World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1347
The time passes by quickly, the contrast regarding the stadium above alchemy master, they even thought that the time is not enough. The Shen Xiang present rank naturally is highest, two extremely, he has now refined Life Returning Pill, a double-hour can also get so far as 2000, but then also four double-hour must compete to end. Long Peirong is still second, before her estimates is the same, her two double-hour furnace Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, furnace two grains, she refines eight grains now, there is 8000. But her following rank competes is intense, is very unstable, Li Tianjun and Bixia Dan Immortal as well as that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal are competing mutually, afterward is Du Hai, Shao Xuanyun and Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal competes, then surface is Dan Immortal that He Pei Qing sends. These fellows have many Life Returning Pill herbs, does not know how long they have stored up, has not thought that convenient I, four time of double-hour, have striven for one double-hour 500!” In the Shen Xiang heart chuckles to oneself secretly, even if he has not obtained Divine Cauldron finally, but the light is these Earth Level High-Grade Dan that he refined to obtain during the competition, can make him receive in exchange for massive Immortal Crystal. He wants Immortal Crystal mainly purchases some high level scarce herbs, when previous time he and others competes for Saint Beast Pill herbs, almost cannot struggle, finally has to trade with half Longevity Fruit, he does not want to meet this predicament again, he thought that if meets herbs that oneself settle on, pounds receiving in exchange massive Immortal Crystal, that is happy. Suddenly, playing time must arrive, but the Shen Xiang still stable display, controls very accurate, double-hour 500 herbs, making Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country these be responsible for managing elder look blue of herbs, especially sees Shen Xiang receives herbs grinningly the time, they always wish one could a Palestinian long-handled fan in the past. Soon had finished, that He Pei Qing looks at the hour glass, he wishes one could a bit faster the class to end, then stops, although he is the new king, but sees Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country to preserve massive Earth Level High-Grade herbs to be plundered like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, in heart in drop blood. Actually the primary cause also a little, is Shen Xiang's leaves pill quantity to be many, if refines to them, perhaps herbs at most is also only two grains of Life Returning Pill, but Shen Xiang is four grains, making the herbs value double, therefore they will be grieved. Be of great success! A Shen Xiang expiration, 2000 grains of Life Returning Pill complete, at this time, He Pei Qing made the person sound that big gong, had ended the competition.

Shen Xiang altogether refines 10,000 grains of Life Returning Pill, 18,000 grains of Five Elements Profound Dan, altogether are 28,000, ranks first, second is still Long Peirong, 12,000, altogether is 12 grains of Heaven Level High-Grade Dan. Third is somewhat surprising, is not Bixia Dan Immortal is not Li Tianjun, but is that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, fourth is Li Tianjun, fifth is Bixia Dan Immortal, sixth Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal, seventh is Du Hai, eighth is Shao Xuanyun, ninth tenth is mysterious Dan Immortal that He Pei Qing sends. Reached an agreement according to before, Shen Xiang can pill who oneself refined, this made many people envy the envy to hate, this was a large sum of money wealth, some people loved dearly for He Pei Qing, just became the king of Immortal Country, but reserve massive herbs were actually consumed by Shen Xiang most, was Five Elements Profound Dan and Life Returning Pill that should better sell. Has not entered the first ten alchemy masters to leave the stage, now everybody rests three double-hour, then continues the final finals, cannot leave arena.” He Pei Qing was worried that Shen Xiang fished a big ticket to walk, was worried that Shen Xiang went out of arena to be seized by others, in his heart also suspected certainly that Shen Xiang was related with that Tianshan Sacred Fruit matter, therefore he must grasp Shen Xiang. Now Shen Xiang in his Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, he as here king, how could makes others be in front of his to seize the person, Shen Xiang Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and these cultivation technique anything, he also wants certainly to obtain, that can make his strength promote a big section of thing. Shen Xiang sits there closed eyes is resting, but at this time that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal stood up, walked toward him. „The fellow is threatening, is finds fault evidently.” Long Xueyi said: „It is not really good I to get rid, collaborates to kill him with you, then makes your Master make you.” Meets Imperial Dragon Clan, Long Xueyi always wishes one could to kill them, Shen Xiang does not understand why Long Xueyi and present Imperial Dragon Clan have the so big hatred. Does not use, he does not dare to act unreasonably.” Shen Xiang said. Sees that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal to walk toward Shen Xiang, people at present one bright, knows that looked possible.

Now suspected that he is Shen Xiang, but cannot confirm that but this Holy Dragon pill Immortal Qi potential is agitated, evidently is because has Dragon Emperor to support in the back dares such to do, but He Pei Qing they do not plan to stop, they also hope that this Holy Dragon Dan Immortal can make anything to come, then confirmed that this person very much thinks. Shen Xiang sits there is motionless, still closes one's eyes, probably fell asleep was the same. „Are you Shen Xiang?” This Holy Dragon Dan Immortal is direct, arrives by him, directly asked. Shen Xiang has not answered, treats as has not heard, he thought that he does not need to reply. What oneself was everyone does not dare to say? What meaning do you live like this are having?” That Holy Dragon Dan Immortal said with a sneer, that pretty face full is a taunt. Shen Xiang only wants silent by right, but the opposite party provokes such ominously, he cannot endure again. Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile: „The beforehand competition, I have won you twice, you think that I do live am not having the meaning? But your my this type is not patching the person compare, but, why don't you quickly die? Wants me to deliver you a regulation?” Shen Xiang also delivered Holy Dragon dead in any case, had certain experience, does not fear again at present this killing. That Holy Dragon Dan Immortal is somewhat angry, but actually very much can calm down, compels to ask: „Are you Shen Xiang? You only need to reply that I am am also!” Shen Xiang stands up, the smiling face on face vanished, his coldly said: What thing are you? Why I must tell you!”

Saw Shen Xiang saying that in people heart worried for him secretly, unexpectedly dares saying that what thing this Holy Dragon was? But on others Dragon Emperor, perhaps is this Holy Dragon father. However, now the people are more definite, he is Shen Xiang, because only then Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, will not fear the dragon, moreover always does against with these dragons. Looks at Shen Xiang such, wants to get rid compared with that Holy Dragon. You...... Does not know......” The Shen Xiang suddenly ridicule, interrupts his words: Yo, but also thinks that you are very fierce, has not thought that must move the following backer, although I am very small and weak, but I have not handled this disgraced matter!” In that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal heart gets angry anxiously, walks Heaven World, moves really to have very big lethality back Imperial Dragon Clan and Dragon Emperor father's reputation, light the prestige can be scary, words that but moves now, that is a behavior of showing weakness, Shen Xiang ridicules him is also very normal.