World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1332
Shen Xiang one late has not rested, has roasted a evening's meat with Huang Jintian, has dragon meat and Golden Peng meat, as well as some precious Immortal Beast meat of Huang Jintian collection, have not only force-fed Shen Xiang, has force-fed Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could not eat that many, but tastes the flavor. Has eaten a evening's precious beast meat, Shen Xiang is full of vigor at this time, dawn, he moves toward that ten thousand Dan Immortal palaces with Huang Jintian, first quick must start, will conduct in inside. Huang Jintian already bought the sign that the admission watched, moreover comparison before, does not know how he gets so far as, the alchemy master who the seat attended the competition, Shen Xiang does not need to purchase. Did not plan really in secret and Senior Brother Junior Sister did recognize each other?” Shen Xiang to Huang Jintian sound transmission, he has regarded as Shao Xuanyun is own Junior Sister, he had decided that kills did not acknowledge compared with the person who he late acknowledges as teacher is own Senior Sister. Does not use, your Senior Brother Senior Sister very allows to mix one positive result that we are better, temporarily do not go to disturb them, although they also very much want to see me, but we take this type of road, must have the consciousness.” Huang Jintian said. After entering ten thousand Dan Immortal palaces, Huang Jintian has drawn Shen Xiang, looks at a direction, said: „The fellow is called Wu Canghong, is Little Bald Old Ancestor, is the present Human King Immortal Country King.” Shen Xiang had already seen Wu Canghong, he also knows that Wu Canghong is cultivate Spirit, but does not have he that good condition, now personally sees Wu Canghong, Shen Xiang to thank his actually, initially Wu Canghong had helped Shen Xiang not small busy. Little Featherhead and haven't Little Bald come?” Shen Xiang asked. Exposes the strength on their, where do they dare to come? Closed up has practiced, they are managed by your Eldest Senior Brother now stubbornly, only then the Xiangyue girl crossed natural.” Huang Jintian said. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are his Eldest Senior Brother Wang Weiquan apprentice, after transcend Heaven World, master and apprentice has a reunion, they see their Master to be so fierce, can only the going all out self-torture.

The alchemy master gradually enters middle that huge stadium, above must hold on Ten Thousand Refinements pill master alchemy is not the issue. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian greeted, then entered the conference site on lining up, entered needs to put out pill furnace to let the person inspection of entrance. The alchemy master who although attended the competition are many, but on the scene watches Immortal King of competition to be also many, fierce Dan Immortal also has, if wants fight foot that not to be easy under this crowd of expert noses, if who does, once prepares the discovery, then the consequence will be very serious. After Shen Xiang enters arena, looks all around, came to watch a sports contest the population that frightening by these, encircles many levels to sit in all around, Shen Xiang has not seen Liu Meng'er they, should sit in some distinguished guest theater boxes. Many people look at Shen Xiang, because his water jar same pill furnace was really too conspicuous, brought in laughing of some people, but Shen Xiang thought otherwise, this was he uses several million Immortal Crystal to buy, if were brand-new, moreover did not stem from Suppressing Devil divine art, this at least can sell to more than ten million Immortal Crystal, was no one can afford. This brat real bastard, added that before bought pill furnace to be poor, has bought this broken thing.” Huang Jintian does not know fierce of that pill furnace. After many alchemy masters enter the stadium, is placed pill furnace before the body, then stands there waits to start, Shen Xiang has swept pill furnace of other alchemy masters, there are much is the good things, making him feel immediately own pill furnace scale was too low. Li Tianjun came.” Shen Xiang hears some people of shouted, then looks to the entrance direction, sees only a man of having delicate features to stand there, waited for that others inspect his pill furnace, his pill furnace is the square shape, shining, understood at a glance that is the good thing. This fellow actually has young alchemy, before has pretended is old fellow.” Shen Xiang secretly thought: Sister Meiyao, his is pill furnace fierce?”

top grade immortal furnace, did you say?” Su Meiyao said. Then were too more than my difference, but my Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace Sacred Level dragon tool.” Shen Xiang said: Was only a pity that was too dazzling, cannot abuse.” If the prize is very precious, might as well actually.” Su Meiyao said: Your that lunatic Master is not simple, he had said is capable of leading you to run away, should be able to achieve.” Li Tianjun just walked shortly, erupts a call along with the descendant group, what at this time came was Bixia Dan Immortal, wore the Fire God Palace unique fiery red Chinese-style gown, was a middle-aged female, was not the old lady in hearsay. This pill furnace is also the top grade immortal furnace, but are more than her beforehand Bixia treasure furnace.” Su Meiyao said. Then character of approach, in side famous Dan Immortal, but Shen Xiang has not heard, he also little understands the matter in this aspect. His Junior Sister came finally, wears the light pack, grips simple ponytail, on the face has not been obstructing the veil, reveals an elegant peerless face, on the face is having the smile, is holding deep green pill furnace, pill furnace above has some red clouds in glittering, understood at a glance that refines this pill furnace material to be uncommon. Shen Xiang has not thought that Shao Xuanyun is also very famous, is not weak in Li Tianjun and top-beam Dan Immortal of other Bixia Dan Immortal as well as big influences, for example Suppressing Devil Temple, Divine Wind Immortal Country, White Sea Immortal Country, Divine Blade Immortal Palace these...... Afterward is the Sacred Dan World alchemy master comes, Shen Xiang only knows Du Hai, Du Hai alchemy technique is also good, is very big in the Sacred Dan World fame.

But the Long Family alchemy master is an old woman, although many people have not heard, but Shen Xiang sees Du Hai, as well as some alchemy masters have profound respect to this old woman, the Li Tianjun whole face respectfully looks at this old woman. This grandma is quite fierce...... Probably has Profound Ice Saint Fire, that should be true Saint Fire, has not thought that Long Family will have this fierce character.” Long Xueyi surprisedly said. No wonder initially Li Tianjun said that this is the Dan Immortal stage, our these little brat are also only joins in the fun, has not thought of me that already with these many fierce alchemy masters with the stage competition.” The Shen Xiang heart said that he did not think this is very difficult, he has to obtain the first confidence. „Also is not the alchemy competition of most high-end, it is estimated that is highest is also only five about Dan Immortal, these 78 Dan Immortal are fiercest, but they should at the same time look that they participate in the words of this competition, that other Dan Immortal will immediately definitely withdraw, these old monsters are true fierce.” Su Meiyao said. All alchemy masters were in attendance, Shen Xiang had not discovered that other acquaintances, Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian have not really come, but Shen Xiang guessed that they should watch at the same time. Then is new king He Pei Qing comes up the readout contest rule, before he is six Prince, Shen Xiang previous time has seen him in the royal palace. What Shen Xiang cares is that reward, other people possibly dispute or join in the fun for and their match come, but Shen Xiang to reward. Before had the rumor saying that the final reward will announce at this time, Shen Xiang was anticipating secretly.