World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1342
The second competition formally has not started, the present is these Dan Immortal refines Primordial Dan, fights for few Heaven Level herbs that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country provides, Shen Xiang in behind of this group of alchemy masters, he looked at all around, position that he is, all around is spacious, he intends to choose this place. Shen Xiang looks at present this group of alchemy masters, in the heart helpless sighing, he also wants to strive, but he on refining Heaven Level pill, will be perhaps more inferior than with these Dan Immortal, at this time alchemy the crowd of Dan Immortal, refines Heaven Level pill time, can display own majority of strength, even if Primordial Dan, they can also regard Earth Level pill to refine it, speed very rapidness. But Shen Xiang exhausts fully, is unable to compare with them. If they do not use pill furnace inside that time to accelerate formation, perhaps also has the opportunity.” Su Meiyao said: Now formation of this time was getting more and more fierce, compared with before us that time had very big progress, especially these time formation.” Sister Meiyao, if you refines Heaven Level High-Grade Dan fully, how long you do need to refine a furnace? Leaves pill several grains?” Shen Xiang inquired, he wants to forecast now these Dan Immortal strengths through this. About four double-hour a furnace, compared with is good to refine, two grains are not the issues, if the present uses these time formation, it is estimated that can complete within three double-hour.” Su Meiyao thinks that replied. Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan one grain is 50 points, middle-grade is three percentages, differs very big, from this can also see that the Middle-Grade Dan refinement difficulty be much bigger than low-grade, but Heaven Level pill can have 1000, is very normal, Heaven Level pill's herbs is quite rare, Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country is impossible to provide too, if other alchemy masters must refine, must result to leave . Moreover the refinement difficulty is also very big, the time of requiring is long. First what refines good Primordial Dan is Long Family Dan Immortal Long Peirong, to present Shen Xiang does not know that this Long Peirong is any background, only knows that she is Long Family, but from Li Tianjun and other Dan Immortal looked when Long Peirong complexion knows that her origin is very big. Long Peirong obtained three Heaven Level High-Grade Dan herbs, but Dan Immortal that second completes actually stems from the anticipation of many people, unexpectedly is a youth, is that Holy Dragon that Imperial Dragon Clan sends, he obtains two Heaven Level High-Grade herbs. The third person is Li Tianjun, he since previous time has lost to Bixia Dan Immortal, after being stimulated, there is not a small progress. Fourth is that Bixia Dan Immortal, she same has resulted in Heaven Level High-Grade herbs with Li Tianjun, as well as three points of middle-grade herbs, fifth is Shao Xuanyun, but sixth is the Shen Xiang very familiar person, Du Hai!

Du Hai did not have the position at former that competition, but does not mean that his strength was very bad, moreover he came on behalf of Sacred Dan World participating, it is estimated that he also collected massive Heaven Level herbs a moment ago. What seventh is Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal, his body has strength of the thick Suppressing Devil. But other three can obtain the herbs person, Shen Xiang did not know, but he notes these three Dan Immortal to receive herbs the time, has the exchange of look with He Pei Qing, he guessed that this is Dan Immortal that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country sends. Cannot obtain the herbs alchemy master somewhat to be regrettable, but before them, leaves has prepared sufficient Heaven Level herbs, therefore on many Dan Immortal faces full is self-confident, they think that can have the opportunity to push in first ten. 1000 level extremely high alchemy masters, only then ten can enter the final finals, competitive power very big. „The alchemy master who now needs to receive Earth Level pill please come up to receive, then I will announce that the competition starts.” He Pei Qing looks at Shen Xiang saying that because only then he is the choice refines Earth Level pill. The people suspected that before, but has not thought that some unexpectedly people choose to refine Earth Level pill, grain of one point, went all out to refine, cannot stand off these to refine Heaven Level High-Grade Dan Immortal, this is the road that must lose. However Shen Xiang actually quickly walked. Some of your also how many Five Elements Profound Dan?” Shen Xiang asked. 3000 this!” old man replied.

Most can only receive 500? Other alchemy masters have not received now in any case, can make me receive more one time?” Shen Xiang asked. You build up to lead to be also same again, can your time refine over a thousand?” That old man despises asks: Your that pill furnace cannot fill that many!” He Pei Qing said: One time can only 500, this is the rule that before set, we will leave the pill three grains to calculate according to your herbs, statistical total time, if discovered that had the failure to be over ten, then you must leave the field.” 500 500!” Shen Xiang sighed, many people do not understand that he one time wants that many to do, nobody can one time refine that many. Shen Xiang takes 500 Five Elements Profound Dan herbs that storage pouch is thinking to return to own position. Ten thousand pill big game second, start now!” He Pei Qing said that a guy sounds a big gong, after one, all alchemy masters put in herbs pill furnace immediately, these herbs unexpectedly already processed. Few Heaven Level herbs that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country provides are also so, Earth Level herbs such that but he receives, not only the quality is bad, but also some above also fully occupy many trash and soils. Very short time, these Dan Immortal entered the alchemy condition, but Shen Xiang all but actually comes out that 500 herbs that he receives, main herbs are not many, what are many are massive auxiliary herbs, the pile becomes a small hill. The people see Shen Xiang to put these tattered herbs, immediately has the headache, let alone has refined, even if the reorganization will be clean, makes people feel to have a dizzy spell. A grain of talent point, will enable the alchemy master not to have what power.

However Shen Xiang actually hurries these herbs there very careful cleaning up, he has not felt troublesome, on the face does not have other not happy expression, instead is self-confident, moreover is having a fervor in inside. Although the quantity are many, but the speed of Shen Xiang processing is also quick, is very careful, after he reorganizes, with a difference not mostly double-hour, but some people these days have actually practiced a furnace, but that is only Heaven Level low-grade. Must start!” Hua Xiangyue somewhat excitedly said: If he is really Young Martial Uncle, then you will certainly see one that you can never forget!” What happened?” Wang Weiquan asked curiously. I do not know, but he if , to win by this situation, he must result to use some fierce method.” Hua Xiangyue said. I want unable to think that wins with Earth Level pill? A grain of talent point, even if before him that alchemy speed, is unable to enter first ten, first ten inside Dan Immortal are very strong, moreover now refines Heaven Level High-Grade Dan.” Song Ying said.