World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1329

Does not know that Xiao Ling does have with coming? If by He Feng were discovered Xiao Ling with Big Sister Long, somewhat will be perhaps troublesome.” Shen Xiang feels the chin, moves toward ten thousand pill Buildings.

Ten thousand pill Buildings are livelier at this time, the alchemy master were more, Shen Xiang walked when this inside, has not discovered Li Tianjun, he somewhat disappointed departure, however when he just went out of the front doors of ten thousand pill Buildings, actually saw an old acquaintance. Du Hai! Du Hai is three Dan Immortal, at this time he with several old men, chatted, while walked into ten thousand pill Buildings, could see that he mixes now well. This made Shen Xiang remember Du Yanyao, Du Yanyao was also a female alchemy master, but not with Du Hai, but with Yan Zilan they. Does not know that the Xiangyue girl and Qianqian can come!” Shen Xiang has not gone to recognize each other with Du Hai, his status cannot exposed exit easily, otherwise affects is very big, can perhaps keep him from attending the competition, will be encircled by a troop formidable influence kills. Shen Xiang arrives at a shop, that is Divine Blade Immortal Palace opens here, sells magic treasure immortal tool anything specially, Divine Blade Immortal Palace is a refiner influence, the thing that refines is very good. Here also recycles magic treasure immortal tool, but Shen Xiang does not dare to sell these Immortal Sword that obtains from the battlefield, he comes to here is chooses pill furnace, because he heard, pill furnace that during the game uses was of bringing, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace he cannot use, because on Heaven World the capable person were too many, will be looked very much easily. Bought the immortal tool low-grade rank pill furnace to suffice, was mainly heat-resisting and firm.” Su Meiyao prompts him, she did not suggest that Shen Xiang uses that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to compete, that is Sacred Level dragon tool pill furnace. Cannot afford, was too expensive!” Shen Xiang looked at several, takes more than ten million Immortal Crystal. This little brother, looks at your appearance, is is a little on hand tight? What price do you need pill furnace? What rank?” In shop storekeeper sees Shen Xiang to tighten the brow, shakes the head to sigh, then with a laugh inquired.

I want immortal tool low-grade pill furnace, but was too expensive, I have six million Immortal Crystal on hand.” Shen Xiang said honestly, thousand Immortal Crystal that before he won, several transmissions used. This somewhat is truly difficult, if you do not shut out with old, is quite actually suitable, the background is right, will not bring to you troublesome.” The storekeeper thinks that then has put out -and-a-half person of high, looks like grey pill furnace water jar. The semblance is very rough, the appearance of water jar, round fat, carefully did not look that the following that enters the hot mouth, this clearly is the water jar modeling, but the quality is very new, looks like is also quite thick. Shen Xiang turns on the cover, looked at inside, then has knocked, thought that is satisfied, because this is also immortal tool low-grade, the high level material of use is very full, some formation that inside quarter drawing are very good, but the appearance somewhat made the person not accept. Refines this pill furnace person, should has rich refiner experience, but why causes such a modeling to come?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say. Good eye, this truly stems from a hand of Grandmaster, six million Immortal Crystal, what kind of?” The storekeeper smilingly said. Su Meiyao said: This pill furnace is too disappointing besides the appearance, other are good, press the price.” Shen Xiang also has such idea, he said: Four million Immortal Crystal, this pill furnace is very evidently new, but I can look at least to pass through the hands of several people . Moreover the contour is not artistic, you put is very difficult to sell.” The storekeeper looked at all around, lowers the sound saying: Young fellow, this pill furnace came from Punishing Demon Summit...... I do not deceive you absolutely, inside has small immortal that a Punishing Demon Summit person can carve to draw, named Seven Stars Heavenly Fire, alchemy time can absorb the strength of stars, expands the flame!”

Truly is Punishing Demon Summit small immortal, only then Punishing Demon Summit some talented person meetings, I do not understand in any case.” Su Meiyao somewhat is also accidental. Shen Xiang whispered: You added the background to be right before, where is Punishing Demon Summit? If I use this pill furnace, was looked by the Punishing Demon Summit personal enemy, am I very troublesome? This type of thing you also dare to sell that expensively!” Relax, we give you a certificate, the proof is Divine Blade Immortal Palace sells, has nothing to do with you!” Storekeeper hastily compensates to say with a smile. On four million Immortal Crystal, I on hand really somewhat tight! Moreover you should look that I must attend the competition, perhaps when the time comes also needs some Immortal Crystal to be used for turnover anything.” Shen Xiang said. 400 five hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, a person draws back one.” The storekeeper sighed. Ok, I buy, give my proof to want reasonable, so as to avoid I buy this pill furnace, quite Yu Mai a weapon for criminal.” Shen Xiang very serious urging this storekeeper. Shen Xiang comes out after this shop, on the face full is the smiling face, because he thought that pill furnace is good, although cannot compare his Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, but is used to participate in the words of competition, will not be bad, this pill furnace also good names, are called Seven Stars Precious Furnace, strengthens the flame the effect Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace be stronger, this is his price ratio satisfied place, because of his God Refining Technique, needs very strong flame. „The place that registers has a look, what fierce alchemy master has.” Shen Xiang arrives from a royal palace not far away main hall, this is ten thousand Dan Immortal palaces, each such as plaza is huge, five ten layers are so high, under some floors, do to the audience, this immortal palace is used in the large-scale competition as well as the auction generally. Shen Xiang walks, looked at all around, discovered that in some distinguished guest theater boxes has not the weak aura to pass on, when the time comes when he knows competes, these expert will hide in the theater box watches.

Middle stadium is huge, but the surroundings is a chair, has encircled many, can be many people, Shen Xiang guessed when the time comes definitely will charge very many admission. Divine Wind Immortal Country and White Sea Immortal Country fought unexpectedly, the alchemy master who participates competition had not threatened that paid attention to Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country and Sacred Dan World, added that anything when the time comes wanted to carry on among them finally the contest!” Shen Xiang comes, hears this saying, he looks immediately to the direction that the sound conveys, that is several old head size together chats. White Sea Immortal Country should be White Sea Sacred Realm, how Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan these two small female slave did not know, thought of them very much.” The Shen Xiang heart said that in the mind reappears Ji Meixian that elegantly beautiful face, she once Heaven World famous Jade Immortal Woman, but maliciously had actually been punched by him, is his female slave. Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country has also queered, said that any this competition is biggest to their Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country and Sacred Dan World relationship, simply has not paid attention to others, therefore other influences are also discontented.” Another old man said. Shen Xiang walked, the receptacle asked: Several Senior, did that final reward announce?”