World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1328
Hearing Dragon Emperor must come, Shen Xiang is startled secretly, he does not have what favorable impression to this Dragon Emperor, can mediate this Dragon Emperor to have very big hatred, if that Dragon Emperor knows there him the sub- true cause of death, then Shen Xiang now will not be easy and comfortable. „Does Dragon Emperor this fellow come to here to do? Can fall in price?” Shen Xiang naturally does not hope that has this so fierce expert to come, he also will participate when the time comes, if were seen anything to come by these expert, is disadvantageous to him. I also guessed, but this competition is not jokes, the significance is great, regarding Sacred Dan World and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country or is the entire Heaven World's alchemy master.” Li Tianjun said. Several days started, prepares.” Li Tianjun has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Several days?” Shen Xiang has not thought that so will be quick, he thought at least also has one month: Such quick words, then many people do prepare without enough time?” This competition did not open for many people.” Li Tianjun smiled, then jumps down from the summit, grazes the distant place, vanishes in the nighttime sky. Shen Xiang looks back that his vanishes is in a daze, only then several days, he does not know can one make the outstanding progress in this big game, because participates including Li Tianjun this fierce Dan Immortal, when the time comes also has Bixia Dan Immortal this type. This large-scale competition cannot compare trial to make Immortal Dan, makes Immortal Dan compared with trial, generally is in private the showdown talents, because that really requires the time, at most is Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, but you now without enough time, let alone Heaven Level High-Grade, Heaven Level middle-grade has certain difficulty regarding you.” Su Meiyao said. Hopes the rule to be fairer to the alchemy master of my this rank.” Shen Xiang naturally hoping to repose on the rule, over the next few days, he is registers first, has refined furnace Life Returning Pill at the scene, obtains the qualifying, then purchases several reduction chemistry pill's herbs. Previous time he turns into He Feng, went to No. 6 shop to swindle one bottle of Heaven Level low-grade therapy pill, reduction chemistry pill, this pill sold is more expensive than Primordial Dan, the therapy effect be better than time Life Returning Pill . Moreover the refinement difficulty be bigger than Primordial Dan, the material was not good to plant, when Shen Xiang purchase reduction chemistry pill's herbs, on the meat painful.

Luckily only then main herbs, with the God Refining Technique words, so long as solved this Bai Yuanguo to complete half, this was a new challenge.” Shen Xiang has rented a alchemy room, this is the industry of big Prince, although occupied seizes the throne to be defeated, but their industries here will not receive anything to affect. Doesn't refine that Saint Beast Pill first?” Long Xueyi asked low voice, Shen Xiang had Saint Beast Fruit, but did not have to refine. „It is not anxious, this Saint Beast Pill refinement difficulty is not big, if I can refine this reduction chemistry pill, Saint Beast Fruit is not very difficult.” Shen Xiang rejects that Bai Yuanguo above some impurities, then places on the palm, releases Five Elements Heavenly Fire. His present flame was more formidable, can release including Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, but that consumption is very big, even if uses this Five Elements Heavenly Fire, the speed of True Qi consumption is extremely also fast. It seems like Five Elements Heavenly Fire is not easy-to-use, must use Universe Heavenly Fire!” Shen Xiang fuses together Five Elements Heavenly Fire Five Elements attribute. Bai Yuanguo inside medicine revolts spirit very intensely, must have formidable spiritual attack to add on the greatly strengthened flame, can make him submit, will then build up little. Although Universe Heavenly Fire is fierce, but consumes very in a big way, the long-term usage 2-3 double-hour can consume almost his True Qi, therefore he can only now Five Elements Heavenly Fire and Universe Heavenly Fire back and forth is taking turn using. Inadequate, it seems like each herbs medicine has very big difference spirit!” In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, Bai Yuanguo on his palm had been burnt down to be similar to the red iron is ordinary, but actually suddenly split open, then had the slight explosion, exploded a useless flying ash.

Primordial Dan is also Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, but when he just started to refine, the progress also calculates very smoothly, but this Bai Yuanguo, makes him feel that he was been very difficult to buy the threshold to block by one. Is only Bai Yuanguo, even if uses Refining Simulation Technique, first time unavoidably will also be defeated.” Su Meiyao said. „Different with Refining Simulation Technique, uses Refining Simulation Technique, although is complex, but always thought that sooner or later can succeed, but currently uses God Refining Technique, making me feel that has a dilutedness, felt that very difficult to build up this Bai Yuanguo.” Although Shen Xiang said that but he puts out Bai Yuanguo. These high level herbs, have unusual self-protection strength, if must it sliver fragment, that be the quite simple matter, but also therefore destroyed the herbs integrity, making inside energy drain. But through the flame, carries on suitable burning to build up, can make the herbs quality be promoted, but these herbs medicine spirits will not make you achieve with ease, will revolt, therefore the use flame copes with these herbs time, becomes very difficult, will have slightly, will let carelessly these spirit herb self- destructions. Refining Simulation Technique can know in advance the internal change of spirit herb, thus corrects the flame various temperatures as well as aspects some small wrong, avoids spirit herb carrying on the self- destruction, little burning will build up. God Refining Technique that however Shen Xiang currently uses, is actually altogether must build up it completely, this needs the stronger big flame simultaneously, must have strong spiritual strength, attacks the spirit herb internal spirit, enabling it to revolt. The difficult problem that Shen Xiang faces now is very formidabe these spirits, always makes these medicines have an opportunity spirit, carries on the self- destruction. He consecutively for four times failed continuously, when the fifth time, he a breakthrough, has been able to preserve little spirit herb herbal powder finally, but he unnecessary Bai Yuanguo, only was unable to make Su Meiyao duplicate some in Hidden Jade Ring with Soul Creation Fluid now.

Shen Xiang has rested two double-hour, then builds up to melt Bai Yuanguo once more, this time he opens the eye, looks at palm above Bai Yuanguo, pours into massive Divine Power, suppresses inside medicine to work, simultaneously emits Universe Heavenly Fire to burn to build up...... From the competition one day, Shen Xiang went out of the alchemy room, he failed more than ten Bai Yuanguo, but this has not affected the enthusiasm that he attended the competition, although has not succeeded to refine reduction chemistry pill, but he thought that for these days also had to calculate the good harvest. Has stayed in Shen Xiang of alchemy room, just came out, heard many astonishing news, for example talent Celestial Immortal Li Tianjun of new generation attended the competition, his old match Bixia Dan Immortal will also participate, in addition, famous Dan Immortal arrived here, these Dan Immortal are some influence inside backbones. But Sacred Dan World Dan Immortal the fame is not very big, but actually nobody dares to look down on, it is said Sacred Dan World also seven Dan Immortal come, but has not participated, but cheers. Has not thought that Sacred Dan World Long Family also came, what participating is five Dan Immortal, the Sacred Dan World four respected families should be the match who Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country attaches great importance.” Shen Xiang hears words of old alchemy master, in the heart moves, if Long Family also comes, Long Huishan this female Dragon King should also arrive.