World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1324
In 60,000 shop herbs are Heaven Level low-grade, is Primordial Dan these, has Immortal Crystal to do, but in these six Prince palaces plants definitely is the good things, perhaps will have Immortal Level. I had found, that is a mountain valley, but inside has two Immortal King!” Long Xueyi said that but Shen Xiang hesitated, that place has two Immortal King, if were looked, he troubled. „In Xueyi, you have a look to have precious herbs first, if there are worth the thing that take risks to obtain, tries, this little rascal is not one time runs away from Immortal King in any case twice.” Su Meiyao said. Although Shen Xiang has escaped several times under Immortal King, words that but must go to now, in his heart will have the pressure, but if looked like Su Meiyao saying that has Immortal Level herbs that was worth take risking, taking a time danger also to might as well. Spreads to my mind that you see, in I take a look at some anything......” Su Meiyao saying that but Shen Xiang is moving toward that mountain valley at this time. After moment, Su Meiyao exclaims: Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country is really fierce, unexpectedly has this type of thing!” Hears the Su Meiyao's words, Shen Xiang determined that must enter that mountain valley. What is that?” The Shen Xiang hastily inquiry said. Tianshan Sacred Fruit tree, above congealed Tianshan Sacred Fruit, that is Sacred Level herbs!” Su Meiyao said excitedly: Refines one of the that pill's main herbs!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou must restore the strength, must eat up that Saint pill, main herbs that needs is Sacred Level herbs! Now had Jade Dragon Flower, Blood Dragon Ginseng and Sacred Lotus Seed these three to plant, Shen Xiang does not know that also needs many, words that but can meet now, he certainly with every effort taking. „Some inside also Immortal Fruit anything, but compared to this Tianshan Sacred Fruit to be far on the difference, after you went , the essential target was that Tianshan Sacred Fruit, other totally did not want, in order to avoid being suspected.” The Su Meiyao urging said.

Shen Xiang arrives at the mountain valley entrance, what guarding a gate is Immortal Monarch, he does not have to ask anything, made Shen Xiang go , the seat six Prince eldest son, extinguished has killed He Feng of demon palace, in many Immortal Monarch eyes was very honourable, if six Prince can become the new kings, then He Feng perhaps will be the future king, the status was honored. Shen Xiang also very much enjoys this feeling at this time, his priority target is that Tianshan Sacred Fruit, later he becomes a very fierce alchemy master, even if Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country the king of Immortal Country must give precedence out of courtesy three points to him. Small maple tree, now not in 20 palace great war? How did you come back?” A white hair must steadily old man falls gently slowly in front of Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang also saw in this mountain valley the type to fill to make the stream of people saliva at this time precious herbs, Long Xueyi at this time like running, ate a none remaining here. You said that you were poisoned, wants Tianshan Sacred Fruit disintoxicating, this type of fruit is really helpful to the disintoxicating, especially Primordial Strange Poison.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang long sighed: In me Primordial Strange Poison Devil Decaying Death Qi, I proliferate with the strength suppression toxin in within the body now.” Hears Devil Decaying Death Qi, that old man hastily retreat several steps, this is the action that many people can make, he wrinkles the bird to say tightly: I have a look at your blood!” At this time, another Immortal King also appeared, was a very short man old before his time, he said: „If poisoned is too deep , can only use Tianshan Sacred Fruit, first makes us have a look at your blood, looked that you suppress the toxin to proliferate to any degree!” This to Shen Xiang at is not anything, he puts out a jade bowl, then puts out He Feng that Immortal Sword, lacerates the finger, squeezes out several drops of purple black poisonous blood. Poison is very deep, if not for your True Qi is formidable enough, can suppress this strange poison, perhaps you already died, my this helps you bring Tianshan Sacred Fruit!”

That short thin old man sighed, on the face some does not abandon, but he grazed to that is similar to the snow jade common big tree, above has a silver-white fruit, looked like has an egg size. Has not thought that will present Devil Decaying Death Qi, before we heard that the Suppressing Devil Temple's person chases down demon scorpion Princess, moreover in 20 palaces, has not thought that her unexpectedly uses the toxin to you.” That must old man say steadily. Who let my previous time destroy completely an demon palace, possibly this demon scorpion Princess bore a grudge, does not want to make me die too happily, her strength was very strong . Moreover the sneak attack, I was virtually impossible to guard against.” Shen Xiang does intentionally angrily said. And other your father called the king, when the time comes must post a reward her!” That must old man pat the Shen Xiang's shoulder steadily. That short thin old man has brought Tianshan Sacred Fruit, gives Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang receives, in heart excited, he controls himself to be calm as far as possible. I go back now, close up build up this Sacred Fruit, when I come out, the father should become the new king.” Shen Xiang said that receives Sacred Fruit, then to these two old man gave a salute, he does not dare to say anything, was worried one will put on the gang. Shen Xiang went out of this mountain valley, almost dashes is running to the front door of royal palace, although he obtained Tianshan Sacred Fruit, but he also in royal palace. Quick, that two old fellow put out jade talisman to subpoena a moment ago, does not know that whom they are giving to subpoena, if to that six Prince, you certainly will be discovered.” Long Xueyi urged suddenly Shen Xiang picks up the speed. Shen Xiang arrived at the front door, but he actually saw two Immortal Monarch of front door to put out the jade symbol of vibration, he knows that two old fellow have discovered that moreover gives back pass on message that guarded a gate.

Shen Xiang arrow step runs immediately front door, that two Immortal Monarch have not stopped, because they have not looked at jade symbol inside news, after they see, the complexion actually becomes ugly incomparable, he looks immediately to out of the door, but Shen Xiang's already without a trace. Ha Ha, has succeeded in obtaining, this group of idiots, hit to live to kill in 20 palaces, own lair was actually copied by me.” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing, at this time he arrived at the front door of leaving the palace, but when he must exit, front door actually suddenly closed. Teleportation Formation was also forbidden to use!” Shen Xiang looked at the Teleportation Formation direction, discovered that many people were complaining. This is the affirmation, lost Sacred Level herbs, is important, has such action is very normal.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Here stays for several days to be also all right, they could not find you in any case, if the luck is good, perhaps can also have a look at He Feng that breathless appearance.” Now the tactical situation how, Shen Xiang does not know that does not want to understand, he compares is the result of caring, who look is can become this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country new king finally. Does not know that Master he now how, this old lunatic strength is so strong, definitely fishes many advantage.” Shen Xiang in the window of hotel room, can see No. the 6 shop entrance of distant place, at this time that avenue was blocked, the shop big front door is also shutting tightly, obviously is that Ma Zong Guan knows one were given deceive by the fake goods.