World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1337

Shen Xiang does not refine a furnace to reorganize herbs now again, but reorganizes completely herbs all of a sudden, therefore others refined a furnace. When the people finally he reorganizes herbs, plans to look at his alchemy from beginning to end, look can see that a point anything comes, or is looked that he is cheating. However, Shen Xiang unexpectedly holds big pile of herbs, investment that water jar pill furnace in altogether, this made the people look silly, alchemy time most abstained from that was greedy, this type one time put in many herbs, the idea that a furnace completed was each alchemy master has to think, even many alchemy masters have attempted, but was very difficult to succeed. This fellow acts unreasonably , if failed too many herbs, cannot receive again, when the time comes can only withdraw from the competition.” If he such fought steadily like before, came step by step, can perhaps the good positions, but, the failure, was nine herbs.” The people whisper, discuss spiritedly, but Shen Xiang very strong flame, has burnt that paint black water jar pill furnace to blush, moreover at this time his there is also filling strength of the rich stars. It is said this pill furnace named Seven Stars Precious Furnace, inside has one Seven Stars Heavenly Fire, can absorb the strength of everywhere stars to strengthen the flame, but uses the intense flame to build up herbs not to have the big use altogether, instead also very easy explode pill furnace.” He is not using Refining Simulation Technique probably, the Refining Simulation Technique flame aura should not be so fierce!” „Does he have other means to refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan? What method is?” Shen Xiang that pill furnace was red, everyone could see that inside flame is fearful, but goes to alchemy with this way, in many person eyes is not feasible, the fierce flame, refines nine herbs all of a sudden, saw that cannot succeed.

With Long Huishan together Yan Zilan, she looks at this time is lost in thought that she incomparably affirmed now that person is Shen Xiang, but she has not said that this is her intense intuition. Liu Meng'er looks at the eye not to wink, she somewhat worried that Shen Xiang that was burnt red pill furnace to meet suddenly to blast. Has not thought that this pill furnace appearance is not much, but so is fierce, inside flame should be Five Elements Heavenly Fire.” Song Ying acclaimed one: Worthily is Punishing Demon Summit inside thing, is really out of the ordinary.” Ying'er, inside may not only be Five Elements Heavenly Fire, fiercer flame, but this person back and forth replaces the use two types of flame, words that does not observe attentively, is very difficult to discover. Some unexpectedly people can control two types of very strong flame!” Liu Zongyu exclaims. This is really an outstandingly able person, if not Divine Blade Immortal Palace showed that pill furnace is they sells, I am very difficult to believe that this person is not in Punishing Demon Summit, has in Punishing Demon Summit to be many this outstandingly able person.” Wu Canghong said. Fierce is not only so, that pill furnace should be he just bought shortly, but he such quickly controls that well, it seems like he is frequently controls certainly the high level magic treasure immortal tool person.” Liu Zongyu looks at Shen Xiang at this time steadily, in the people eyes, Shen Xiang is closes one's eyes to sit there, both hands paste are entering the hot mouth release flame. Many well-known Dan Immortal on arena feel a pressure at this time, if they had been led by an obscure person, in the heart definitely does not feel better. Here many Dan Immortal have very strong flame, however refinement herbs rank is very for them low, the use flame that heartily they cannot have one's wish, in the heart definitely very much stops up.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: This possibly is a God Refining Technique another merit, can make the alchemy master release the flame to go to alchemy fully, does not use the hands tied feet tied, can make people spiritually feel a crispness!”

Shen Xiang approves of the Su Meiyao's words very much, he thinks now very happy . Moreover the enhancement flame that he also keeping, lets the strength of inside that Seven Stars Heavenly Fire ingestion all around stars heartily, strengthens his pill furnace flame. Burns heartily!” In the Shen Xiang heart was crying out, attacked these spirit herb medicines to work with Divine Power crazily, quick built up to turn into herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi large quantities of herbs. Loses into massive herbs pill furnace, then concentrates in pill furnace pill, a furnace completes, before Shen Xiang, has succeeded many times, here he must use Heaven Refining Technique as well as his formidable Divine Power, otherwise is hard to achieve. In order to obtained that cauldron furnace, Shen Xiang has been ready for any sacrifice, showed completely own strength, this was only first, but the following these competitions, might be disadvantageous to this low level alchemy master very much. Other Dan Immortal also no longer pay attention to Shen Xiang, the centralism spirit goes to alchemy, if had been surpassed by this nameless junior, their faces may probably lose in a big way. Before Li Tianjun, had expected that Shen Xiang greatly will shine the brilliance here, but has not thought that is fiercer, he who he suspects although competes with Bixia Dan Immortal, but only obtains first, can explain that he defeats that Bixia Dan Immortal, therefore his present also has not the small pressure. Many Dan Immortal secretly are hoping the following rule can be partial to Dan Immortal, because they saw that Shen Xiang's cultivation base is not high, is only the Immortal rank, possibly cannot refine Immortal Dan Dan Immortal, moreover he gives back to a person very young feeling, the people think that he most can only refine Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan. Shen Xiang that red Big Dipper explode pill furnace suddenly is gradually gloomy, moreover is swaying slightly, understood at a glance that must concentrate pill! Before many people think that he will be defeated, but has not thought that can insist that for a long time, moreover must concentrate pill, in everyone very curious pill furnace exactly had anything, unexpectedly can enter to this manner congealing pill's stage.

Shen Xiang's Divine Power vast like sea, emerges in Big Dipper exposed, turns into the sharp knife blade, that big rolls the cyclone that condense gets up to divide 54 groups evenly, respectively will compress then together, the fast geostatic pressure becomes grain of pill pellet. Nine herbs, 54 grains of pill, is equal to each six grains, Shen Xiang has regarding this control self-confidently! Shen Xiang lifts the Seven Stars Precious Furnace cover, people only sees piece of pill pellet to float densely and numerously, glittering the clear light, that rich medicine fragrant is similar to gust all around disperses likely, that extremely high quality, making in many Dan Immortal hearts acclaim secretly. 54 grains, are nothing more or less, six grains!” Long Family Supreme Elder took a deep breath. But now quickest that Dan Immortal, refines eight, but Shen Xiang has actually completed ten, altogether refines 60 grains of Five Elements Profound Dan, the speed is fastest! Regarding this person, the people can only describe with the monster, not only this rare talent at this time is surprising, but makes people feel the fear, pill furnace that because he uses does not have the time to accelerate formation, this explained that he also has very big potential. Shen Xiang takes that box of Five Elements Profound Dan to graze on the stage, making these old man inspect, simultaneously received ten Five Elements Profound Dan.