World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1341
Solitarily where that broad stadium only then Shen Xiang sits, many people suspected that he fast has not possibly refined the high level pill ability, therefore does not do to struggle, plans dead to knock on Earth Level pill. Hibiscus paternal grandmother, you, if refines Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, how long furnace needs?” Long Huishan releases is pulling the arm of that old woman affectionate. Before Long Peirong, was also attacked by Shen Xiang on arena unbearably, but was now happier, she said with a smile gently: „A two double-hour furnace, furnace two grains do not have the issue, in 12 double-hour can refine 12 grains absolutely, that is 12,000, if that brat refines Earth Level pill, refines 12,000 grains in 12 double-hour, Hehe, even if Pill Saint arrives, is unable to achieve such matter.” Peirong, cannot treat it lightly, that before present, can forcing your this crowd of Dan Immortal, absolutely not be accidental, that is he accomplishes depending on the real skill, this competition was unfair.” That Supreme Elder reproved severely. Father, I knew.” Long Peirong received the smiling face. In nearby Yan Zilan heart dark startled, she has not thought of this so fierce grandma, the unexpectedly also father, is Long Family Supreme Elder, she is first time knows that Long Family has that Supreme Elder, but before was considered Long Family strongest was also only Long Peirong, the strength and alchemy technique were top, it is said can also use the Sacred Level flame. Imperial Dragon Clan alchemy master also in field, but he is very low-key, has not brought to others' attention.” Long Family Supreme Elder said. Is that young people appearance, the body has the air/Qi of very thick Holy Dragon, should be Holy Dragon . Moreover the strength is also very strong, quick can become Dragon King, he is very evidently young.” The Long Peirong nod said. If Shen Xiang knows that Long Family has the so fierce character, he will be very certainly surprised, now he is resting, and has eaten up several grains of Primordial Dan, seals the efficacy in the dantian, he worried that and other insufficient True Qi goes to alchemy. Heaven Level High-Grade Dan is difficult to refine, a grain can trade 1000 is very normal, but regarding cannot refine the Heaven Level High-Grade Dan person, some are unfair. This competition is appearance Dan Immortal, the low level alchemy master also joins in the fun, this is the well-known matter.

If low level alchemy Master to come attended the competition, shouts is being fair, this radically is the joke, because this competition does not prepare for the low level alchemy master. Teacher's wife, you are resting well, collects the herbs matter, made Master they complete.” Hua Xiangyue hee hee smiles tenderly, is pinching the shoulder of Shao Xuanyun. Shao Xuanyun by the chair, ten shares was given her to massage by Su Meiyao, at this time Liu Zongyu, Wu Canghong and Wang Weiquan left, collects herbs for her. Only then Song Ying, Liu Meng'er as well as Hua Xiangyue these females also stay here. Aunt Xuan Yun, has not thought that you are so fierce, can pat before.” Liu Meng'er admires looks at Shao Xuanyun, because in the past Shao Xuanyun was also a Chenwu Mainland's alchemy master, has not thought that now can like the big progress. Your mother is not bad, if competes refiner anything, your parents definitely will be among the best!” Shao Xuanyun said that sighed slightly: „Compared to the first that monster, I was the difference was too many, but the following competition was very probably disadvantageous to him, he did not plan to refine Heaven Level pill probably.” Liu Meng'er looked at Hua Xiangyue one, hints Hua Xiangyue to tell Shao Xuanyun something. Master, has a matter not to know that should tell you.” Hua Xiangyue somewhat hesitated, because had not determined that now that person is Shen Xiang. Do not rub gently, you do not know that I most don't like others this?” Shao Xuanyun pursed the lips, said. We suspected that arranges the first fellow to be possible is Young Martial Uncle......”

Ah? Shao Xuanyun jumped from chair, the whole face looks at Hua Xiangyue inconceivable: „The fellow is my...... Small Junior Brother?” Hua Xiangyue spits the tongue: Is very likely.” Shao Xuanyun wrinkles the delicate eyebrows, she thinks that immediately feels relieved smiles: If this fellow is really small Junior Brother, waits for me to make him experience my fierce, I am his Senior Sister, certainly cannot lose to him.” This matter must keep secret, Young Martial Uncle he now very danger(ous).” The Hua Xiangyue urging said. I am not stupid, I am certainly clear, really the hope am he, has not thought that my first time met with this small Junior Brother, unexpectedly direct indirectly has compared notes.” Shao Xuanyun appears somewhat happy. Song Ying chuckle: But you have actually lost to him, but also suffers a more disastrous defeat.” Young Martial Uncle is really pitiful, does not have Heaven Level herbs, does not know how he must be able to enter first ten.” The Hua Xiangyue pupil is bright, she is Shen Xiang's female slave, moreover turns Yun Guo with the Shen Xiang duplicate rain multiple, the body and mind was already occupied by Shen Xiang, but she not reveals that emotion to come in front of Shao Xuanyun and Song Ying, will otherwise be looked very much easily. First what returns to stadium is one looks like very young man, on the face is bringing proud look, when walks the step to make Shen Xiang think where has probably seen. This is Holy Dragon, if alone does not see him here, I cannot discover that has not thought this fellow is a alchemy master, moreover hides very much deeply.” The Long Xueyi's sound is bringing unusual dignity.

At this time arena was more spatial, some Dan Immortal can also choose the quite far place, but the region of Shen Xiang choice is farthest from the onstage, in arena behind, there does not have the alchemy master. Because the Earth Level pill's score was lower, can therefore one time receive 500, I believe that everybody can arrive at this stage, little meets the alchemy failure, I do not need to worry that everybody will waste our herbs.” He Pei Qing also returned to arena, how he wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to win actually, because in people eyes, this is the absolutely impossible matter. Was similar to Long Peirong said that even if were Pill Saint arrives, perhaps was hard to strive to turn the tide, only if Shen Xiang also refined Heaven Level pill! Shao Xuanyun has attained massive Heaven Level pill herbs, she passes through from Shen Xiang intentionally, massive one this might be his small Junior Brother person carefully, but she cannot see anything to come, but she actually felt that Shen Xiang any nervousness, has not closed one's eyes Jing Jing (quietly) to sit there, as if fused with the world generally, that calm and composed appearance, makes people feel that actually has a style of person of high skill. little brat, don't you have Heaven Level pill's herbs really?” Li Tianjun to Shen Xiang sound transmission, he knows that Shen Xiang can refine Heaven Level pill, he only thinks somewhat was a pity that cannot witness Shen Xiang to refine Heaven Level pill. Does not need to be worried my, I had the countermeasure.” The Shen Xiang response said. Now many Dan Immortal think otherwise to Shen Xiang, but only Li Tianjun knows that Shen Xiang that deeply does not see the bottom the potential to be fearful, although was the rule has limited him, if he can break through the limit, can win to his disadvantageous rule under this type, then absolutely was a huge progress.