World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1339
A Hua Xiangyue so saying, making Wang Weiquan they surprised, Hua Xiangyue's Young Martial Uncle naturally was Shen Xiang. You said...... Does this person look like Junior Brother very much?” Wang Weiquan knows certainly that Shen Xiang is a alchemy rare talent, but heard that has not seen personally. Song Ying notes own daughter not to feel surprised, obviously probably knew was the same, she arrived at side Liu Meng'er, asked: Meng'er, do you also think?” Liu Meng'er nodded: So long as you have seen time his alchemy, understood, when his alchemy that manner and this person can say exactly the same.” But now is unascertainable, although Young Martial Uncle always likes stirring up trouble, but how he should very clear present here be the situation, before hearsay Dragon Emperor came back, but he had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, definitely gave careful consideration to if wanted to come.” Hua Xiangyue said. „When this person of alchemy is truly out of the ordinary, his appearance probably is entertaining to be the same, has not come under the atmosphere influence of entire arena completely.” Wang Weiquan feels the chin saying: If he is really my Junior Brother, then Xuan Yun doesn't fall behind his big truncation? Xuan Yun is his Senior Sister!” If the teacher's wife lost her Junior Brother, she will be what kind of?” Hua Xiangyue asked curiously, on the face is having mischievously the smiling face. The Wang Weiquan facial color is serious: She lost knows.” When they discussed that outside transmitted noisy shouting, Shen Xiang opened pill furnace, this time, the Shen Xiang one breath refined ten Five Elements Profound Dan, left the pill 60 grains, this control strength, making in many Dan Immortal hearts admire secretly. The Shen Xiang's score has amounted to 360, presses in that batch of Dan Immortal hearts to refrain from speaking the one breath, wishes one could a palm to pat broken Shen Xiang that water jar pill furnace, letting him to continue to refine. If they pat really broken, Shen Xiang does not use pill furnace, can refine, that is also one of his unique skills.

Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country these elders the forehead is infiltrating the beads of sweat at this time, this starts less than half double-hour, has refined that many herbs, but this competition can continue for day a night! Now Shen Xiang returns vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, looks at his appearance, as if can fight bravely continuously for seven days seven nights! Started to compete a double-hour, Shen Xiang altogether has refined 60 Five Elements Profound Dan, amounted to 1080, each was six grains of Five Elements Profound Dan, were not many much. Second is Long Family that old woman, 432, Shen Xiang be more than more than one time her score! Third and fourth continuously occupies by Li Tianjun and that Bixia Dan Immortal, sometimes is Li Tianjun third, sometimes is that Bixia Dan Immortal third, they fight for very intensely, score also only compared with second little. Fifth is Shao Xuanyun, she is stable, moreover other Dan Immortal always compared with her little a little difference. The day was quickly black, people still full of enthusiasm watch the competition, to the night, nobody leaves arena, but Shen Xiang savage as always, flings by far other Dan Immortal. Ten double-hour pass by, Shen Xiang altogether has refined 600 Five Elements Profound Dan, he has refined, moreover Five Elements Profound Dan does not have many to dare to touch, because the quality is very bad, but in Shen Xiang, can actually the pill six grains! Dawn, had ended from the competition shortly, but on score list that just renewed, Shen Xiang had more than 10,000 points, situated in first, shows disdain for the outstanding heroes, but these Dan Immortal have also been familiar with, the people were also numb, Shen Xiang now in their eyes, is a alchemy madman! Time!” He Pei Qing shouted.

What first is Shen Xiang, this without a doubt, second is Long Family Dan Immortal, Long Peirong, is that old woman. Third is Li Tianjun, fourth is Bixia Dan Immortal, fifth is Shao Xuanyun, this is rank from the beginning, but is only the score is different to behind. Although Bixia Dan Immortal took fourth, but her complexion is light, has not revealed any mood, shrewd is very deep. Although Shao Xuanyun has not entered first three, but she to herself was very satisfied, because of her can other forcing Dan Immortal. „Before first three can come up to take you, pill who builds up, but has not entered the first 1000 friends, please on own initiative leave the field.” He Pei Qing said. Although first three can take away these pill, the sum total that but on the Ten Thousand Refinements pill master refines are many, Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country has not owed. Everybody please first rest, second will start after a double-hour, will announce when the time comes also the rule, can disclose, is at the appointed time only then ten alchemy masters can enter the final decisive battle.” The He Pei Qing words make many Dan Immortal hearts shake. Now remaining thousand alchemy masters, majority are the high level alchemy master, Dan Immortal are most, but only ten quotas can enter the final finals, competes for first! Now what can determine, here will have at least five alchemy masters can not have the pressure enters the final finals, is first five! However Shen Xiang does not believe that because this first competition is favorable for him, pill of refinement is not too high level, if Heaven Level pill, there is middle-grade High-Grade, he had the pressure. If is really Young Martial Uncle, is perhaps disadvantageous to him!” Hua Xiangyue knits the brows: Then according to the normal advancement, pill who refines is high level pill, low level pill cannot make these Dan Immortal display the most high level surely, but Young Martial Uncle is very young, he cannot refine high level pill, heard that he most also can only refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan.”

Ten thousand pill Immortal King did not plan that delivers oneself that treasure Divine Cauldron, therefore he will certainly cause one seems like very fair, but to the Dan Immortal advantageous rule, enabling their Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country several Dan Immortal to push in that ten quotas, finally attacks first, like this he will not lose Divine Cauldron.” Wu Canghong said with a sneer: This competition, although does not allow to hold the person participation of side, who does not know that this inside has Dan Immortal that he sends.” little rascal, that incomplete is Divine Cauldron very important? Looks at your appearance, probably must be ready for any sacrifice!” Huang Jintian sound transmission inquiry. Is very important, you later understood.” Shen Xiang has the Dan Emperor map, if he can find that Divine Cauldron cover in that place, that is complete Divine Cauldron, he wants to obtain this Divine Cauldron, on the one hand also to rebuild Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon prepares, he had anticipated after collection uneven Four Beast's Divine Weapons, will be what kind. I also think that you are used to boil dragon soup!” Huang Jintian said with a smile, that Divine Cauldron inner space was big, can melt the Body Refining very big thing, this truly was a very mysterious place, Huang Jintian also wants to have this smelting very big space magic treasure. „The Xiangyue girl also came, I saw her to stand in the conference site a moment ago look was very long, then went to the distinguished guest theater box, should go with your Eldest Senior Brother their round, looks at her appearance, probably recognized you to come.” If Hua Xiangyue comes, can recognize him is very normal, he has not thought outside haughty.