World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1336
Shen Xiang starts to refine first furnace Five Elements Profound Dan, but he just started the moment, sees these famous Dan Immortal to take out from pill furnace in abundance refines good Earth Level High-Grade Dan! What's the matter? Are they so how quick?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, these Dan Immortal before refines Earth Level Low-Grade Dan so is not quick, but refines Earth Level High-Grade now time, was quicker than him, especially Long Family that old woman, built up furnace Five Elements Profound Dan all of a sudden, there are three grains of these many. Their pill furnace, these Dan Immortal refine high Immortal Dan time, the time of requiring is very long, therefore in their pill furnace majority have to shorten the time time formation, they had not used a moment ago, possibly is because has not thought that these many Dan Immortal levels so are high.” Su Meiyao said. Long Family Dan Immortal is most noticeable at this time, because she uses very disappointing Five Elements Profound Dan herbs alchemy, a furnace can leave three grains, these refine Life Returning Pill Dan Immortal are also only a furnace can leave two grains, but the speed of that old woman therefore was also slower than other alchemy masters. Li Tianjun and Bixia Dan Immortal these were needless saying that the speed was quick, was almost puts in herbs shortly, can turn on the cover to take pill, that speed made many alchemy masters of surrounding suck the tongue secretly, this was the level of high level alchemy master. A Shen Xiang furnace has not refined, others have refined two furnaces, before he also received many people to commend, but shortly, has been overshadowed, because these Dan Immortal use the strongest strength at this time, blossoms in radiant splendor, has covered him completely. It seems like their is in the robbing first three positions, pill who only then first three can be refined oneself, no one wants to give He Pei Qing pill who these refine.” Su Meiyao said: You must a bit faster, this way, the first three not your shares.” However Shen Xiang is very still calm, in this tension-filled atmosphere, everyone alchemy master, Dan Immortal or Dan Ancestor, appear worry, is only he to give people a very calm feeling, has not come under the influence of that atmosphere. Shen Xiang refines Five Elements Profound Dan attentively, Long Xueyi helps him observe that several Dan Immortal to progress. These herbs qualities are very bad, do you want pill more with every effort?” Su Meiyao asked that she thinks Shen Xiang will pick up the speed immediately.

Um, now cannot use bringing auxiliary herbs, therefore I can only pour into the flame Soul Creation Fluid, this can supplement Spirit Qi to spirit herb, so long as I maintain, my furnace can refine many grains to come.” Shen Xiang said. „When I refined Five Elements Profound Dan in the past, most peak is four grains, five grains are very relaxed to you, you refined before time is also a five grains of furnace!” Su Meiyao said. My furnace five grains of times has not learned God Refining Technique, but now...... Hehe.” Shen Xiang smiles. Su Meiyao took a deep breath, she nearly forgets that God Refining Technique gently, before Shen Xiang used God Refining Technique, has surpassed the limit actually, a furnace refines four grains of Life Returning Pill to come, but now Shen Xiang is so self-confident, understood at a glance that he must surpass the limit. „When that Long Family Dan Immortal third furnace Five Elements Profound Dan, only then two grains, it seems like she is also at a loss to these tattered herbs.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, she has the absolute confidence to Shen Xiang, she believes that Shen Xiang can certainly enter first three. If builds up six grains, that He Pei Qing definitely will begin to have suspicions to you, because initially you refined Life Returning Pill time is also this.” Su Meiyao said. When the time comes again said that in brief I did not acknowledge that's it.” Shen Xiang had planned that lets loose the hand to go to alchemy, otherwise is hard to win these fierce Dan Immortal. Shen Xiang cannot use Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, otherwise his speed will be also faster, but he knows that these accelerate formation to have a malpractice, consumes strength of alchemy master. Li Tianjun most cares is Shen Xiang, because he knows that Shen Xiang has to surpass the limit the ability, but now he has refined three furnaces, a Shen Xiang furnace has not actually completed, this makes him somewhat have doubts, but he does not suspect the Shen Xiang's ability.

Good!” Shen Xiang opens the eye, turns on the cover slowly, but at this time several Divine Sense immediately project, afterward more than ten Dan Immortal also emit Divine Sense to examine his result. After the cover opens completely, that more than ten Dan Immortal change countenance all, because they investigate in Shen Xiang pill furnace to have six grains of quality excellent Five Elements Profound Dan! These alchemy master first responses do not believe that thinks Shen Xiang has cheated, but they actually cannot find the evidence to prove Shen Xiang to cheat, moreover that six grains of Five Elements Profound Dan truly were the outlets just, they are Dan Immortal, will not misread absolutely. Six grains......” that Supreme Elder fierce standing up of Long Family, looks six grains of Five Elements Profound Dan that Shen Xiang pill furnace float comes out slowly. At this time on arena had many alchemy masters to turn head to look that several Dan Immortal stop alchemy, the whole face looks at Shen Xiang shocking. He Feng and He Pei Qing fathers and sons frowned immediately, because before , in their No. 6 shop swallow Grandmaster is also such fierce, can surpass the limit pill, but now that uses the water jar pill furnace alchemy person, obviously be fiercer than that swallow Grandmaster, with inferior herbs one furnace six grains, this point does not conform to the common sense. Shen Xiang puts in that six grains of Five Elements Profound Dan a jade box, reorganization next herbs, from beginning to end, he is then calm, not, because attract attention to affect the condition, he probably acts in a completely informal or uninhibited manner now like that! After suddenly peaceful watching a sports contest seat silent short time, erupts a discussion the explosion sound, many people indicated to be unbelievable, many people think that Shen Xiang was cheating. Shen Xiang uses Soul Creation Fluid to recover these herbs, this does not calculate in he opinion cheats, because have also consumed, moreover that is own strength, if cheats, acceleration pill furnace of these Dan Immortal uses, aren't cheats?

Now these many people are staring at him, if he cheats, definitely cannot escape the eyes of that many expert. At this time has more people to look at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has not come under the influence, is reorganizing his herbs earnestly, he refines furnace top others to refine three furnaces, impressive does not lie in this, but is his herbs can build up three herbs values, if later high level pill can also like this, then such alchemy master will be certainly popular. Now is also competing, even if He Pei Qing many questions, cannot pass to inquire, but Shen Xiang knows that later this Wang Kending can look newly his. Supreme Elder, can you refine five grains?” Long Huishan asked. Cannot, I most be five grains, if refines with that inferior herbs, is four grains! This person absolutely is a rare talent, does not know that is apprentice who who teaches, I can determine that he does not use Refining Simulation Technique, but is uses other methods to refine.” That old man strokes must say steadily.