World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1323
Along with yelling of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, all people stopped, Primordial Strange Poison these characters have strong deterrent force, but the sound of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade was passing a moment ago that despair, makes people feel absolutely terrified, here Immortal King somewhat knows that this old lady is hard to deal with, can compel her so, perhaps also to have Primordial Strange Poison. The person who before because of using Primordial Strange Poison post a reward had Bai Ziqian, Suppressing Devil Temple comes here chased down her time, on die Suppressing Devil Immortal King, these people are knows that in the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade the move, the people suspected now immediately that demon scorpion Princess disturbed here. The angry Golden Peng kings stop fighting, because this type of toxin can also kill him, more than 30 Immortal King are leaving the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade by far, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade at this time the whole face purplish black, whole person soft dropping to the ground in the ground, she now the strength resistance toxin invasion that can transfer in within the body reluctantly. Really is Primordial Strange Poison, is quite fierce Devil Decaying Death Qi, has many in her side!” The big Prince facial color is serious, puts out a jade box, grasps clear powder from inside, has sprinkled toward the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade. After these powder scatter, immediately turns into the purple black as well as the pale pink color, sees that pale pink powder, that big Prince body trembles: unexpectedly also has Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison...... this is two strange poison, demon scorpion did Princess also obtain strange poison?” „It is not that slut, attacks my fellow strength not to be strong, but he uses a very fierce demon soldier, but also understood the strength of Suppressing Devil, after breaking my defense, emits poisonous Qi to plot against me again.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said wickedly. Golden Peng king coldly snorted and said: „Do you also hit? My sons died here, today must make a result.” His vision braves the flame, looks at Imperial Dragon Clan that group of people. Snort, our Imperial Dragon Clan also died several dragons, your Imperial Feather Clan do not want to feel better today.” Imperial Dragon Clan old man angrily said. Six Prince complexions one cold, has put out grain of pill pellet, throws to the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, said: Eats up, can depress toxin temporarily, today truly must branch out a result to come, I must uncover the person who that disturbs here.” Some people disturb here, moreover is a strength is not strong, but has a fellow of big pile of ghost methods! Father, you said well, before some people sneak attacked me, moreover what uses is Black Blood Devil Sunflower, but also has robbed my Immortal Sword.” He Feng anger sound track. Black Blood Devil Sunflower, the people are familiar-sounding, because the beforehand Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace Jade Rabbit snatched matter, presented Black Blood Devil Sunflower!

This person absolutely is one with the poisonous master, my strength should under Immortal Monarch, the method that but the sneak attack plots against has released!” He Feng also said that then looked at all around. Immortal King also said: I discovered that died in battle, is the corpse also, but Heaven Dan, storage equipment and weapon do not see completely, I had one time to see a person's shadow to pass over gently and swiftly on very much fast two corpses, very skilled robbed these things.” This person sneak attacks, kills two birds with one stone!” In Shen Xiang of distant place, after Long Xueyi knows these, he immediately guessed correctly that is Huang Jintian does, he may not have that good skill. Hides in not far away Huang Jintian, in heart criticizes saying: Shen Xiang this little rascal head, unexpectedly used Primordial Strange Poison, but also two types, this young bastard, had this type of good thing not to me a point!” Shen Xiang left these No. 20 Immortal Palace, returned to the main palace. Here peaceful...... Right, they estimated that also will get the period of time, if I enter in the main palace to loot while this, will be very perhaps smooth.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, several fierce Prince, are bringing large quantities of expert in two ten Immortal Palace great war, here defensive strength will be definitely weaker. First goes to No. 6 shop to have a look.” Shen Xiang decides, must go to royal palace to stroll. Arrives at No. 6 shop, Long Xueyi investigates inside expert of hideaway immediately, discovered that only then two Immortal Monarch, but before had more than ten. Shen Xiang goes to an unmanned place, turns into that He Feng appearance, then enters No. 6 shop, he goes, in the hand is also taking He Feng Immortal Sword, therefore that Ma Zong Guan sees, had not suspected.

Big Young Master, you not there? How to come back?” Ma Zong Guan sees this He Feng hair somewhat to be at present chaotic, knows that definitely is great war. Quick, brings all high level pill completely, therapy and restores True Qi, urgently needs!” Shen Xiang said that his Transformation Technique is mysterious, can turn with the He Feng similar aura, the sound is also same. Ma Zong Guan sees the Shen Xiang's sound to be so anxious, immediately told the person goes to under alchemy palace to gather high level pill. Now only then don't these, know enough?” Ma Zong Guan has given Shen Xiang one bottle of Primordial Dan, inside has more than 500 grains, as well as one bottle therapy with reduction chemistry pill, there are more than 300 grains. Sufficed!” Shen Xiang knows that cannot be too greedy, will otherwise be looked through: Just wait, I quickly was big Prince!” Shen Xiang said that leaves on the quick steps, Ma Zong Guan relaxed slightly. This Immortal Sword is really good thing, after a period of time I sell out him!” In the Shen Xiang heart happily said with a smile, deceived that many Heaven Level pill, in his heart was happy. Shen Xiang continues by this He Feng appearance, rushes to the front door of that royal palace. The royal palace in the middle of this main palace, gathers round with very high great wall, usually must go is not easy, but Shen Xiang goes by the He Feng appearance now, probably strolls on the avenue to be the same. Goes to their planter herbs place!” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile: Complete taking away that can take.” In Shen Xiang heart excited, wishes one could to rush immediately, but that is too easy to begin to have suspicions, he is only the half step is walking, the difficult problem that now he faces where does not know that medicine garden.

This royal palace was too big, must loot one not to be easy!” Shen Xiang sighed reluctantly that he displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration with Long Xueyi now, seeks to plant the herbs place. Long Xueyi is quite familiar to this, therefore she began to materialize quickly. Previous time you that region that in this alchemy, is at should be six Prince domains, first walks.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang under the Long Xueyi's direction, entered that giant mountain village, what is responsible for guarding a gate is two Immortal Monarch, has not had the slight suspicion to him, because Shen Xiang walks, but now during is great war that disguises to worry very much, therefore this seems like in many people's eyes natural. Naturally, is mainly Shen Xiang can imitate the aura that on He Feng is in sole possession , will therefore not be suspected. These six Prince are really fierce, in this is also hiding several Immortal King, your cocoa is more careful.” Long Xueyi said. How many Immortal King? Somewhat thorny, does not know that plants the herbs place to have Immortal King.” Shen Xiang was worried one hide the truth from these Immortal King.