World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1338
From beginning to end, the Shen Xiang forcing plans these Dan Immortal, but now leads, he obtained 180, even if following that comes up Dan Immortal of receiving in exchange score, perhaps has the 1st Stage disparity with him, because his herbs pill measures, is equal to others 2-3, unusual savage. In Liu Meng'er that in the distinguished guest theater box watches, the look is doubtful, because she saw the Shen Xiang's shadow from that person, in her memory, Shen Xiang, when the alchemy big game, always displays extraordinary alchemy technique repeatedly, technique startled four, but now at present this person also so, making her suspect that is Shen Xiang. Zilan, I remember that you and I have said many times, my younger brother in Alchemy Competition, so was once sight, right.” Yan Zilan that Long Huishan looks at be in a daze to that. Um? Shen Xiang? Right, initially I watched the competition in side, his alchemy technique is truly wise, leaves pill quantity as well as the alchemy speed, including the quality, is peak, he in alchemy, always pursues the peak peak, looks like he is competing with others, is actually more like he and competes.” Yan Zilan Youyou said: Now here that person probably is also this, the surrounding environment does not have any influence to him, he immersed in joyfulness that probably, in oneself and compete.” This is Realm! Similarly is the competition, with the words that others compete, in the heart is only thinking other opposite party good point to have won, if competes with oneself, then must defeat beforehand, is equal to must surpass own limit, if can achieve, then does not win the opposite party so to be little simple, this person to has not resulted in first finally, but same is the winner.” That Supreme Elder said that this lets Long Huishan and Yan Zilan again and again nod approval. Said that this person and Shen Xiang did look like very much? Really is the fellow who that love stirs up trouble?” The Long Huishan opening eye looks at the Shen Xiang's back, looks at her appearance, wishes one could immediately rush over, clutches Shen Xiang to ask that understands. Should be he, if you have watched several times his competitions, you understand that he displays his strength at this time thoroughly, this condition could not conceal.” Yan Zilan long implored the one breath: Some of he also many symbolic alchemy technique, if forced to display, when the time comes his status definitely could not conceal.” My Long Family guarantees certainly him, he is my righteousness younger brother, is my obligation person, has fought valiantly my this, does not permit anybody to move his hair!” Long Huishan said. That Supreme Elder nodded: Is Dragon Emperor is a little formidabe, he here, he for Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, any matter can do now.” After Shen Xiang attains ten Five Elements Profound Dan herbs, reorganizes, all invests in pill furnace, if 100, he definitely also will fill, such speed can be faster.

At this time some Dan Immortal worried secretly, because the Shen Xiang's alchemy speed was really too quick, they worried that herbs will be built up. The He Pei Qing time is staring at Shen Xiang, does not let off any clues, moreover he deeply suspected that Shen Xiang on the same day that enters in the royal palace Punishing Demon Summit alchemy master, if is really this, that Tianshan Sacred Fruit also has relationship with him. „Does father, have the means to pry this person? After this competition ended, will rest a double-hour, or we in that time fight?” He Feng gives He Pei Qing sound transmission. „It is not good, that will affect our reputations, all waited for the big game to end said again that now we do not have the evidence, moreover this person of unknown origin, if there is a fierce influence to support to him, had the conflict with us, was disadvantageous to us, we just won the throne, Yuan Qi damage severely, this stage must avoid with other influence conflicts as far as possible.” The He Pei Qing response said. Shen Xiang's pill furnace blushes quickly, with such, the people does not dare to have any suspicion to the result a moment ago now again, before Shen Xiang's succeeded, has subverted the common sense, has shocked all people, now the alchemy master who watches in the ringside, steadily was staring at Shen Xiang, these famous Dan Immortal were neglected by them, because they want to study anything, but they do not have to the present 1 : 00 harvest. little rascal, Dragon Emperor here, you are careful.” Huang Jintian in the distant place to Shen Xiang sound transmission, before he also by Shen Xiang's alchemy technique frightening, him had suspected really teaches Shen Xiang alchemy technique that person to stem from Punishing Demon Summit. I did not fear that I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean.” Shen Xiang should say with a smile. Good brat, if has had an accident, when the time comes scolded that Dragon Emperor one to run again, thinks to think satisfying.” Huang Jintian happily said with a smile. Long Family that old woman has also completed ten, she also calculated well, ten Five Elements Profound Dan refined 25 grains, obtained 75, score in second, but had very big disparity with Shen Xiang, therefore her complexion was not very attractive . Moreover the pressure somewhat was also big, because she by little rascal pressing stubbornly.

Not is only she, but is all Dan Immortal, Li Tianjun and that Fire God Palace's Bixia Dan Immortal hand over pill time, the score that counts at third fourth, Li Tianjun 72, be in the lead for more than three points compared with that Bixia Dan Immortal. Then is Shao Xuanyun with Bixia Dan Immortal same is 69, but 66 has more than ten Dan Immortal to be the same, obviously these Dan Immortal are almost fierce. However compared with Shen Xiang that 180, insufficiently looked radically that unexpectedly links others half not to achieve, 23 scores add compared with Shen Xiang, this disparity these Dan Immortal complexions send slightly green, they are Dan Immortal, moreover well-known, is chief Dan Immortal of strong side abundant influence, but is actually stepped on by a very high stance by others now under the foot, is hard stand up. Most alchemy masters have completed first time ten herbs, has not thought that the score will have such disparity, that person is really fierce, if his second furnace also succeeds, the disparity will get bigger and bigger, this was only just started.” Wang Weiquan looks at Shao Xuanyun, said with a smile: Yun'er as a new person, can have this position is good, can fight to a draw with Bixia Dan Immortal.” Old Wang, hasn't Xiangyue come? She is your apprentices, even if not attend the competition, should cheer.” Liu Zongyu asked. He just said that hears some people to knock the door of their theater box. „Speaking of, this definitely was the Xiangyue girl, this girl does not know where went wildly, now comes.” Wang Weiquan opens the door immediately, was really Hua Xiangyue comes. Master!” Hua Xiangyue comes, tenderly smiles shouted. After Hua Xiangyue walks, salutes to Wu Canghong, Liu Zongyu and Song Ying hastily, because they are the elders, although looks like and she is equally young.

„Is little girl, what with us polite? Qianqian? How she has not come!” Song Ying asked with a smile. She is closing up, she is very diligent.” Hua Xiangyue was saying, arrives at side Liu Meng'er, arrives at that to see by the window of below conference site clearly. Hua Xiangyue wrinkles the willow eyebrows saying: I a moment ago was because looked that fellow alchemy looked is lost in thought that therefore has not come up.” Xiangyue, you are alchemy, what view do you have to this person?” Wang Weiquan asked. Hua Xiangyue silent half sound, Youyou tunnel: „It looks like Young Martial Uncle very much!”