World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1321
The Imperial Bird Clan phoenix is not weak, Shen Xiang considered, said: What strength is that? Didn't I need the toxin to cope?” Ok, has not arrived at Immortal Monarch, Human Immortal late stage, you took that's alright Divine Craftsman's Hammer, if did not have expert to help, you can definitely kill him.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: „If not good, I help your again in secret.” Knew that the Human Immortal late stage strength, Shen Xiang also has felt relieved, immediately runs out of the ground from a gulley, has put out Divine Craftsman's Hammer. That phoenix has discovered him immediately, immediately leaves a palm toward this direction fan, makes a golden feather, these feathers are similar to golden cutlasses, is crowded is similar to the rainstorm, covers Shen Xiang. Is small Golden Peng, gained in a big way!” Long Xueyi is excited: Kills him quickly.” Shen Xiang does not fear the golden feather sword that this small Golden Peng releases, will wield Divine Craftsman's Hammer to open a road, will approach small Golden Peng time, will brandish divine hammer, the shuttle space, after arriving at the small Golden Peng body side, will thrash directly. Although this small Golden Peng looks like young immature, but has rich fight experience, the backhand emits long spear that bar golden light sparkles, the illness ruthless thorn to the Shen Xiang's chest. divine hammer has pounded to fall, must pound the past time shortly, Shen Xiang has to the ferocious body avoid a that sudden spear|gun, although he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, the words that but was poked, definitely will be shaken the severe wound. Humanity? unexpectedly is not Imperial Dragon Clan, wastes the strength.” On this small Golden Peng immature handsome face full is disgruntled, brings to detest and despise, although the Shen Xiang attack was very strong, looked like does not have what humanity greatly in his eyes, in his eyes, only then Imperial Dragon Clan Imperial Dragon matched to be his match. Imperial Bird Clan was too rampant, great-aunt I wants to exit to teach his really well.” Long Xueyi some said indignantly. I must have a look at you but actually , if not waste the strength, can live.” Shen Xiang is a hammer pounds, knows after the opposite party has bar long spear, he face-to-face will not fight with him.

Also wants to injure me on this hammer?” Small Golden Peng eyeball one slanting, wields golden long spear in fight, sweeps away, although does not have wild strength fluctuation, strength that but in long spear contains actually releases the terror. The Shen Xiang hastily change attacks, meets the approaching enemy that spear head, pounding maliciously in the past, use strongest Dragon Force, in addition Earth Slaughtering Technique the strength of earthquake. Bang! Hammer head very accurate pounding falls on that spear head, shakes that golden long spear violent vibration, the small Golden Peng unexpected that hammer so is also fierce, making him feel that probably was hit by giant stars a moment ago general. Is very painful!” Shen Xiang sneers, then puts out a hand to hold that sharp spear head, making small Golden Peng stare, at this time his hand truly tingling pain, he immediately deep place another hand holds long spear, wants to pull out to Shen Xiang's. He has not thought that his spear head will be held like this, his fierce moving long spear, wants to lacerate the Shen Xiang's palm, but the Shen Xiang's palm probably is divine iron makes, stubbornly grips also backward drives, he cannot spasm in the slightest. Idiot!” Shen Xiang looks at small Golden Peng, two project two red light glow suddenly, this light glow after shooting to turn into dozens silk thread big rays, penetrates the body of small Golden Peng. Penetrating Heart Devil Eye!” Small Golden Peng is panic-stricken, he has not thought that in this battlefield will have so fierce demon person, understood that uses this being lost Devil Path rare technique. Shen Xiang fierce shakes that long spear, small Golden Peng loosened the hand, because the meridians of his arm were pierced with Penetrating Heart Devil Eye by Shen Xiang a moment ago. Do not let him change main body.” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang receives that long spear, a hammer head pounds to the head of small Golden Peng, with all strength of techniques of three killing, the day has killed Slaughter God to kill to unite, in addition Dragon Force and that divine hammer attack strength, making this hammer terror incomparable, the world changes color suddenly, the wind and cloud surges, the earth trembles crazily.

Returns to heaven!” Shen Xiang does not have to think after one enter Human Immortal, will use so will be fully fierce, the vast loud voice potential that he will initiate, has caused the attention of many Immortal King and Immortal Monarch. divine hammer pounds to fall on the head of small Golden Peng, will not have hit ** scatters, because hit the past time, that divine hammer inside welled up super restrained by force, has pressed the powder the head of small Golden Peng. Puts in Hidden Jade Ring quickly, after dying small Golden Peng becomes very greatly, moreover when the time comes the big Golden Peng king will come back, that will be the fellow of Immortal King rank!” Long Xueyi hastily was shouting. Shen Xiang throws into that headless corpse Hidden Jade Ring the quite spacious place, then drills into nearby crack fast. Just left in him, in this Immortal Palace suddenly resounds an angry cry to eat delicacies, shakes everyone heart to startle incomparably, the Golden Peng king is angry, some people had guessed correctly that his son died. Who is!” The roaring acoustic shock loud world of Golden Peng king. Is your Sir I!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, a moment ago he and place of small Golden Peng fight, suddenly presented an audiences Immortal King rank expert, two Imperial Feather Clan phoenixes, big Prince two Prince also here, Imperial Bird Clan were also killed a good seedling, this was very massive loss. Is Dragon Force, probably is the strength of Holy Dragon!” Big Prince said. Imperial Dragon Clan, I and you spelled!” The Golden Peng king roars, flies rush over toward the distant place Dragon Force quite rich place. Huang Jintian to fish in troubled water, after having killed two Immortal Monarch, knows that had Imperial Bird Clan die, in his heart criticized saying: Damn little rascal, unexpectedly was done by him to small Golden Peng, the real regret with his together, he has not gained in a big way.”

Because small Golden Peng died, the Golden Peng king flies into a rage, sees the person to kill, killed large quantities of six Prince here Immortal Monarch all of a sudden, Imperial Dragon of Immortal Monarch rank was also killed two by him, at this time just and several Immortal King as well as Dragon King great war. This Fire God Palace, has not made several Fire God Palace's, even if kills small Golden Peng I not to be unhappy.” Shen Xiang clenches teeth saying: dragon brat , helping me look for the Fire God Palace's fellow quickly, resorted to all means to make them die several cores characters.” This easy, they have Fire Spirit, the flame aura and does not have Fire Spirit has very big difference, truly cannot make the Fire God Palace's fellow feel better.” Long Xueyi said. When necessary, although uses Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, best is the use time, can massacre the Immortal King level.” The Bai Youyou sound ice-cold said. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, eats up a grain of pill, is controlling one's breathing in the crack deep place, kills that small Golden Peng, he has truly sent one, but he also thinks insufficient, if can kill Fire God Palace's, and gets so far as good Fire Spirit, that called to get rich. I help you look for these dozen of tired Fire God Immortal King, sneak attacks this fellow to be quite easy to succeed.” Long Xueyi said.