World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1330
From the competition also one day, this is the final deadline, had registered also passed the test, needs to receive participating jade token today, is equal to a qualifications to compete card, needs ten thousand Immortal Crystal to purchase. The alchemy master who attended the competition has over ten thousand, Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country charges these fee also to earn large sum of money, therefore they put out some precious prizes not to calculate that owes. Shen Xiang lined up to purchase that jade token very much long time ago, but the rule also announced today, after seeing the content of first competition, he relaxed immediately. The first competition to eliminate the massive participating alchemy master generally sets up, at this round competition, only then 1000 alchemy masters can enter second, in other words must have the Ten Thousand Refinements pill master to be eliminated after the first competition. Adopts the way of scoring, mainly refines Earth Level pill, is provided herbs by Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, a Earth Level Low-Grade Dan grain of point, middle-grade grain of two points, High-Grade grain of three points, only then the excellent quality will figure out the score, finally enters the next round through the points rank, in other words ranks the first 1000 alchemy masters.” Shen Xiang looks at the rule, in the heart is calculating, if he, he definitely is refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan, because he refines the High-Grade Dan speed and Low-Grade Dan is equally quick. If ranks the first three alchemy masters, can obtain pill who oneself refine, other turns over to Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Really is good to plan, such one, can make over ten thousand splendid alchemy masters help them refine a large quantities of pill.” Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country will definitely not suffer a loss, the prize that they take finally should be very precious, they can only recoup the cost in this way, when the time comes enters the stadium to watch the competition also to need to pay the admission, Heaven World is so big, definitely many people show respect for somebody's ability.” Su Meiyao said. Prize has not announced!” In the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat discontented, if knows that the final reward is anything, can make him more dynamic. This first also calculates quite fairly, can take care of most low level alchemy masters, can let the low level alchemy master also to have the opportunity to push in first 1000.” Su Meiyao said. points high these, definitely are refine quickly, and has pill many quality high alchemy master, this alchemy normal university many are high level alchemy Master Duo, naturally also some low level alchemy masters have this level, but is few. Attained jade token, Shen Xiang strolled here, had not found Li Tianjun, then went out of this immortal palace, as soon as he went out of the entrance, saw Liu Meng'er and her parents, side their family besides that two famous family juniors, a pair of a perfect match lover , he as soon as guesses that knows that was his Eldest Senior Brother husband and wife.

Your Eldest Senior Brother husband and wife is Immortal King, is really fierce!” Long Xueyi exclaims. Shen Xiang's Eldest Senior Brother named Wang Weiquan, is a big handsome man, although does not have that very tall majestic figure, but looks like is very strong, on the face is hanging the hearty laughter and Liu Meng'er's father chats, but her wife Shao Xuanyun is pulling his arm, with the Liu Meng'er mother and daughter conversation. „Is that Xuan Yun Dan Immortal?” Side a Shen Xiang man said. On the Shao Xuanyun face is covered with the veil, is the same with Liu Meng'er mother and daughter, in this person many places , the female majority is the surface obstructs the fine gauze, has been unalarmed by strange sights, but still could see that Shao Xuanyun is very beautiful. Shen Xiang looks in the distant place that can see own Eldest Senior Brother, in his heart many are somewhat excited. „Doesn't that old man look like like your Master?” Long Xueyi suddenly said: Is that the street looks around!” Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, looks to go to street, sees wear homespun cloth hempen garments, wears the bamboo hat, on the face is hanging old man of black wooden mask. Does not know, but is very suspicious.” Shen Xiang pushes from the crowd, goes to that side the street, that old man has not left. After Shen Xiang arrives, has looked at each other one with him, afterward lightly smiled, this old man is really Huang Jintian, moreover Huang Jintian also recognized him to come. „Did young bastard, see your Eldest Senior Brother?” Huang Jintian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Is and willow tree girl parents together that but also is bringing his young woman.”

Shen Xiang stepped on his foot: Master, he is your big apprentice, doing that you hide? Goes to recognize each other with him quickly!” Huang Jintian is pinching his arm, said with a smile: That willow tree girl is your young sweetheart, you are not hide? Goes to recognize each other with her quickly!” Huang Jintian draws Shen Xiang to leave, shuttles back and forth on the avenue, simultaneously sound transmission asked: What your did brat pick on the battlefield? I heard that there presented one to understand used Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison fellow, almost let Monarch Qiong beautiful jade old lady belch fart, this should not be you will do?” I was also open about the facts you, truly was I does, if you, our master and apprentice collaborated at that time, can definitely kill her, but she on last legs is living now, should compared with dying also painfully.” The Shen Xiang response said. Snort, that small Golden Peng? Do you kill?” Huang Jintian coldly snorted: Hurries to give me a Golden Peng leg, otherwise I exposed you, making your name smellier!” Shen Xiang mumbled: Master, you are insincere, you have also fished many advantage in battlefield there, you must give me a point.” Gives bird claw you, but you must trade with the thing.” Huang Jintian stares him saying: You and I are master and apprentice, it is necessary to haggle over?” Blood brother bright calculate, you definitely get so far as in that battlefield compared with I better thing.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Good, I give you a dragon wing, you give me a bird leg, like this was OK.” Huang Jintian said.

Dragon wing?” Shen Xiang does not know that this is anything. Is the wing of dragon, in great war, Winged Dragon participated, the fellow afterward died, was obtained by me, I give you a wing, the meat are not absolutely less than that bird leg.” Huang Jintian said. Old lunatic, the harvest is so rich, but also hits Suankeng my bird leg.” In the Shen Xiang heart whispered, then made Long Xueyi shear a Golden Peng bird leg, making her cut as far as possible few. Fights, brings!” Shen Xiang has put out storage pouch. Although master and apprentice, but these two are very deceitful that will be worried to Fangkeng. To, me said that your this young bastard, does not honor the teacher and respect his teachings, was not filial piety me, but also always haggles over these with me.” Huang Jintian has exchanged storage pouch crassly. Long Xueyi said: Has Imperial Dragon of wing to be very rare, has not thought that unexpectedly will die, Imperial Dragon Clan this loss is very big, hopes that the flavor is better than that Golden Peng bird, I have not eaten!” Master, does the Eldest Senior Brother wife you know? When the time comes Alchemy Competition time perhaps I can with her to!” Shen Xiang asked.