World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1326

Really?” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, then and Teleportation Formation supervisor said that must transmit Flying Snow Immortal Palace, here only then his must go to this Immortal Palace, therefore the price is very expensive, one time received his nine hundred thousand Immortal Crystal.

Flying Snow Immortal Palace snow white, fluttered the beautiful snowflake, Shen Xiang was leaving the bustling streets, went to this Immortal Palace wilderness, was shuttling back and forth in a troop big snowy mountain, dashing about wildly heartily. Three days later, Shen Xiang arrived in a canyon, four sides the white fog by the snowy mountain that winds around, canyon below has a puddle, Shen Xiang now near the puddle, raises pile of flame, is roasting the Golden Peng bird meat, he spreads the seasoning that Huang Jintian teaches him to compound, sends out an intermittent fragrance. Long Xueyi ran from Hidden Jade Ring, wore one set of snow white long skirt, but had taken off by her, changes into a light pack, she also curls up the sleeve, both hands holds that to roast the good meat, places in the mouth to worry, the table manners are ugly. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou come out rarely one time, although Shen Xiang can talk with two females all day, but actually little can see them, at this time can see this double tender and beautiful beautiful beautiful woman to wear the magnificent and expensive clothes to appear, making him look somewhat is in a daze, although he had seen them multiple, but will have this shocking feeling each time. Bai Youyou appears very discrete, in the hand is carrying a tray, above puts full Shen Xiang to cut the good barbecue, she clamps is putting in the mouth, while on the alert all around, but Su Meiyao actually wear a look of sweet and pretty smiling face, eats, while the coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, chirp keeps saying with Shen Xiang, once for a while selects lane Shen Xiang with that charming glancing. That small Golden Peng was not small, suffices to eat a while, now we are eating a meat of big wing.” The Long Xueyi mouth has crowded the meat, on mouth and face holds to some meat broth, that appearance looks at Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao he he smiles. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao sit side Shen Xiang, just started is Shen Xiang slices meat to them, but is they are serving Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi to behind enjoys this Golden Peng feast. Sister Youyou, your mouth also has the meat broth, makes this little rascal help you lick quickly, do not waste.” After Long Xueyi sees, hee happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang wants to pass kiss Bai Youyou that to moisten the small mouth of meat broth, but he does not dare, if Su Meiyao's words also almost.

Bai Youyou has added a lip with the tongue gently, was white Long Xueyi, said in a soft voice: Does not use!” Senior Sister, has not thought that our lifetime, unexpectedly can eat the Golden Peng meat, in the past Master his old man always says this matter.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Um, Golden Peng meat also really good, only not too few anything.” Bai Youyou has smiled, then looks to Shen Xiang. What has been short of?” Shen Xiang slightly frowned, asked. Was short has drunk.” Long Xueyi called out, then has put out a wine pot, pours several cups to send out the water of delicate fragrance, does not know where she makes, making Shen Xiang also drink one cup to drink again, but this Little Dragon the regarding treasure will be the same, has only given him half cup. Similar, should go to Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country to have a look, new king High-Rank, is very lively.” Su Meiyao said. Bai Youyou and in the Su Meiyao look has one not to abandon, can from return to Heaven World newly, and here eats the meat to chat, is recalling the past events, this makes their innermost feelings very happy, but they must return to Hidden Jade Ring quickly, at this time they yearned to this simple life that but this matter to many people are simplest. Two females returned to Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang to depart the canyon, during the snowflake fluttered about dashes about wildly, full was the concern, he wants to let going out Hidden Jade Ring that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can not have any to worry about very much, although Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can come out a moment ago, but their actually very non- nature. „On the day of will have!” In the Shen Xiang heart told itself.

Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country Lord Immortal Palace, gathered from regional people at this time, majority are the alchemy masters, as Immortal Country focusing on pills, after the new king takes office, the activities that holds definitely are partial to the alchemy master, in many alchemy Master Yanli, this is also the grand meeting of alchemy master. Shen Xiang returns to here, immediately goes to ten thousand pill Buildings, here can know quickly has the good matter about alchemy master, he comes to here also to have another reason, is seeks for that Uncle Li. He arrives at ten thousand pill Buildings, immediately rushes to third layer, Uncle Li really here, Shen Xiang now has traded also another appearance, but after he arrives, Uncle Li lifts the eyelid slightly, looked at his, has closed the eye. Uncle Li's alchemy outdoor shop only then a few idle egg pain person surround, because Uncle Li's alchemy technique is wise, these surround his person, wants to learn anything, or comprehends anything. „Can Uncle Li, help me refine a furnace pill?” Shen Xiang arrives at the, directly asked that the people visit him with strangely the look, because made others help alchemy directly is not a very politeness. Ok!” Uncle Li also makes people feel surprised. Shen Xiang was with smile on the face, has put out Life Returning Pill herbs, has handed over, moreover processed, Uncle Li has put out some auxiliary herbs, then lost into pill furnace. Uncle Li refines Life Returning Pill to be also quick, this everyone knows how long Shen Xiang has not waited, Uncle Li opens pill furnace, has grain of Life Returning Pill. Shen Xiang received Life Returning Pill time, felt that in has the thing, after receiving, he turned around, he planned used Divine Sense sound transmission and Uncle Li chats, but Uncle Li has not responded to him.

Such the politeness, no wonder only does not practice one grain to him, Uncle Li's peak level, should be three grains.” A person looks at Shen Xiang to leave, said. Shen Xiang took that Life Returning Pill to arrive at a building, he was not having a look inside to have anything anxiously, because he heard to have about the royal palace the matter that selected the alchemy master, when the time comes as well as also will conduct Alchemy Competition. It is noteworthy that this Alchemy Competition is the competition so is not only simple, the challenge that is also Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country fuses Sacred Dan World that initiates to that! Above explained that when the time comes competes to be divided into the three parties, a side is representative Sacred Dan World, a side is representative Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, is individual or represents oneself influence participation. „The challenge reward that if initiates to Sacred Dan World will be definitely rich, does not know that what will have?” Shen Xiang anticipated very that he planned joins in the fun. Perhaps can also run into the acquaintance!” Shen Xiang went out of ten thousand pill Buildings, then crumb Uncle Li gives that grain of Life Returning Pill that he refines, sees only inside unexpectedly to hide a small paper. Late at night, five Sheshan tops!” Above only then these characters.