World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1322

The Long Xueyi expansion range seeks for Fire God Palace's Immortal King, but looks, only discovered that such several, Fire God Palace's Immortal King comes not many, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is, moreover these are quite fierce, is very difficult to sneak attack successfully. These Fire God Palace's fellows, always avoid these compared with they also fierce Immortal King, they currently have very abundant strength, it seems like can only wait again.” Long Xueyi said. Monarch Qiong beautiful jade old lady? Even if cannot kill her, must make her eat the point to owe, otherwise I will be very uncomfortable.” Shen Xiang said that the previous Monarch Qiong beautiful jade forces him to teach alchemy technique, makes him very angry, he cannot leave this tone. Only if...... Only if I and you collaborate, may make her suffer a loss with Primordial Strange Poison, but here several days of fierce Imperial Dragon kings, my strength happens, will be discovered by them.” Long Xueyi had considered , to continue saying: You and I collaborate, use Primordial Strange Poison, no matter can kill the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, must be far away from here in the quickest time, I worried that can have my unexpected matter.” Does not have the issue, I look for Monarch Qiong beautiful jade old lady now.” Shen Xiang instantly leaves, is ambushing under the gulley, but above this time the tactical situation is getting more and more intense, this is because that small Golden Peng died to initiate, the gotten angry Golden Peng king murdered not awfully everywhere, causes six Prince many Immortal Monarch and Human Immortal died. If no Imperial Dragon Clan two Dragon King to tie down that Golden Peng king promptly, otherwise the casualty are more. Shen Xiang arrived to be away from the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, only then thousand zhang (3.33 m) places, he displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to see the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade here clearly just and a middle-aged fierce struggle, she uses the flame to be very fierce, making that middle-aged complexion ten segregate heavily, is always giving way to traffic. This old lady looks for some specially quite weakly hits, it seems like she also very much fears death, does not know what fights with her is which influence, although is Immortal King, but the level was also too bad, he shrank like this, how can win?” Shen Xiang said. Is the flame of this old lady is too mainly strong, even if Immortal King, if by her flame intrusive mass , the consequence were been serious, so long as has stayed a period of time in Heaven World, knows that her flame cannot bump.” Su Meiyao said: You should better not go to attempt, should nobody clarify her type of strange fire to the present is any flame.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade also understands alchemy, moreover is in Fire God Palace Immortal King, the flame fiercely is also natural, but nobody knows that her is any flame.

Feeling is Heavenly Fire and demon fire fuses likely, can therefore alchemy , the evil aura, the color also be the purple red.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang is observing the fight of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, her battlefield is quite temperate, does not have the too big sound, like other people, does not hit like is the earth-shattering. „The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is really deceitful enough, intentionally here and not strong Immortal King consumes the time, like this she will not bump into some fierce Immortal King, oneself can also mix this great war with ease.” Shen Xiang said. „If not this, this old lady estimated that already died, if she in the main battlefield, bumped into the Golden Peng king who goes crazy a moment ago, ten have ** will be hit the severe wound.” Bai Youyou said with a sneer: In the past was also this, fellow of bullying the weak and fearing the strong.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, is taking inventory storage equipment inside Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison slightly, after confirming the quantity, he said to Long Xueyi: dragon brat, I must get rid!” And other I will lend you strength, you think how is good to use.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang observed the fight of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, said: Was good, borrows me strength.” Very short flash, Shen Xiang felt that own body suddenly are many formidable strength, like must rise to explode his body, this is Long Xueyi lends his strength, he felt that this is also not Long Xueyi's completely strength, but was formidable. He controls this strength to fuse together with, then urges to send out the strength of Law of Space, surmounts thousand zhang (3.33 m) distance all of a sudden, arrives at the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade behind.

Sees with that guy of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade fight, is startled slightly, but he thinks that Shen Xiang certainly is him, will otherwise not sneak attack the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade. Following suddenly were many a person, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade induces immediately, she turned around immediately, makes a palm, the purple-red flame was similar to poisonous snake, spat the snake apricot to nip toward Shen Xiang. The hot snake penetrates the Shen Xiang's body, but the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade discovered immediately that is only phantom, true Shen Xiang dodged to the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade body side, in the hand is pinching the Devil Emperor dagger tightly. On the dagger that dreadful Devil Qi, making the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade heart startle, but makes her feel what is very surprised, on that dagger is also flooding Suppressing Devil Holy Power, that Suppressing Devil Holy Power exceptionally is also formidable. Old lady!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, pours into condense good Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison the Devil Emperor dagger completely. The Devil Emperor dagger brings formidable strength that Shen Xiang is pouring into, flies to shoot, is similar to an arrow, is sending out golden red light glow, shoots at the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, but instantaneously. On the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade blows out intense protecting body Devil Aura immediately, wants to block that the Devil Emperor dagger, but the Devil Emperor dagger is in itself a very fearful demon soldier, in addition has to restrain Demon and Devil strong Suppressing Devil Holy Power, although the Shen Xiang's strength is faint, but pricked Monarch Qiong beautiful jade that to protect body Devil Aura to cover inside, but also pricked half to stop. Snort, actually your strength is so weak......” the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade to see that to be covered by her Gang the dagger blocks, said with a sneer, but she just said that the Devil Emperor dagger suddenly blasts out, hides erupts in inside another strength, colorless tasteless Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison scatter. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade slightly has attracted little, discovered that erupted some serious things the dagger a moment ago, her complexion is difficult to see the extreme, became dark slightly, although she inhales Devil Decaying Death Qi, but actually enough wanted her assigning, she considered everything not to calculate, some people will use Primordial Strange Poison in this battlefield.

Quick, she discovered that is not only only Primordial Strange Poison, Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, some unexpectedly people have controlled two strange poison, was too fearful! Walks quickly!” Long Xueyi shouted, a moment ago Shen Xiang releasing for flight dagger that struck with many strength, the strength of her White Dragon revealed that Long Xueyi felt that some Imperial Dragon correct use Divine Power were investigating here. Dead old lady, today is your end.” Shen Xiang just wants to attack, hears the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade incisively calls out. Primordial Strange Poison......” the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade exhausts strength, has bellowed, then several Immortal King speedily dash. Shen Xiang beckons, receives the Devil Emperor dagger, rushes with the quickest speed to here, plunges into under giant crack, is far away from below.