World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1340

The relaxation time only then a double-hour, alchemy Master Men eats up some pills to supplement that at this time beforehand loss, a double-hour are few regarding them, but competes must challenge the limit of alchemy master like this. Below starts to announce the rule, many Dan Immortal know that the following rule definitely is favorable for them, like before, not enabling them to have an ability spatially, but actually cannot display completely, made a nameless junior step on their heads. Some formidable Dan Immortal somewhat arrogance, Shen Xiang in their eyes is a strength including the person who Immortal Monarch has not achieved, does not have the Immortal Monarch strength, means pill who refinement is impossible too high level, supports is also only Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, to refine Immortal Dan to come, that is not easy, has the talent to be insufficient, but must have certain strength. Before Shen Xiang had inquired, this competition should not appear refines the Immortal Dan situation, even if Heaven Level High-Grade Dan possibly few, because these are quite precious herbs, is no one can take, naturally, if organizer can take to give the participating alchemy master to refine, that but actually is also fair. Shen Xiang is somewhat anxious, but he believes that so long as in the competition has pill who can suit him to build up, he will not lose! He Pei Qing gets on the stage, took a fast look around below alchemy master, said slowly: Then is going to start the second competition, now I say the rule first.” On the scene has many Dan Immortal, before that competition somewhat made them feel aggrievedly, moreover everybody definitely will not think satisfying, because is only Earth Level pill.” This competition still adopts the way of score rank, but with previous time has very big difference! Earth Level pill who so long as can refine the excellent quality, a grain can receive in exchange for a point, but Heaven Level pill Low-Grade Dan is 50 points one grain, Heaven Level middle-grade is three percentage one grain, Heaven Level High-Grade Dan is 1000 one grain.” But, Heaven Level pill's herbs is limited! If everybody wants to obtain limited Heaven Level pill herbs, waits for first respectively to refine furnace Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan with own herbs, arranges according to one grain of 50 points, score highest can obtain certain amount of herbs.”

If cannot obtain Heaven Level pill's herbs, can use own herbs to attend the competition, the score said a moment ago, moreover pill who refines is also his.” He Pei Qing sees many alchemy master complexion some not to be unattractive, said: Now can time of double-hour collect herbs to everybody, if the choice refines Earth Level pill, we can provide massive herbs.” A Earth Level pill grain of talent point, but a Heaven Level High-Grade Dan grain on 1000, a furnace can refine two grains of words is 2000, is equal to the Earth Level pill 2000 grains! The fools adopt to refine Earth Level pill, refines Earth Level pill not to be impossible to win, if refines Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, grain of 50 points, the speed is faster, can catch up with these to refine Heaven Level High-Grade Dan. Is the choice refines one grain of three percentages Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan. Shen Xiang complexion some are unattractive, although he early has the preparation, but by this rule being mad. This has made not to have the status Earth Level pill, obviously this in view of his, here besides him, perhaps other alchemy master too many complaints, especially now cannot collect herbs. Can alchemy master who comes to here to attend the competition, has the background, herbs definitely also has, in any case refines with own herbs, pill is also his. Almost all alchemy masters left the conference site, only, only then Shen Xiang sits there, he does not have anything to collect, his Immortal Crystal are not many, the back does not have a powerful influence support, his Soul Creation Fluid cannot suddenly cause massive Heaven Level pill to come, to duplicate Heaven Level pill to need many Soul Creation Fluid, now radically without enough time. „Don't you collect herbs?” He Pei Qing sees Shen Xiang to sit there is motionless, then asked.

I do not have Immortal Crystal.” Shen Xiang returned to one lightly, then asked: If can enter first three, these pill can oneself take away right?” If with own herbs refinement, no matter any position can take away, if enters first three, is useful our Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country herbs alchemy, then can take away.” He Pei Qing after seeing Shen Xiang does not have no foundation, otherwise already collected herbs now, he wants very much clearly is the alchemy master, along will not carry massive herbs on the body, because maintains herbs also to need the plans, will otherwise make herbs lose massive Spirit Qi. How many then your Earth Level herbs does have? If insufficiently I do refine? This what to do?” Shen Xiang also asked that listening to him such to ask that knows he must go all out to refine Earth Level pill. Before he had said did not have Immortal Crystal, can see that he was coming participating, now also only then refines the Earth Level pill's life. Playing time is 12 double-hour, I thought that our Earth Level herbs enough you refined 12 double-hour continuously, if you can refine all our Earth Level pill in 12 double-hour, but the score cannot enter first ten, I gave you an exceptional case, making you make an exception to enter the final finals, moreover these pill were also your.” He Pei Qing said seriously. He Pei Qing has the self-confidence to own Earth Level herbs, one has not refined in large numbers, that was they accumulated many years, but had much is some rotten herbs. Shen Xiang beforehand refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan, 12 double-hour refine more than 4000 grains, but that Five Elements Profound Dan herbs has consumed, already not many.

If chooses other Earth Level pill, perhaps he leaves pill's quantity to reduce, but these refine Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, a grain on 1000, can say that can obtain very high score with ease, regarding these Dan Immortal, Heaven Level High-Grade Dan at is not anything. The people thought that gives the Shen Xiang two days of time, is very difficult to enter first ten, when these Dan Immortal refine Heaven Level High-Grade Dan speed also very savage, in addition present time formation had in a big way progressive, when refines high level pill can rapidness. little rascal, if wanted do I go to steal a Heaven Level pill to you? The fools can calculate that refines Earth Level pill to lose.” Huang Jintian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, this matter looked, did not need to calculate. Master, if I can enter first ten, how gives back to me the beforehand that bird leg? If I lost, I give you again a bird leg.” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. I am not dry!” Huang Jintian is not stupid, Shen Xiang is so confident, definitely has other any means wins, he also feels relieved now. Before He Pei Qing just said that can collect herbs, many distinguished guest theater box inside people in abundance left, went to make massive Heaven Level herbs with the quickest speed, many influences stockpiled many.