World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1333

Many people guessed that reward can be Sacred Level herbs, but Shen Xiang does not believe that because this He Pei Qing Tianshan Sacred Fruit was cheated by him, He Pei Qing also has Sacred Level herbs, now definitely does not give up with, as for top grade Immortal Medicine definitely is not, because in many, that fell in price. He Pei Qing stands on the stage, has put out a square black box, that is the final reward of this competition, this makes all people discuss that guessed will have any thing. That four directions black box is not big, a hand can hold, possibly is not the thing of big-ticket item, is more like thinks of herbs, but generally with jade packed. On the scene, perhaps only then Shen Xiang because of seeing this box is surprised, because on that box has a very small design, he obtained a map before, the back of map has such a design, but that design is representing Dan Emperor, only then Dan Emperor can draw such design. Inside thing is related with Dan Emperor!” Shen Xiang knits the brows to look at that box of distant place, wants to see through with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, but was actually cut off by any thing. Shen Xiang looked at several fierce Dan Immortal complexions, unexpectedly discovered that they are also the equally surprised complexions, obviously is knows that design the origin. With the Dan Emperor related thing?” That Long Family Dan Immortal asked that this old woman has narrowed the eyes to focus, after this box appeared, she stared the big eye immediately, looking from her bright eye, this old woman was not the oil completely lamp dry that type, but was vital, was incompatible with her old semblance. Really is Heaven World, knows that the Dan Emperor person also has.” The Shen Xiang heart said. Hears Dan Emperor, many people are quite vacant, but actually knows that this person is very fierce, only then some minority Dan Immortal will the whole face be surprised, simultaneously both eyes look at that box fiery. This box is Dan Emperor, but inside thing is not! Since is the reward of alchemy big game, will be definitely related with alchemy, now I can tell everybody, in this box has a cauldron furnace, this cauldron furnace is extraordinary, Dan Emperor once was used for alchemy, this cauldron furnace stems from the hand of Divine Craftsman, had been used a period of time by Divine Craftsman.” Here, in the field erupted intermittent screams, He Pei Qing cannot be justified.

Few people are surprised, but some people do not believe. Divine Craftsman has used the thing you how don't retain?” „, Had been used by two celebrities, how this said that is also sacred tool, this type of thing also is more precious than time Sacred Level herbs.” Shen Xiang was also skeptical, Divine Craftsman built, and has used, Dan Emperor also had used afterward, if real, even if took also to have the face for that was only the significance value not poor. Everybody be please peaceful!” He Pei Qing loud voice shouted, sound shakes the people tympanum rumble to make noise slightly. In the field has hundreds of thousands people, being noisy annoying of , suddenly is now peaceful, appears somewhat strange. He Pei Qing has put out that cauldron furnace, is very small, looks like an incense burner is the same, is the black tripod, the cauldron body is the circular, is very luminous, looks like preserves very well. This small cauldron furnace is revolving in the He Pei Qing hand, the people can see to have a very small design bottom of the cauldron furnace, that is Dan Emperor unique, also the relief of very small black hammer in side, on this black little hammer relief also has many tiny spirit pattern, carefully looked that will discover the small hammer relief is many spirit pattern interweaves together to form, seems not chaotic, instead is containing the spirit rhyme of nature. That was the mark of Divine Craftsman, He Pei Qing says not false, these two marks had shown that this small cauldron furnace has used by Dan Emperor and Divine Craftsman.

But the people had also discovered an issue, is this small cauldron furnace does not have the cover! „After this cauldron furnace owner recognition, can along with the regard control size, everybody also discover, this cauldron furnace does not have the cover, therefore the value will sell at a discount greatly, but is still precious!” He Pei Qing somewhat regretted that said: I have made very significant decision, takes as the reward.” Has been short of the words of cover, this also can only be used to watch...... Must want to build to suit the cover of this cauldron furnace, perhaps is very difficult, even if can build, cannot play the might of this cauldron furnace.” Dan Immortal said: „The significance of this cauldron is great, is used appears extremely precious as the final reward of this competition.” Actually this cauldron not only can be used for alchemy refiner, but can also be used to fight, this cauldron can turn into a room to be so big most greatly, but also is heavy, is used to defend is most appropriate, can be used to treat as storage equipment, in the cauldron has a very big space, can hold mountain Hai.” The He Pei Qing words make Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian at present one bright, because this type words that has this type of thing, later must kill the dragon to kill the phoenix, that is actually very convenient, can install directly. This is the good thing, if later you want recast Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, only to depend upon this cauldron furnace, although lacks a cover, but don't you have the map that Dan Emperor keeps? Perhaps in inside.” Su Meiyao said. Regarding Shen Xiang, his Divine Power can turn into a cover, therefore this cauldron furnace does not have the flaw of cover regarding him is not the issue. Does not arrive fond of playing jokes, you have a look at that several old fellow look, probably wants this cauldron furnace swallow alive such, my pressure is big.” Shen Xiang said that he after is and big pile of Dan Immortal competes in arena now, to obtain first, is very profound, moreover he also can only refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan now. Under, gives half double-hour again the time adjustment good condition, the big game first to start after half double-hour.” He Pei Qing said that immediately puts in the box that small cauldron furnace, then receives, he cannot bear these old Dan Immortal looks.

Shen Xiang closes one's eyes, wholly-absorbed is controlling one's breathing, he now becomes very earnest, because he wants to obtain that cauldron furnace very much. In a theater box, Liu Zongyu sees He Pei Qing to receive that cauldron furnace, but sighed: This Divine Cauldron really in the hand of He Family.” The Liu Meng'er's parents are the Divine Craftsman descendant apprentice, therefore they have certain understanding to this cauldron furnace. Song Ying smiles: „Hasn't Master said? Does not need to care about this Divine Cauldron, that is the masterpiece of founder, but after us , the need builds own Divine Cauldron, that is the matter that we should care about.” Mother, my Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, is a teacher's teacher?” Liu Meng'er asked that although before she governed Divine Weapon Sect, but at this time side the parents, was actually a clever daughter, did not have might of that queen. Your teacher's teacher thinks that Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk can only protect you at most, has not thought that separated was so long, your unexpectedly obtained the approval of Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, can use this divine tool, you later must treasure well.” Song Ying is stroking Liu Meng'er's beautiful hair gently.