World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1343
Shen Xiang not immediately alchemy, but closes one's eyes, does not know that he is doing, at this time, unexpectedly so was leisurely and carefree, resembles him is not attending the competition to be the same. Is Shen Xiang, looked at then his performance, only then Shen Xiang can use that mysterious alchemy technique, now he also only then depended upon that type alchemy technique that made people unable to imagine to be able at this competition to win.” Yan Zilan looks at Shen Xiang with rapt attention, the sound is bringing an excitement. Li Tianjun, Du Hai, Long Peirong and Shao Xuanyun are paying attention to Shen Xiang here at this time, Li Tianjun knows that is Shen Xiang, but other three people are unascertainable, but if the Shen Xiang's words, they cannot treat it lightly. „Is he doing? Why Immortal Qi was suddenly rich?” The He Feng startled sound asked. In this ten thousand Dan Immortal palaces had to absorb Immortal Qi large formation, but has not revolved now, massive Immortal Qi that but wells up at this time, make many people surprised, because this Immortal Qi revolves around Shen Xiang. Huang Jintian knows that Shen Xiang must come, he alerts immediately, he was worried after Shen Xiang and other exposed status, some people will get rid to him. Shen Xiang opens the eye, two golden light project from eyes, afterward sees only many herbs to float, as if there is intelligence to be ordinary, combine together! Very strong Divine Power!” Wu Canghong changes countenance saying that he is cultivate Spirit, Divine Power that but Shen Xiang releases at this time has actually shocked him. This Divine Power...... is Imperial Dragon Clan?” Long Huishan publicizes this eyes, her also cultivate Spirit, but just started. He is not Imperial Dragon Clan, this is he cultivates!” That Supreme Elder also feels surprised. Shen Xiang with massive Divine Power, controls these herbs to float, then composes, this need very big consumption, therefore he can only absorb massive Immortal Qi to enter the body, maintains does not make him consume many strength.

The Imperial Dragon Clan person is shocked, because in this world unexpectedly has humanity Divine Power to practice this situation, this makes them be vigilant secretly. 500 herbs float, arranges very neatly, forms a circle to revolve Shen Xiang, now Shen Xiang that Seven Stars Precious Furnace does not use. Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, Divine Power in Divine sea wells up suddenly crazily, turns into 100 Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, each Illusionary Brilliant Furnace wraps five herbs! Must want to refine Earth Level herbs fast, he also can only use Heaven Refining Technique inside Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique! The Shen Xiang both arms shake, see only the five colors multi-colored sunlight spout from him, that unexpectedly is massive Five Elements Heavenly Fire, under his control, very accurate enters in these Illusionary Brilliant Furnace! After Five Elements Heavenly Fire that hundred Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside herbs, probably pile of fuels, Shen Xiang releases flutters to above, burns instantaneously the raging flame, he started alchemy at this time! Really is he, only then Young Martial Uncle understood that uses this move, but beforehand quantity not that many!” Hua Xiangyue excitedly said. Other people looked scared, before Shen Xiang these time uses Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique and different, because currently he has used God Refining Technique, but in his opinion actually almost. Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is transparent, the human eye cannot see, therefore these herbs probably are baseless is at this time same in the refinement, has not used pill furnace, can actually alchemy, moreover is one time refines 500 herbs, although is only Earth Level pill, but that 100 groups are burning at this time Five Elements Heavenly Fire herbs, various brilliant light glow that sends out, have made the people look dumbfoundedly.

The entire match was being covered by these light glow, after herbs meets the flame, inside multi-colored sunlight is similar to the sunlight general spout release, different herbs release different light glow, usually was covered this beautiful ray by pill furnace, but now completely is actually demonstrated by Shen Xiang. These Dan Immortal on the scene, all shock, some of their alchemy many years, however such alchemy way or the first time saw, before, they want unable to think that thinks Shen Xiang will not pursue, but Shen Xiang actually has given them now very tremendous pressure! Really attractive, no wonder before him, has been confident!” Wang Weiquan astonished half sound, was exclaiming in surprise said. Has not thought that alchemy can also such build up, now looks like, he enters first ten hopefully, to he very disadvantageous rule, probably does not have the big use now!” The Liu Zongyu whole face is also surprised. Xianxian this little girl always so is no wonder self-confident to Shen Xiang, moreover she had added Shen Xiang participates in the words of this competition, even if not win, can use the fiercest alchemy technique shocking audience.” Song Ying persuaded. Long Huishan laughs, because she had determined that now this is Shen Xiang. If Grandma Long has lost to this little rascal, does not know to be able life Qi/angry.” Long Huishan said with a smile. Divine Power, has not thought that he can utilize such splendidly Divine Power, these herbs were not smelted baseless, outside these herbs, has visible pill furnace, this pill furnace is Divine Power condense, moreover is stable, will not let inside herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder reveals.” That Supreme Elder is very excited, over the face red light: Moreover this is Divine Power that release, the flame can also worm one's way into very much with ease, inside all are also very easy to be controlled by oneself!” Does not know really he does think? Hadn't I thought of such alchemy before? In this case, refined some low level pill not to need pill furnace, if controlled well, refined that many like him all of a sudden, in a short time can build up a large quantities of pill to come.” Before Shen Xiang, has used this method in Sacred Dan World, has also used in Emperor Heaven, therefore some Heaven World people also early have hearing, at this time some big influences started to doubt his identity.

In the auditorium also starts to pass on this matter, even if not know person who Shen Xiang fact, at this time also had the understanding, if this person is really Shen Xiang, then the conflict definitely will appear. On Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, can cause many big influence great war, Divine Blade Immortal Palace, Imperial Dragon Clan and Suppressing Devil Temple wants to obtain this blade. On Shen Xiang also has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, that is also the Suppressing Devil Temple's thing, but powerful Demon and Devil, most fears these things to fall into the immortal to say in expert, therefore they certainly will also compete, otherwise that will incur very serious loss to Demon and Devil. In addition, on Shen Xiang also has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, Primal Chaos Fire Token...... This little rascal is really is fat flows the oil, wants to snatch him including me.” In the Huang Jintian heart is laughing in one's heart. Shen Xiang takes so big risk now , after to obtain that Divine Cauldron, he gives careful consideration, thought that Divine Cauldron worth makes him take risk. But complexion ugliest is He Pei Qing He Feng this fathers and sons, if Shen Xiang can enter first ten, these herbs are equal to giving in vain to Shen Xiang, that is their, especially when sees Shen Xiang these tattered refined into massive quality excellent pill, in the heart wishes one could own Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country also to have such a talent alchemy master.