World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1346
Shao Xuanyun opens the eye, white his eyes, she now was also quite famous Dan Immortal . Moreover the strength was also very strong, must make her recognize Shen Xiang is Senior Brother, she was hard to accept. However, the Shen Xiang present score truly be higher than compared with her, moreover two competitions both are, especially this, in the very advantageous situation, still maliciously was being pressed by Shen Xiang, she embarrassed again shouted that now Shen Xiang was Junior Brother, by Junior Brother distant leaving behind, she could not be accepted, if were Senior Brother, possibly made her feel that was more natural. Shao Xuanyun no longer thinks that she knows herself, so long as maintained now this condition that's alright, stable display, even if cannot take first, can the good positions, after all she in one crowd of Dan Immortal, be very young. Five Elements Profound Dan remaining 1500, in other words, Shen Xiang again has only refined three times to be able it to build up completely, according to his present speed, processes the herbs time in addition, is three time's matters. Now Shen Xiang is not participating to compete, but in crazy alchemy, because these pill refine are his, but Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country planned preserves many years of herbs to take these, making a troop alchemy master help refine some, now Shen Xiang is helping them refine actually, but was actually not their. Looks at Shen Xiang now so anxious appearance, like must refine completely Earth Level pill who Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country provides, so massive pill, if takes to sell, is large sum of money Immortal Crystal, Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country now quite in giving Shen Xiang. Three double-hour pass by, Shen Xiang very punctual build up the light remaining Five Elements Profound Dan herbs completely, now when his altogether 18,000, the first competition lead following Dan Immortal more, behind these Dan Immortal hopelessly have done him, so long as can enter first ten to be good. Really, now Shen Xiang starts to have the idea of Life Returning Pill, he received 500 Life Returning Pill herbs. This Life Returning Pill herbs quality is so good, did not need to cope with Five Elements Profound Dan like before to use energy!” In the Shen Xiang heart is liking secretly, now also five playing times of double-hour, he must strive to refine some Life Returning Pill much, he does not certainly bring to use, but takes away to sell, he lacks Immortal Crystal very much. Other Dan Immortal refine Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, most limit perhaps is also be only 12,000, is unable to surpass Shen Xiang, now has been able to confirm Shen Xiang is this competition first, moreover he returns vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger now, but can also continue alchemy.

You refine Life Returning Pill a furnace to refine four grains, that He Feng and He Pei Qing know, you on the same day pill four grains in ten thousand pill Buildings, but causes not the small stir, if they see your one furnace four grains, perhaps will recognize that you were that swallow Grandmaster.” Su Meiyao said. Did not fear, after I obtain Divine Cauldron in any case, my Master will immediately take away me, I believe that the strength of this old lunatic, the later matter lets him do what he pleases, so long as I walk, nobody can find me.” Before Shen Xiang, has thought this issue, if he suppresses, furnace three grains, will perhaps not cause the suspicion of He Pei Qing. He Pei Qing lost Tianshan Sacred Fruit now, therefore they will care highly about this matter. They also do not have the evidence to prove are I, does not need to be worried.” Shen Xiang said. Reorganizes good Life Returning Pill herbs, Shen Xiang starts alchemy, 50 Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, in each are ten, with beforehand is the same, but at this time he grasped very well, did not fear that will be defeated. Father, if he can furnace four grains, be able to explain that he is that swallow Grandmaster?” He Feng asked in a low voice, he hated to that swallow Grandmaster, because initially was he brought that swallow Grandmaster, who knows that actually threw off him. Cannot, because that swallow Grandmaster building up method and he differs from, moreover we do not have the evidence to prove that he is swallow Grandmaster, but we well will certainly be staring at him.” He Pei Qing has looked at Shen Xiang. If this person is really swallow Grandmaster, that also explained that he is Shen Xiang, what if the beforehand Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said is real, many important matters that then in this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country has, is a Shen Xiang person does, before , Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit matter. Shen Xiang was familiar with Life Returning Pill, although first time utilizes this way to refine, but his pressure does not have, refined Five Elements Profound Dan to be the same with before.

He has used the time of difference not mostly double-hour, entered has congealed pill's stage, at this time the people opened the eye to look at that to roll Qi mist. Sees only of Shen Xiang that in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace big to roll Qi mist to divide 40, sees such one, the audience calls out in alarm immediately. Because this explained that Shen Xiang herbs can refine four grains of Life Returning Pill, but in some time ago, can achieve in that swallow Grandmaster that ten thousand pill Buildings presented that now person but who attended the competition, was actually the one breath refines 500. Life Returning Pill quite sells, the especially excellent quality, Shen Xiang uses this savage alchemy technique speed to refine at this time, that means that crash-bang Immortal Crystal will enter in his storage equipment. Father...... Certainly is he, that swallow Grandmaster certainly is he.” He Feng grips tightly the double fist saying: That Tianshan Sacred Fruit throughout matter is perhaps related with him, grasps to ask that him understands.” You are not young, can't steady? Initially swindled Tianshan Sacred Fruit person, in the hand is taking your Immortal Sword, moreover understood that the toxin of Black Blood Devil Sunflower, perhaps is demon scorpion Princess, your individual hear of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade insane old ladies talked nonsense.” He Pei Qing sound transmission reproved. But......” You thought that this fellow one breath refines 500 herbs, won't his back have a fierce fellow to protect? Perhaps in field, if we rashly move now, has the conflict, the scene chaos, we lose, but face.” He Pei Qing said. He Feng no longer spoke, but he actually recognized that this person was swallow Grandmaster, was Shen Xiang!

Young Martial Uncle gained, had the opportunity to cheat his one well.” Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted and said. According to this speed, Life Returning Pill and Five Elements Profound Dan can obtain one in large numbers, does not know how when the time comes he can let go?” Liu Zongyu said: Does not know that can make him sell a point to us Human King Immortal Country.” „, Young Martial Uncle very should not be black, in the past Eldest Senior Brother may be been maliciously black by him a ticket, now Eldest Senior Brother does not dare to do business with Young Martial Uncle.” Hua Xiangyue hurriedly said. Dongchen has also said this matter to me.” Wang Weiquan lightly smiled: My this Junior Brother also really refuses to acknowledge family at this matter.” „If Xianxian goes into action, he delivers has the possibility.” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile: You regretted that now has not brought Xianxian!” Hua Xiangyue also wants saying that actually Liu Meng'er, but she does not dare, must let Liu Zongyu and Song Ying knows that their daughter master and apprentice two were captured the heart by Shen Xiang, the consequence will be very possibly serious.