that I absolutely will not become your female apprentice.” Huang Jintian grins to say with a smile: Female apprentices are also good, but your this brat works as the man to be so merry, will kill you not to be the woman.” Can embark, Master, when the time comes I use toxin anything, the issue should not be big.” Shen Xiang said that depending on his present strength, the words that must make trouble , can only use this method. I heard, you in Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, Black Blood Devil Sunflower of use are poisonous, this type of toxin does not forbid to use, you have casually use, looked that who is not feeling well comes to him, making these affectedly virtuous fellows know that anything is called cloudy.” Huang Jintian rubs hands to say with a smile. When the time comes we separately move, other together, otherwise I will draw on some expert to affect you, but you must pay attention, if will see Immortal King to clash toward you, will hurry to run that's it.” The Huang Jintian urging said. Shen Xiang nodded, was being drawn by Huang Jintian, fires into distant place that by the battlefield that the intense wild oppression covers, at this time there dark clouds are densely covered, lightning flash thunder cry, blustery, the howling, the rumbled sound, the dragon roar sound is unceasing, the tactical situation is intense.

Arrives here, later said goodbye.” Huang Jintian loses Shen Xiang in a bare at the foot of the hill, then dashes toward not far away battlefield. Shen Xiang looked at all around these bare mountain tops, that by the air wave that great war releases to the lane, originally here many big trees, in that flash that great war erupts, completely ruined. Selects Immortal Monarch early stage specially or is Human Immortal late stage starts, other same being far away, have two Human Immortal late stage in front in great war.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang immediately rush over: Their these two side great war, die many should be Human Immortal, Immortal Monarch rank, so long as does not meet Immortal King, is generally very difficult to be killed, only if met with poisonously fierce......” Long Xueyi said: „The ways of their this battle, to weaken the opposite party strength, letting the opposite party is unable to have enough strength to control entire Immortal Country, but other influences also left few strength, main strength is six Prince and other Prince.” In front of Shen Xiang, two middle age are grasping Immortal Sword, are displaying magnificent and formidable sword technique are battling. Does not have Imperial Bird Clan, these should be the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country people.” Shen Xiang hides behind a giant stone, has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow slowly. Manages his, killed them to say again, in their hands was middle-grade Immortal Sword, can sell Immortal Crystal.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang concentrates a air/Qi arrow through Demanding Life Devil Bow massive True Qi, then pours into the Black Blood Devil Sunflower poisonous powder, waits for the opportunity, kills two birds with one stone. He waited a moment later, that two Human Immortal depend on together finally, double sword resistance.

Came!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, releases the preparation for a long time poison-tipped arrow, „”, pours into the massive Black Blood Devil Sunflower poisonous powders the intense air/Qi arrow, such as the light flies to shoot generally, flies among time suddenly two Human Immortal to explode, produces black poisonous mist. acute poison, is Black Blood Devil Sunflower!” And Human Immortal is startled to shout one. Good eye!” The Shen Xiang broadminded appearance, in the hand is taking that the Devil Emperor dagger, pricks that Human Immortal abdomen, pulls out inside Heaven Dan, then seizes the sword rapidly, the shuttle space, arrives at another Human Immortal again, the dagger pricks from the back, takes Heaven Dan, after seizing the sword, Shen Xiang with Immortal Sword, cuts to kill these two Human Immortal. Walks quickly, some Immortal Monarch discovered.” Long Xueyi shouted, the Shen Xiang movement is deft, after poisonous mist suction, immediately is far away from this place. That Immortal Monarch that coming is a handsome middle age, he looks here intense fighting trace, knits the brows to talk to oneself: Strange, two strength good Human Immortal were fighting a moment ago, how to vanish all of a sudden? From this death Qi, dying should be two, has the bystander to seize the chance to sneak attack?” Is He Tang, isn't this big Prince eldest son?” Shen Xiang heart startled, this He Tang is a very fierce character. He Tang, are you are escaping?” Hears this loudly shout, Shen Xiang is one startled, this is He Feng. Six Prince eldest son, once a person ruined an demon palace, the strength is also very strong. He Feng arrives, Immortal Sword in hand punctured, the formidable Sword Qi spout, tears immediately the earth, starts two storms, scrapes off in two directions. This fellow is really fierce, can destroy completely an demon palace worthily!” Shen Xiang exclaims.

He Tang is not a vegetarian, palm, presents a black broadsword, knife black Qi is steaming, draws on the intermittent crazy thunder, when He Feng that sword punctures, he will brandish a sword the parry, will divide dozens crazy thunder, the rumbled sound shakes the Shen Xiang vitality tuck dive, many giant stones in ground were shaken the powder. „The Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country descendants of princes are really fierce.” In the Shen Xiang heart sighed. They were Prince, the future Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country king, is definitely fierce.” Long Xueyi said. He Tang and He Feng battle here, sound is huge, is only very short time, here presented many huge deep hole, ground that deep fissure, making the will of the people startle. Shen Xiang planned to be far away from the battlefield of these two, but he thinks that He Feng this person is very false, takes his Life Returning Pill to do that matter wicked, in the heart is annoyed immediately, hides under gully him, has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, secret pouring into True Qi. additional Seven Colors Heavenly Fire can break the defense.” Su Meiyao said: Otherwise on your True Qi, cannot shake his True Qi guard shield, poisonous mist function.”