World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1325
Shen Xiang lies on the bed, suddenly hears a shout of noise, he opens the eye, looked at out of the window, at this time is late at night, but outside so is lively, he guessed correctly great war to finish immediately, had the result. Sure enough, outside hears an intermittent scream, is No. 6 shop that direction transmits, Shen Xiang one listens to know that was six Prince won. Six Prince also very fierce words, by an enemy six, can make him mount the throne successfully, these Prince that loses, cannot stay in the main palace, can only in nearby some Immortal Palace.” Su Meiyao said. He has won, but he also annoyed many hatreds, at least that Imperial Bird Clan Golden Peng king will hate him.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, he has not gone to that small Golden Peng corpse now, now is also not the time, moreover this place is not suitable. Actually you are also a winner.” Su Meiyao smiles tenderly. Shen Xiang cheats six Prince Tianshan Sacred Fruit, obtains He Feng Immortal Sword, kills small Golden Peng, the harvest is truly rich. Now he wants to leave this main palace very much, just because of the Tianshan Sacred Fruit cheated matter, causing here to be blocked. „The person who must leave the main palace should be many, big influence that for example these participate in the fight, if blocks too for a long time, six Prince just became the new kings, will bring in many people to loathe.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang obtained Tianshan Sacred Fruit and small Golden Peng, he wants a bit faster to look for safe place have a good look to look, is far away from these ten thousand pill to advocate the palace to be safe. In a royal palace gold and jade in glorious splendor main hall, expert of numerous Immortal King rank gathers here, although they won the final victory, but is actually not very happy, because them also loses seriously. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade complexion is very ugly, she it can be said that saved a life, but is unable to display complete strength to come in a short time, she can also walk is good.

These Dragon King faces of Imperial Dragon Clan are heavy, small Imperial Dragon that they bring died several, including two die from some unknown cause. But six Prince brow tight wrinkles, are listening to the Immortal King report of that two protection mountain valley medicine garden, the people carefully are also listening to that two Immortal King to narrate the Tianshan Sacred Fruit cheated matter. The He Feng complexion is ugliest, because that person is to pretend him, not only has cheated Tianshan Sacred Fruit, but also has cheated some Heaven Level pill in No. 6 shop. Who is this person? What we definitely know is that this person is use Devil Decaying Death Qi, sneak attacks Feng'er, with attack the king Palace Master person poisonously.” old man said. „The strength of this fellow is not very strong, possibly just stepped into the boundary of Immortal Monarch, but the method emerges one after another incessantly, moreover is deceitful.” He Feng angrily said: Must uncover this fellow.” Imperial Dragon Clan several Dragon King similar, a middle age said: I thought that this fellow possibly is not the person...... But is a dragon, is in our Imperial Dragon Clan for many years had not presented White Dragon, because we induce to a very weak white Dragon Qi breath at that time.” Moreover he uses is not the change appearance technique, but is our Imperial Dragon Clan inside Divine Ability, Transformation Technique! This excellent cultivation technique, is no one can learn, for example we could not grasp.” expert here, somewhat knows some Imperial Dragon Clan matters. It is said White Dragon became extinct in your Imperial Dragon Clan, be only the Imperial Dragon Clan primitive time has, now will appear here...... Said that this White Dragon should be your Imperial Dragon Clan.” Fire God Palace's Immortal King said. White Dragon Clan is very strong, but quantity is few, are less than Holy Dragon, initially White Dragon Clan was pursued by Imperial Dragon Clan, White Dragon Clan is not willingly, returns Imperial Dragon Clan, erupts great war, at that time Imperial Dragon Clan all Old Dragon all sent out, wipes out...... this Dragon King to say here all White Dragon, the people understand, if also has White Dragon to live, is full of the hatred absolutely, with the Imperial Dragon Clan opposition.

Monarch Qiong beautiful jade coldly said: But to my fight that fellow, he grasps the strength of as well as Devil Path strength greatly strengthened Suppressing Devil, Dragon Force also has certainly, how did this also explain?” That Dragon King sighed: This can determine that is White Dragon, the White Dragon fierce place, is they can practice many strength, but will not make these strength have the conflict, White Dragon like a giant white paper, can above picture different colors......” Six Prince realize this unknown enemy, although is small and weak, but is very formidabe: „If that was true, perhaps does not need to block entire Immortal Palace, we could not find him.” „The memory inheritance that White Dragon has are many, one of the Ancient Dragon has White Dragon, but is quite strong, because White Dragon can control many different strength, therefore White Dragon has massive great variety cultivation technique as well as the methods, let alone must catch him, even if must look is also very difficult to find him.” That Dragon King said. At this time these Imperial Dragon whole faces are dignified, the people guessed correctly that they worried that White Dragon adolescence gets up, then asks them to take revenge. Long Xueyi is truly fierce, Divine Ability that adolescence quickly, grasps are many, the origin is also very mysterious, at this time her humming a little tune, fantasized that this eats the bird meat...... Blockade relieved!” Dawn time, Shen Xiang hears some out of the window people to shout. A bit faster eats the bird meat, I could not wait, waited to finish eating comes back to join in the fun again, new king High-Rank, will be very definitely lively.” Long Xueyi tender dī dī shouted, the small Golden Peng corpse is freezing in Hidden Jade Ring, but she has not moved heedlessly, because she does not understand to roast, even if must roast does not have Shen Xiang to roast delicious, she worried that can waste. Shen Xiang also wants a bit faster to taste, immediately leaves the hotel, moves toward Teleportation Formation, he hears many people on the road the matter that discussed is making him compare to care about, for example that great war some people used Devil Decaying Death Qi, made barely alive the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, but nobody knows that was who is using Devil Decaying Death Qi. This matter makes Suppressing Devil Temple compare to care, Suppressing Devil Temple pasted their posting a reward command immediately, the high quota has posted a reward the relevant information.

Shen Xiang turns at this time has one to have the youth of populace face, passed by ten thousand pill Buildings, looked up third layer, has remembered that mysterious Uncle Li, making him feel what was surprised, he saw near the third layer window illustrious to stand that Uncle Li. This Uncle Li that on shameless is having a smiling face, probably is visiting him! This old fellow deep conceal does not reveal, he has seen through my Transformation Technique probably, and has discovered me!” Shen Xiang felt that panic-stricken, then hastily moves toward Teleportation Formation. He does not have what evil intention probably, has the opportunity and he chats in private, has a look at his anything background.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang stands in front of Teleportation Formation, was inquiring where Long Xueyi they go to be quite good. Goes to Flying Snow Immortal Palace, there is quite peaceful, moreover year to year snows, is very suitable to eat the barbecue.” Su Meiyao said with a smile lightly: When the time comes looks for a safe dangerous place, we can also come out to eat together.”