World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1335
„A Earth Level Low-Grade Dan point, the middle-grade two points, the High-Grade three points, waits for everybody to take herbs the time, but must consider clearly, takes the limit of herbs each time is most ten, built up from be new to take, if the person many must line up, therefore the time was very essential.” old man said. Shen Xiang guessed that and other definitely has big pile of Dan Immortal choices to refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, he worried that herbs by the glare, when the time comes will be refined middle-grade and low-grade all of a sudden is not cost-effective. Many people pay attention to these famous alchemy masters, these alchemy masters are Dan Immortal, reorganizes herbs to be fast, the technique also respectively has the difference, their speed unexpectedly are the same rapidness, is the same time puts in pill furnace herbs. On the Ten Thousand Refinements pill master in this huge stadium, rows of rows, is neat, but pill furnace has the difference respectively, some also send out brilliant light glow, many pill furnace are very attractive, looks makes the person accept. The competition started, so long as refines this furnace, is the true start, this furnace quite for therefore was won the time by oneself as far as possible, can go to the stage that ten old man there to take herbs immediately, otherwise behind person of many words, must line up, will waste a lot of time in the opening. The playing time is one day one night, all people very rare and precious time. The moment passed by, several Dan Immortal have opened the eye, obviously has congealed pill to complete, these Dan Immortal have everybody quite familiar Li Tianjun and Bixia Dan Immortal and Long Family that mysterious old woman, as well as leading role Dan Immortal of each influence. Refines Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan limiting velocity also such, these Dan Immortal can be this limiting velocity, therefore almost completes at the same time. But the one who is quite quick is Long Family that old woman, she opened pill furnace, however at this time, Shen Xiang was holding his water jar pill furnace, has grazed a big section distance directly, arrived in front of old man before stage. Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, takes out three grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan from inside, at this time the lines of sight of all people in his water jar pill furnace, seeing these three furnace Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, the people to shout all lowly. Unexpectedly is three grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan!” Li Tianjun slightly frowned, he knows that person is Shen Xiang, he feels greatly somewhat accidentally, because these herbs are very rotten, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can build up three grains with the so quick speed, moreover compared with their these famous Dan Immortal quick a little.

Although is only a point, but that means that Shen Xiang has surpassed their limit! Many Dan Immortal earnestly size up Shen Xiang, what person wants to have a look at this is. Ten Five Elements Profound Dan!” Shen Xiang said that the sound is somewhat quick, he now is very earnest, because he wants to obtain that small cauldron furnace very much. In Earth Level High-Grade Dan, Five Elements Profound Dan has pill to be largest, although the refinement difficulty is very big, but to Shen Xiang is not anything, therefore he chooses this type. Very smart little brat, early knows that I also hold pill furnace, this perhaps compared with you quickly.” Old woman smiling stands in Shen Xiang behind, said with a laugh. Hugs pill furnace is coming up time , is concentrates the instance that pill completes, truly can the remaining little time, see Shen Xiang this, numerous Dan Immortal also imitate. Shen Xiang attains ten Five Elements Profound Dan herbs, returns to own position fast, the old woman is also three grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, obviously the foundation of basic skills of this old woman is very strong. What Shen Xiang use is God Refining Technique, in addition he cultivates Divine Dao, can therefore build up to be many beyond expectation some pill. After that old woman is that Bixia Dan Immortal, afterward is Li Tianjun, afterward was his Junior Sister Shao Xuanyun, they had to choose Five Elements Profound Dan, there is Life Returning Pill. For does not make the alchemy master only choose to be the same, that side the royal palace adjusted herbs, Life Returning Pill herbs has been much better, but Five Elements Profound Dan this type pill are many, the herbs quality was very bad, moreover auxiliary herbs that gave was death Qi heavy, Spirit Qi was deficient. Therefore after some Dan Immortal attain Five Elements Profound Dan herbs, will change into Life Returning Pill immediately, because that herbs is not good.

Li Tianjun and Bixia Dan Immortal also has to choose Life Returning Pill! This person of naming? Examined that deep conceal does not reveal.” He Pei Qing said to old man. His named Yu Gang, should be a fictitious name, perhaps is very difficult to look up.” That old man said. Can use quality very bad herbs, builds up three grains at the shortest time , the level of displaying far exceeds these Dan Immortal, therefore Shen Xiang has immediately brought to the attention of many Big Shot. Shen Xiang knows, if must take first, cannot hide one's incompetence by remaining silent, here Dan Immortal were too many, he does not put out the strongest level, perhaps is hard to contend with them. Three grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, moreover upper level the quality, I hear previous Shen Xiang when Sacred Dan World attended the competition is also one furnace three grains, moreover peak quality!” Long Huishan said that in the distinguished guest theater box that she is at has several old man, although white-haired, but actually emits a pure white multi-colored sunlight. Right, at that time that competed I to look at scene, at present is this person Shen Xiang?” Yan Zilan wears the purple women's clothing, sits side Long Huishan, the beautiful eyes water looks at that water jar pill furnace. Supreme Elder, you can from this person see that a point what does come?” Long Huishan looks that hair braves white light old man, asked respectfully. On this old man face does not have what wrinkle, fairly is similar to baby is ordinary, but also has the ruddy color, but his whole body is very old aura, that feeling resembles him is the person who lived innumerable carrying, the whole body is passing the thick plain air/Qi.

He does not have the dantian or is I could not feel that his dantian, the flame is Five Elements Heavenly Fire and a fiercer flame back and forth alternately changes, the pill furnace internal change is very strange wild is very very unstable, but also is very orderly, he is not using Refining Simulation Technique alchemy!” That old man strokes the white long eyebrow that has let fall, that profound eyes glittering surprised ray. Can induce to him on has Dragon Force? Is Suppressing Devil Holy Power? On Shen Xiang has these aura.” Long Huishan also asked. Cannot, I not induce his dantian, therefore unascertainable.” That Supreme Elder shakes the head saying: But this gives me a very fearful feeling, when his heart beats each time, the association makes me feel that this Heaven World will be destroyed!” This...... Can determine that he is Shen Xiang?” Long Huishan very much wants to see Shen Xiang now, the way of but actually not having related. Cannot!” That Supreme Elder shakes the head to say. Yan Zilan said with a smile lightly: Huishan, you wait again, now just started, I also thought that he will certainly come, he likes joining in the fun so much, can this matter be short of him? But he does not facilitate to come, you should understand his present situation.”