World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1348
This Holy Dragon Dan Immortal is speechless at this time, he thinks at present this person will dread his, because of Dragon Emperor also here, moreover he is also Holy Dragon, who knows that unexpectedly will contradict so he, this makes him unexpected. Shen Xiang sits, closes one's eyes to continue to rest, that Divine Dragon Dan Immortal gets angry at this time anxiously, wants to get rid of a palm to massacre the Shen Xiang bang very much, he is enduring the one breath, turns around to leave, returns to own position, can see him is quite sane. Shen Xiang in any event in the presence of everyone will not acknowledge own status now, because must play in the finals immediately, he can obtain that Divine Cauldron quickly, if acknowledged now, perhaps will have something to keep him from participating. This fellow is makes fun!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: He thinks that all people will be afraid their Imperial Dragon Clan, thinks that he asked casually, you can the question and answer.” He should have little experience of the world, because of the Holy Dragon reason, therefore is arrogant, I think that he in Imperial Dragon Clan, should be also same.” Shen Xiang said. This fellow definitely thinks one keep aloof, therefore he will not go to this mortal world informed and experienced, his family background and he adolescence environment, what person is doomed he is, only if he afterward had a consciousness.” Long Xueyi knew about these Imperial Dragon. The present is relaxation time, thinks the play looked, who knows that Divine Dragon Dan Immortal unexpectedly has instigated, was choked by others several, disappointing the people. Most people on the scene determined that alchemy madman is Shen Xiang, because before , transfers the astonishing fact about Shen Xiang alchemy from Emperor Heaven, some the alchemy masters of influence know. They also want to take a look at this to found Subduing Dragon Sect at this time, what takes Tu Dragon as Dean of sect objective is, simultaneously they also want to take a look at that being well-known Nine Heavens Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Junior Brother, do not fear that I and your Eldest Senior Brother will protect your . Moreover the Human King Immortal Country king also came, the Meng'er parents, our strengths are not bad, definitely will not make you have an accident.” Shao Xuanyun felt that the atmosphere is somewhat tight, because all around was discussing how these big influences will cope with the Shen Xiang's matter. Many thanks Junior Sister, but I do not need you to worry temporarily, I already was prepared.” The Shen Xiang response said. Snort, can't you shout me Senior Sister?” Shao Xuanyun tenderly snorted and said. Hehe, can't you shout me Senior Brother? We are alchemy, reaches is the master, I make your Senior Brother should very entitled.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Shao Xuanyun no longer and Shen Xiang intertwines this matter, otherwise she thought that she and other will admit defeat , was defeated, in her heart does not want to work as Junior Sister of this little rascal head.

„Did Master also come? How haven't I seen him?” Shao Xuanyun asked. Came, Master is the same with me, has the troublesome person, therefore does not want to disturb the quiet life of your young couple.” Shen Xiang said. We did not fear that was disturbed, had him to feel relieved in me.” Shao Xuanyun sighed gently. Shao Xuanyun a moment ago alchemy time is also very laborious, therefore she only talked at random several to rest with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang very restores to be actually quick, he is relying on Yin and Yang Divine Veins in within the body, will absorb the Immortal Qi speed to be much quicker, in addition he eats up pills, quick will regain the peak condition. Roughly after passing a double-hour, in his mind suddenly presents the Long Huishan sound. „Is Shen Xiang, you? I am your Elder Sister Long!” Long Huishan asked. Shen Xiang had considered, then follows Divine Sense in mind to respond: Elder Sister Long, does not see for a long time, recently?” Long Huishan with the help of that Supreme Elder, can be away from large formation and Shen Xiang sound transmission. Smelly brat, arrives at Heaven World not to look for me, dislikes me to be not very fierce, under non- expert your this god of plague?” The Long Huishan beforehand expression is very gentle, but at this time actually becomes very wild. „It is not...... I planned that a person rushes, this has the advantage to me, thanks the elder sister to care that was right, Xiao Ling in your there how?” Shen Xiang inquired. She is your younger sister, is my younger sister, you do not need to be worried about her, I have given her grain of Dragon Pearl, now she is fusing Dragon Pearl in the deep sleep, when fused, her bodies and other aspects will have very big improvement, her was promoted the strength these malpractices also gradually to eliminate forcefully.” Long Huishan said: You? Isn't your present situation wonderful, wants me to go into action?” Does not use!” Shen Xiang said that but in his heart is actually warm, because also many people care about him.

Snort, you helped me that many, can't make me help you? If the competition ended, these big influences definitely meet surround you, when the time comes do you break through? At least our Long Family can help you make hole to run away.” Long Huishan said very much discontentedly, because she wants to help Shen Xiang really very much. Eldest sister, you look were good, waited to compete to end, I tossed about my matter, looked for you!” Shen Xiang said that even if Huang Jintian is not, he can also run away, he does not want to let Long Family and that many influences to, does not have the advantage to Long Family. Three double-hour time of rest quick on the past, now that broad stadium only then ten alchemy masters, they are going to carry on the finals. This is also Shen Xiang at this time anticipated that also somewhat worried, because that contest rule is not completely subscribes from the beginning, but before is each competition starts, announced that this makes Shen Xiang extremely discontented, before that contest rule, what is supposes in view of him, is unfair to him. Before performance was outstanding, at this time can arrive at these step not to be easy, a competition, can make known our final winners!” Now we announce the contest rule, our contest rules are always fair fairly, the third competition is also so!” „The third competition, was different from before, this competition we will adopt a furnace to decide the victory and defeat the way, this can enable everybody to be able more dedicated built up a furnace pill, can display completely oneself all strengths!” Compared with the words of quantity, nobody compares to result in Shen Xiang, therefore this third was not the dependence quantity won, this was equal to weakening the Shen Xiang's superiority. This final finals, are only fastidious about pill's quality, to let alchemy master wholly-absorbed alchemy, will not compete the speed and quantity, but is the competion quality!” Hears this saying, in the Shen Xiang heart sneers, because this is his forte, such one, quite in weakening his two superiority in aspects. Looks at the quality the words, this is not good to judge, because to our stages, has refined pill is the quality excellent.” Bixia Dan Immortal said. This is but actually not so, on excellent quality also has the peak quality.” Du Hai said. But everybody refines the excellent quality together comes, how can this judge?” What Bixia Dan Immortal said that is also in the people heart wants to ask.

alchemy time is to request everybody refines a pill? If refines high rank, will be unfair to the alchemy master who can only refine inferior goods pill, if refines low level pill, some alchemy masters are unable to perform well come!” Long Peirong said. He Pei Qing smiled , to continue saying: Issue that everybody said that I had already thought that before our Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country alchemy master, caused one to distinguish the quality immortal tool!” He Pei Qing has put out a disc, the middle of disc has the place that sinks, He Pei Qing above puts down grain of Earth Level low-grade, moreover quality extremely bad pill, only sees the indicator rotation on disc, then stays on three character. This grain of pill's quality has three!” He Pei Qing was saying, has exchanged grain of Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, the quality is also very bad, sees only that indicator rotation, stays in four above. Then He Pei Qing also makes the alchemy master who unexpectedly plays in the finals conduct the careful inspection, confirmed this examination quality other immortal tool not issues. They have tried, puts in various rank, moreover quality different pill, estimates with their hearts is same, but excellent quality in 50 to 70, including several grains of qualities extremely high can on to more than 80. That disc refers to a scale division, most also has 100. „If there is surpassed 100?” Shao Xuanyun asked. „The peak quality that our Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country seven Dan Immortal, refine, can 97, not present 100 at present, if hundred, have referred to transferring again, our Refining Master believe that 100 most peak.” He Pei Qing said. Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi inspect this immortal tool carefully, had not discovered that lets have the sign of relation with other people, therefore did not fear that He Pei Qing they cheat, moreover they do not dare, after all participates has Imperial Dragon Clan that likes competing, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple as well as Long Family these big influences.