World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1344

In theater box that Fire God Palace that crowd of Immortal King are, Monarch Qiong beautiful jade complexion ice-cold, to outside arena shouted: Shen Xiang and Demon Empress Lu Qinlian relationship is significant, before Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace presented Black Blood Devil Sunflower, but when great war of ten thousand pill 20 palaces, big Prince He Feng had also been attacked by this type of toxin, was very dubious. Perhaps on him also has Primordial Strange Poison.” Old demon woman, I said that also has had reached adulthood, you shout like this do not want to make others know that you were plotted against by Primordial Strange Poison remnantly! In any basis, you have not made slanderous accusations against others, but your Fire God Palace extracts the Fire Spirit matter little not to do forcefully, no wonder Fire God Palace will accept your this old demon woman, because Fire God Palace is in itself also a Evil Devil influence.” What speech is Long Huishan, she now is Long Family female Dragon King, obtains her of Ice Dragon inheritance, the strength is immeasurably deep, has enough energy. Huang Jintian also shouts at the top of one's voice saying: How many Immortal King Fire God Palace was not that sends to go to Mortal World to dominate, was similar to the stray cur same get lost? It is said this is Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean vigorously counter-attacks creates, their this time baseless and irrational concoctions are not strange, because before they rob others, always finds an excuse of directly and honestly, for many years, was robbed the Fire Spirit person by them is also this.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade was said is dumbfounded, they have truly eaten very big owing in Emperor Heaven, lost Immortal King, as well as good good seedling. Now Heaven World many people look like, Emperor Heaven is a world of mortal, but Fire God Palace so cannot withstand there, therefore is regarded as the laughingstock. Fire God Palace has bitter not being able saying that because in that Emperor Heaven has expert that hides, for example Subduing Dragon Sect that Great Elder, is terrorist, can rumble to kill a Imperial Dragon health/guard instantaneously, and has met with Dragon Emperor, Dragon Emperor also knows that mysterious Great Elder is terrorist. Is displaying Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique alchemy Shen Xiang, at this time has not come under too many influences, because he already had to prepare, he only goal is to enter this competition now first ten! Your real Shen Xiang? I am Shao Xuanyun, is your Eldest Senior Brother Wang Weiquan wife, Huang Jintian is also my Master, if you are the Shen Xiang's words, then you were my Junior Brother.” Shao Xuanyun gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. I early knew, Master and I have said that but I should be your two Senior Brother am right, you acknowledge as teacher compared with me late, right Junior Sister?” Shen Xiang responded with a smile.

You...... My age is older than you, moreover I and Master knew very much long time ago, when I and your Eldest Senior Brother gets married Master management, therefore I am your Senior Sister.” Shao Xuanyun has not thought that own small Junior Brother unexpectedly regards as her is Junior Sister, lets in her heart somewhat angry. Little Bald and Little Featherhead have Xiangyue, didn't shout me for Martial Uncle? This is the custom, you late acknowledge as teacher compared with me, is my Junior Sister, moreover before me, that competition has also won you, I am qualified for enough your Senior Brother!” Shen Xiang is smiling the response. Shao Xuanyun has not thought that Shen Xiang can also such with ease intertwine with her at this time this issue, but now Big Shot of these big influences may stubbornly stare at him, wishes one could a sword handle he to assassinate, wins his thing. „It is not good, I could not accept, you must make my Junior Brother!” Shao Xuanyun is unable to refute Shen Xiang, can only act shamelessly. Junior Sister, earnest alchemy, otherwise you and other were left behind.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Shao Xuanyun tenderly snorted, she has not thought that this Junior Brother such does not coordinate, had recognized that she was Junior Sister, this made in her heart not be feeling well very much, she decided after and other competitions ended, discussed this issue with him well. Shen Xiang that hundred Illusionary Brilliant Furnace light glow is gradually gloomy, complete contraction together, many people saw him to release very fierce Five Elements Heavenly Fire to burn down these herbs a moment ago a moment ago, but these herbs have not actually exploded, this conforms to the common sense very much. That side Fire God Palace has not quarrelled with Long Huishan, otherwise and other Long Huishan will say the Fire God Palace ignominious matter, making the Fire God Palace's reputation not better.

Must concentrate pill!” Hua Xiangyue said: This fellow is really Young Martial Uncle, he dares such to take risk, should go to that Divine Cauldron.” Each Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside progress and change are exactly the same, this synchronization makes the people admire secretly, now the people have experienced to simultaneously refine 500 herbs scenes, moreover does not need pill furnace to refine, just started the people very shocking, but afterward they carefully look at Shen Xiang pill furnace inside change, they think that high studies anything. Shen Xiang has used almost time of double-hour, builds up herbs, at this time concentrates one group of cyclones, but this group of cyclones were divided 30 grains by him at this time! Sees this, the people know that takes a furnace to leave the pill 30 grains, in each furnace five herbs, but in this case, can maintain the quantity does not reduce, this makes the people feel that he is living Pill Saint. The Shen Xiang's consumption is also huge, because he when alchemy, but must pour into some Soul Creation Fluid to integrate in the flame, moreover controls hundred Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is not the easy matter, let alone uses God Refining Technique, consumes Divine Power and True Qi are many. start to condense pill, Shen Xiang compressed these Qi ball to contract with Divine Power, congealing gradually becomes pill pellet, but at this time is also ray very intense time, the people can only see one dazzling light groups in the distant place, is unable to see inside detail. Before suspected person who he cheated, at this time had not suspected that because of Shen Xiang with transparent Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, how making the people see him clearly a furnace to refine many grains of pill. This lets the place that the person compares to admire, when these Dan Immortal alchemy depends upon to accelerate formation, therefore the speed was faster, but Shen Xiang has not used, a contrast, the people thought so that these Dan Immortal on the scene are well below Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang can only refine Earth Level pill.

He Pei Qing looks at these pill gradually condense, in the heart is very very uncomfortable, because according to Shen Xiang this speed, must build up his herbs is not the issue, although abandons herbs, but after Shen Xiang turning treasure, they will see to be will be grieved. Even though does not favor Shen Xiang on the rule, but Shen Xiang told the people with oneself extraordinary alchemy technique, the rule cannot defeat him. Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that dazzling light glow vanished, in each furnace Jing Jing (quietly) float 30 grains of quality excellent Five Elements Profound Dan, but this altogether is 3000 grains, 3000 like this succeeded in obtaining! In addition front processed the herbs time, Shen Xiang altogether has used -and-a-half double-hour, but this still refined the score that Heaven Level High-Grade Dan Dan Immortal obtained more than these! Shen Xiang takes this big pile of Five Elements Profound Dan to walk, received 500 herbs in that complexion unnatural old man there.