World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1331
Naturally knew that she was your two Senior Sister, the Xiangyue girl is your Eldest Senior Brother husband and wife apprentice.” Huang Jintian said. How to be what kind of? You have not said you, only then I and Eldest Senior Brother two apprentices? How to emit two Senior Sister to come?” Shen Xiang expressed that did not understand very much: She is alchemy, have you taught her alchemy technique?” Huang Jintian said with a smile: I have not taught you alchemy technique, aren't you very fierce? I am come the Heaven World's time to receive her for the disciple, because considers her strength as well as she and your Eldest Senior Brother husband and wife relationship, moreover her age is also older than you, my making an exception makes her my two apprentices.” Shen Xiang is discontented: „It is not good, this custom is indestructible, must arrange according to first come first served, she is my Junior Sister.” As you like then, when the time comes you and she quarrelled, she was one bickers very fierce girl, you quarrelled she, the position of second child was your.” A Huang Jintian face said at will: She respects very much my, I just came the Heaven World's time to be poor, she has given me many Immortal Crystal, gives back Immortal Dan that I grain of she has refined, actually you...... Let you give broken bird leg also to bargain back and forth, others girls are more natural than you, snort|hum.” Master, the words cannot say, initially you rested the street time, I have given you my larger part Immortal Crystal! Now you are also very rich, you clarify to want the pit my bird leg, I cannot give for nothing you.” Shen Xiang has scratched the nose, a face refuses to accept. Master, do you do with me?” Is Huang Jintian was drawing Shen Xiang, but now is actually Huang Jintian with Shen Xiang. I do not have the place to live temporarily, your this brat previous time has won more than ten million Immortal Crystal, many.” Huang Jintian said: I looked that you compete walk again.” Afterward Shen Xiang brings Huang Jintian to go to a very tattered place, he has rented a broken room here, this lets Huang Jintian cursed his stingy. Master, I had just bought pill furnace, was poor, do not shut out, or you looked for Eldest Senior Brother and Junior Sister, drinking that they ate, definitely was the high grade goods, looked that group of bootlickers who their side gathered round know, they ate and drank should not to want Immortal Crystal.” Shen Xiang said.

„The little rascal head, you do not know is really now same as you for the master, cannot the exposed status?” Huang Jintian drank Shen Xiang to give his bouillon, afterward said with a smile: Your brat is also good, Golden Peng bone soup is no one drinks.” On you do not have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, you have not stirred up trouble, doesn't have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art? Eldest Senior Brother also dares full Jiepao now, what do you fear?” Shen Xiang sits to eat the soup, he truly does not know that Huang Jintian is also why same as him, then feared that was harassed. The Huang Jintian one breath eats up that bowl of soup, making Shen Xiang help his abundant one bowl, complexion seriously said: „After you guarantee knows, do not have my idea!” Shen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian one, asked: „Does Master, on you have very extraordinary treasure really?” Snort, that naturally.” Some Huang Jintian proudly said. Shen Xiang gives him the soup end, said curiously: I ensure does not have your idea, what precious thing does your body have?” Huang Jintian Hehe said with a smile: I do not have any precious thing, but is my flesh and blood is quite precious, ate has been able Long Life undying, increased life essence pills to be better many times compared with anything, this reason sufficed!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, this has truly sufficed, can make many life essence near the matter that super expert makes to make an exception to come, some super expert, even if uses some high level pills, is unable to increase life essence, but Huang Jintian's flesh and blood actually. It seems like Legend real, ate the Undead clan flesh and blood to be able really Long Life undying.” Su Meiyao exclaims, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi are also so.

Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang to visit him with a strange look, immediately shrank the body, said: Your brat do not have my idea, my blood is not tasty, the meat is unpalatable very much.” Master, if you are very poor, sells the blood to sell the meat to send one greatly.” Shen Xiang said. That is equal to violating the clan regulations, will be hit to be struck by lightning by the day, I am not dry.” Huang Jintian shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang has put out the Golden Peng meat of several pieces of very scraps, the raising fire of high-piled firewood, making Huang Jintian roast, Huang Jintian was also impatient, moreover this is Shen Xiang treats, he is certainly glad. Master, what character are Sister Meng'er her parents? Probably is very strong!” Shen Xiang asked that Huang Jintian transcend had a period of time, should know anything. Naturally fierce, is Immortal King! Her father named Liu Zongyu, the old lady called Song Ying, their Liu and Song Family several quite prosperous Immortal Palace in Human King Immortal Country, these two families governed almost ten Immortal Palace, but afterward merged into Human King Immortal Country, although was not the king, but the status was also very high.” Huang Jintian is changing the Golden Peng meat, while said: Fiercest is not this, but is this to husband and wife Master, it is said is one generation of Divine Craftsman descendant, the influence to be very big, it is said Big Shot of many strong presences, must want to make this fellow help to refine sacred tool.” This!” Shen Xiang has not thought background that Liu Meng'er parents is so abundant, but also made him feel relieved, explained that Liu Meng'er was very safe in Heaven World. Huang Jintian happily said with a smile: If willow tree girl her parents know that your she has that relationship, Hehe, you have troubled, but do not fear that her parents are very reasonable, although your this little rascal is very inexpensive, but the skill is very big.” You are inexpensive, I am very inexpensive, that also learns from you.” Shen Xiang is nipping a meat maliciously.

Has confidence to obtain first? Many Dan Immortal came.” Huang Jintian asked. Has not known that Li Tianjun also participates, but first I definitely have confidence to attain the front position.” Shen Xiang is very self-confident: I was worried that to will have finally possibly no recourse the exposed status, that must look that the prize powerful is not powerful.” Gives me to select the advantage, when the time comes has any accident, I lead you to sneak off, even if Dragon Emperor here, I will not be caught by him.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Master, we are master and apprentice, you rescue my are perfectly justified, what advantage wants?” Shen Xiang grinning tunnel. Blood brother bright calculate!” Huang Jintian he he smiles. Gives you bird claw, good!” Shen Xiang said that if when the time comes has accident, Huang Jintian can lead him to sneak off, does not involve other people, that truly should better, but, although the Huang Jintian's strength is unclear, but Shen Xiang very much feels relieved to this mysterious lunatic Master. bird claw on bird claw, feels better not to have.” Huang Jintian Hehe smiles, if not for feared that this deteriorated house collapses, he already the crazy laughed.