World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1327
Shen Xiang does not know where that five Sheshan top, but he inquired, knows that is outside the distance Lord palace central area not far away wilderness, there has a mountain is five snakes coils around likely together. Now just darkness, but Shen Xiang arrived at that five Sheshan tops, here waits for that Uncle Li to arrive, he before, had inquired Uncle Li's matter, only knows that this Uncle Li is suddenly braves, without any origin, the strength is also unclear, but alchemy technique is wise, although stays in third layer helps the person refine Earth Level pill, but many people think that he possibly is Dan Immortal. He came that ten thousand pill Building more than ten years, during this , many big influences have won over him, but has not succeeded, moreover his strength also was very probably strong. Late at night, the silver moonlight shines in five Sheshan top above, Shen Xiang lies down in a smooth stone is bathing the moonlight, is appreciating the airborne that radiant stars, what here starry sky sees when Emperor Heaven with him is the same, just here probably wants to be brighter, when he looks is in a daze, suddenly hears Uncle Li's hearty laughter sound. Subduing Dragon Sect Dean, I guessed you very long time ago.” These words had a scare Shen Xiang, makes him be vigilant. „Do you recognize me?” The Shen Xiang whole face is discrete, the whole body ties tight, is critical situation. Visits me like this, if I have the evil intention to you, approximately will not meet here! On the other hand, we should also be people on one's own side, my apprentice mixes in your Subduing Dragon Sect enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water.” Uncle Li said with a smile. Shen Xiang stares, afterward surprisedly said: „Are you Li Tianjun?” In the past or Mortal Martial World time, the Dan King Li Tianjun reputation was very resounding, but Li Baojun was his apprentice, but afterward he heard that this Li Tianjun has lost to an old lady, lost does not have a thing in the world. „Do you recognize my? I have hidden the truth from many fierce fellows.” Shen Xiang has the vigilance.

That feeling, I do not talk clearly, this feeling is experience that because my alchemy many years gain, so long as you approach, I will induce to that marvelous feeling, is very difficult to talk clearly, I listen to my apprentice to mention your matter, therefore I guessed correctly that may is you.” Li Tianjun mentioned this matter, on face also was very vacant, he did not clarify what's the matter. Possibly because of you Pill Dao with my difference, but the goal is the same, therefore I will have this feeling.” When did Elder Li mention my matter with you?” Shen Xiang asked: „Can you also contact with him now?” Probably 20 years ago, cannot, Emperor Heaven be getting more and more firm now, here news is very difficult to transmit! At that time he and I have mentioned your alchemy unusual method, therefore previous time you refined Life Returning Pill time, I know that was you.” Li Tianjun said. Now Shen Xiang sees his vice- old man's appearance, naturally is not his original appearance, he is also change appearance. I am only strange, why your in good condition doesn't stay in the royal palace? Just started you not to stay in No. 6 shop very well? Afterward ran? I also heard that you come from Punishing Demon Summit.” Li Tianjun asked curiously. That six Prince are not the good things, therefore I ran away!” Shen Xiang sighed: Now he was here King, therefore I must be more careful.” Li Tianjun does not certainly know other matters that he handles here. Senior Li, you here? Heard that you lost to one to be called Bixia Dan Immortal fellow.” Shen Xiang asked that also did not fear that poked to the Li Tianjun pain, because Li Baojun had said this Master was easy getting along with. Li Tianjun shakes the head smiles: Does not have the means that I am also a person, always has losing time, has saying that Bixia Dan Immortal is very fierce, I was too at that time arrogant, but this for me is the good matter, let my adolescence.”

Can bump into an acquaintance to be really good here, although our first meeting!” Li Tianjun is patting Shen Xiang's shoulder happily said with a smile. Senior Li, to be honest, I must thank you, although before me, has not met with you, these medicine garden that but you leave behind, have very big help to me.” A Shen Xiang face with deep veneration. Does not use politely, the thing that I keep is not anything, was I thinks uselessly.” Li Tianjun looks at the bustling streets of distant place: Is only has not thought that your such fellow, unexpectedly can have that fierce ability, takes a different road to come.” I can teach that alchemy technique to give you.” Shen Xiang said immediately. Does not need, I also want to give a try, I can break that inflexible rule, takes an own road, that comparison has the sense of achievement.” Li Tianjun feels relaxed smiles. This makes Shen Xiang admire , compared with that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, high under stands sentences. Not long, Bixia Dan Immortal will come here, when the time comes perhaps once more with her one high under.” Li Tianjun sighed gently. „Is Oh? the competition that new king High-Rank holds? When the time comes I must participate.” Shen Xiang said: I am take the prize, this Wang Yinggai cannot newly very stingy.” Li Tianjun said with a smile: He Pei Qing gets rid always extravagantly, prize can definitely be the good thing, but can insist that at the appointed time finally, is Dan Immortal this rank, must look at the contest rule specifically.” „Isn't this competition appearance all alchemy masters?” Shen Xiang knits the brows.

Said, but everyone can participate, when the time comes will assign to suit the rule that all alchemy master participates, however the Dan Immortal alchemy level certainly be higher than other alchemy masters, during layer upon layer competition, perhaps also only then the alchemy master can surface.” Li Tianjun said: But if you, perhaps when the time comes the meeting can affect this pattern.” With a troop Dan Immortal competition, Shen Xiang thinks that felt the pressure is very big, let alone this Li Tianjun also will participate, although he takes road of the different Pill Dao through Heaven Refining Technique, but he was too young. These time can also be said as He Pei Qing to set up prestige, direct challenge Sacred Dan World, it can be said that entire Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country alchemy master and Sacred Dan World contest between alchemy masters, but I when the time comes can representative Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, unable to defeat Sacred Dan World and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country at one fell swoop, such is quite interesting.” Li Tianjun lightly smiled, the ambition looks at the distant place fully. Shen Xiang gets hold of the double fist slightly, said with a smile: If I can defeat troop Dan Immortal at one fell swoop, that is more interesting!” Li Tianjun looks to Shen Xiang, says with a smile: I anticipated.” However, you do not need to take first, so long as can mix finally that batch, enough hit the faces of these Dan Immortal, but you were also careful, other exposed your status, big game Big Shot of time in every way big influence came, perhaps links Dragon Emperor to come.” The Li Tianjun complexion becomes serious.