World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1345
In the very disadvantageous situation , can still obtain such high score, this is Shen Xiang depends upon oneself that strange its technique alchemy technique to counter-attack certainly, again suppresses numerous Dan Immortal. Shen Xiang is reorganizing these herbs, reorganizes 500 herbs to need a period of time, but he can also resume a moment ago that huge loss while these days, absorption Immortal Qi that at this time he keeps, will transport the merit to build up fast, simultaneously built up Primordial Dan under former clothing/taking, making oneself quicker the restoration. Refined 100 furnaces at the same time a moment ago, was huge regarding the Divine Power consumption, Five Elements Heavenly Fire that he used were also many, had very tremendous pressure in the True Qi aspect, he had repeatedly this alchemy experience luckily, he can very good control loss. Regarding the Shen Xiang present status, many Big Shot are unascertainable, because does not have what evidence to prove that he is Shen Xiang, although his alchemy way and that Shen Xiang look like very much, but between Heaven and Earth is so big, has the same alchemy technique person not to have anything to be strange. Although is unascertainable, but expert of these influences decided after and other competitions ended, encircles Shen Xiang, asked that understands. Shen Xiang reorganizes that big pile of herbs, passed half double-hour, but at this time that Long Peirong has refined furnace Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, two grains, moreover is the excellent qualities, has received in exchange 2000, but has actually been short compared with Shen Xiang 1000, but also slow half double-hour. Before Long Peirong, thinks one can result in first at this competition ironclad, who knows that Shen Xiang actually uses that mysterious alchemy technique. Second you should be first, just the final competition, the rule definitely will aim at your, when the time comes will be more difficult.” Su Meiyao said. When the time comes again said that in brief I will compete for that Divine Cauldron with every effort.” Shen Xiang displays Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique once more, releases hundred Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, starts alchemy. Although has been separated by half double-hour, but sees Shen Xiang this unique skill once more, the people still feel to shock, looks at that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace steadily, carefully is observing the pill furnace internal change.

Now is not the Shen Xiang's limit, if he can receive some herbs, he can refine is more, therefore before , he wants to strive to be able more than a time to receive, but that He Pei Qing has not permitted. This time, Shen Xiang unexpectedly previous time was quicker, but used a double-hour to congeal the pill success merit, with previous time was the same, was still 3000 grains of Five Elements Profound Dan, he currently had 6000, second Long Peirong has been short 4000 compared with him. Has not thought that Imperial Dragon Clan that small Holy Dragon is so fierce, he placed now third, it seems like currently he also had very tremendous pressure, was worried that cannot enter first ten, therefore did not hide the strength.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang feels very accidentally, because Li Tianjun and that Bixia Dan Immortal arrange behind that Holy Dragon, but the Shao Xuanyun position also fell behind, Du Hai catches up in front of her. „Before your Imperial Dragon Clan, appears has understood the alchemy dragon? Very fierce that!” Shen Xiang inquired. „It is not clear, the memory in my memory inheritance not this aspect, but I thought that should have, but are not many, because our dragon likes eating directly.” Long Xueyi said. After Shen Xiang receives herbs comes back, looked at that small Holy Dragon, his suddenly discovered before this small Holy Dragon, dies Holy Dragon Crown Prince shapes some in his hands. „Can this fellow be new Holy Dragon Crown Prince?” The Shen Xiang heart said: If, Dragon Emperor will not come.” Should not be, Dragon Emperor chooses Crown Prince to be rigorous, probably through secret method decided that own son does have into the Dragon Emperor potential, if now this alchemy Holy Dragon is Crown Prince, simply does not have the beforehand that Holy Dragon Crown Prince anything matter, shortly after that Holy Dragon Crown Prince was just born, the strength is very bad.”

Sits here with Holy Dragon that you compete, is Holy Dragon of Immortal Monarch rank.” Long Xueyi said. The Shen Xiang present alchemy speed was getting more and more fast, this makes He Pei Qing they clench teeth secretly, if Shen Xiang before the competition ended refines these Five Elements Profound Dan, definitely will be one's turn Life Returning Pill, Life Returning Pill herbs are many, moreover these herbs are the quality is good. If He Pei Qing knows that Shen Xiang has this heaven defying alchemy technique, definitely will subscribe to limit the rule of Shen Xiang display, now he started to calculate finally the rule of that finals. Shen Xiang reorganizes good herbs, starts to refine third group of pill, but these time differs from before that twice, this time he only emits 50 Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, a furnace refines ten herbs. If controls well, can make him save many strength, even can also be quicker. Sees Shen Xiang to reduce pill furnace, some people looked that he is carrying on attempts gradually, unexpectedly in the competition progresses little, making the person admire. The Shen Xiang's goal may not only refines these Five Elements Profound Dan, these Life Returning Pill now are also his goal, but he must a bit faster completely refine now first Five Elements Profound Dan all herbs, after letting he obtains the high score, he dares to refine other pill. Reduces Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to 50 pill furnace, this can make him not need to release too many Divine Power to control, can make him more relaxed, such one, he can also release many stronger Five Elements Heavenly Fire, builds up these herbs fast. Therefore his present speed was faster!

Illuminates him now this speed, perhaps half double-hour can refine 500 Five Elements Profound Dan, if after him, refines Heaven Level pill is also this speed, then was really too fearful.” That Supreme Elder exclamation again and again: Receives the inspiration of this brat, after I go back, must close up well, can look toss about this building up law.” Long Huishan happily said with a smile: Supreme Elder, this brat is the Shen Xiang's words, I can make him teach you, he is my younger brother.” This does not use but actually, his building up law is not possibly suitable, even if teaches to me, possibly I cannot learn, this type of thing tried to find out that is quite good, although some difficulties, but that is most suits own.” That Supreme Elder shakes the head smiles. Shen Xiang has really used half double-hour, completely turns into pill pellet that 500 herbs, in each furnace 60 grains, float, is similar to that side the airborne stars, is sending out the dim ray. The playing time passes four double-hour, but Shen Xiang actually refined 9000 grains of Five Elements Profound Dan, perhaps this was in history in most in a short time the alchemy master who refined these many pill. Shen Xiang 9000, participating numerous Dan Immortal had a dilutedness, before Shen Xiang was also so savage occupied seizes first, now is also so . Moreover the this second competition was powerful to their these alchemy masters. In unfair situation, Shen Xiang still by extremely high score high standing in first, this makes in these Dan Immortal hearts secretly ashamed. Shen Xiang takes that group of pill who was just refining to receive new herbs, after Shao Xuanyun there, gives her sound transmission to say with a smile: Junior Sister, must try hard!”