World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1320

In Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, these Immortal Monarch that Shen Xiang copes with is not much, but this He Feng is different, is Immortal Monarch late stage peak, can calculate half Immortal King, only if he uses massive Devil Decaying Death Qi to add on Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison to add high level Soul Eroding Powder again, otherwise is hard to shake his defense. Good!” Shen Xiang releases Seven Colors Heavenly Fire condense on the arrow, this type of flame cannot guarantee that completely destroys the defense of He Feng, but can make that protect body energy shield to produce the crack, Black Blood Devil Sunflower poisonous Qi when the time comes explodes can seep from the crack, finally drills into the body of He Feng. He Feng battles with He Tang, they have used very strong strength, defends is also quite fearful, if not with their considerable strengths, even if sneak attacks, is hard to go well, perhaps also will be cut to kill. Is only a little Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, used I 20% True Qi, hopes that can have the effect.” Shen Xiang emits one from the crack of that earth, that He Feng with He Tang in the distant place, Shen Xiang has been able to shoot arrows now, but actually must wait for a good opportunity, if hit does not waste. They are moving high-speed, must approach!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang was unable to approach now, otherwise was discovered very much easily . Moreover the front sound is so big, will erupt very intense qi wave at any time. It seems like can only seize the opportunity, then the shuttle space in the past, emitted an arrow again!” Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, overlook in upper air. After a while, He Feng punctures the sword time, suddenly was blocked with the knife by He Tang, a He Tang palm hits on own knife, releases very strong shake strength, shakes He Feng flies. Opportunity came, He Feng, your Sir.” Behind He Feng that Shen Xiang shuttle space, arrives at immediately fly upside down, projects an arrow steadily. He Feng felt immediately behind has the weak fluctuation, his body twists, wants to avoid that unknown attack, but Shen Xiang that arrow still very accurate shoots at him.

Who you are!” He Feng roars, that arrow has not brought anything to injure to him, because on him that protects body energy shield to be formidable, but the Shen Xiang's crossbow arrow the imposing manner is very strong, but the might is very weak, hit to explode in his energy shield. He Tang also saw, for him this is the good matter, he has regarded as Shen Xiang is his ally. He Feng just must the wielding a sword thorn to Shen Xiang, the complexion actually suddenly change: Black Blood Devil Sunflower!” You guessed right!” Shen Xiang sinister smile, shuttles back and forth to He Feng immediately , the Devil Emperor dagger rules out toward his nape of the neck, leaves behind together evil looking red splendor light glow. His unexpectedly wants to cut to kill this He Feng, but this He Feng is really formidable, has avoided in that instantaneously, moreover planned that a sword chops dead Shen Xiang, but the Shen Xiang's speed actually imagines compared with him quick, his fence time, the wrist|skill just cut off by the Shen Xiang's Devil Emperor dagger. He Feng finishes a job, the black blood hurricane, it seems like that the toxin spread in his body looks like. Bastard, I must dismember a body you.” He Feng exclaimed fiercely, then put out grain of snow white pill pellet to eat up. That is the jade reveals Xuelian pill, can solve Black Blood Devil Sunflower to be poisonous, but can also restore the injury...... Run.” Su Meiyao shouted. Shen Xiang saw the hand that He Feng that just broke to grow, but the He Feng facial expression also rapidly restores to come, he can feel clearly He Feng that protects the great strength of body energy shield.

Comes!” Shen Xiang beckons, uses Divine Power to grasp Immortal Sword ground that received Hidden Jade Ring. Dies.” A He Feng anger, he restored at this time, the fist bang hits like lightning. The Shen Xiang under foot slides, displays Earth Shrinking Step, dodges to about dozens steps instantaneously, but He Tang has attacked, then black sword strap several lightnings, to the He Feng detachment. Gave you big Young Master!” Shen Xiang shouted, then ran does not have the shade. He Feng shivers with He Tang once more, at this time he arrives at the extreme angrily, he almost died a moment ago, discards High-Grade Immortal Sword and a grain of precious rain and dew Xuelian pill, but has not actually needed the poisonous person to kill that. He Tang has not thought that a moment ago that person so fierce, by a little strength, dares to sneak attack He Tang, moreover breaks the palm of opposite party, wins Immortal Sword, but also makes He Feng eat up a grain of rain and dew Xuelian pill. Shen Xiang has been far away from that battlefield, he recalls now that has a lingering fear, was almost a moment ago finished. „The fellow really a little skill, this undying, can strive to turn the tide by him.” Shen Xiang hides in a gulley, looks at He Feng that High-Grade Immortal Sword. That rain and dew Xuelian pill is any rank Immortal Dan, is so fierce, can detoxify also to make him give birth to a palm.” After Shen Xiang erases Immortal Sword inside consciousness, asked. Five Immortal Dan, he can have this pill not to be strange, you are few to touch these Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country Prince descendants of princes, they have many high level Immortal Dan.” Su Meiyao said.

Long Xueyi is observing the battlefield, helping Shen Xiang seek for the goal that is quite good to start, but she has discovered quickly not the good matter: That side six Prince has many people to know matter that Black Blood Devil Sunflower presents poisonously, but big Prince also knew, their reputation you are not them.” Although the Black Blood Devil Sunflower toxin is not forbid, but if at this time with this type of toxin, definitely will bring in the popular anger.” Bai Youyou said: My elder sister participated in great war in the past time, is because uses the toxin, by many big influence envious hatred.” Shen Xiang disdainfully said: This group of fellows, if they have the fierce toxin, definitely uses also more ruthless than me, they envy me, because they do not have the fierce toxin.” He is ambushing in this battlefield carefully, small after half of the day, he shakes the head to sigh: If I have the Immortal Monarch strength, perhaps has killed much, Master he affirmed that bumper crop, later regarding this matter, definitely will be despised by him my, no wonder he is not willing to lead me, was worried that I divide him.” Front!” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang sees a person from airborne to fall, that died, he displays Tsuchifuji immediately, ties down Immortal Sword and that person that then draws in the ground, gets so far as side him, he hides in the gulley now, nobody discovers him. low-grade Immortal Sword, feels all right to enter the war with this type of thing, no wonder will be killed!” Shen Xiang somewhat is not feeling well to receive Immortal Sword that then pulls out that person of Heaven Dan Heaven Dan. Dying Immortal had many, but majority were made torn to pieces, had like the complete corpse very much rarely, moreover in the hand was also bringing complete Immortal Sword. Has Imperial Bird Clan came, probably is seeks for that corpse.” The Long Xueyi's sound is somewhat excited: Must kill, best is makes completely, do not use the toxin, otherwise could not eat the bird meat.”