World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1349
in other words, everybody in alchemy, can choose to refine oneself most adept pill, but herbs everybody should have, if not, can purchase from us, but finally judges through the quality value, everybody has also tried that immortal tool, value everybody who regardless of any pill, tests should be able to see.” So long as refines pill who oneself most excel, can build up the peak the quality, that is the great alchemy master.” He Pei Qing said. In the Shen Xiang heart relaxed secretly, he has not thought that this final finals are very fair, he very much has confidence to win now. immortal tool of that test we have, has not thought that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country can also make, should not have what issue, this is quite fair, it seems like Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country they in this manner, think finally they have confidence to their two alchemy masters.” Liu Zongyu said that then looks to Liu Meng'er, asked: Meng'er, that Shen Xiang in alchemy quality, fierce?” Is very strong, once refined the peak quality in Sacred Dan World, moreover is two grains, currently he definitely makes very big breakthrough in the alchemy aspect, but when that condition should not be can have! However if he must win, should have very big assurance.” Liu Meng'er said. Wang Weiquan said with a smile: Evidently Yun'er and Junior Brother have the exchange, makes their Senior Sister younger brother one high, said, I do not know really should hope who they win.” Refines any pill, is decided that therefore these is quite loose, but Shen Xiang decides to refine Primordial Dan, in his hand also has Primordial Dan herbs. Shen Xiang refines the quality to be best, is not the peak quality, but has had Holy Light pill! Regarding oneself, Shen Xiang has self-confidence very much, but other people did not think so, especially that He Pei Qing, he racks brains this to formulate such rule, because of such one, can letting other Shen Xiang and Dan Immortal distances enlarges. In the common sense, pill who Dan Immortal refines, when the quality certainly these Dan Ancestor Dan King are better, especially Dan Immortal very earnest alchemy, does not pursue the speed, does not pursue pill quantity, that is easiest to refine the peak quality. He Pei Qing stayed long time in Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, he has not seen to refine the peak quality Dan King and Dan Ancestor, but generally is Dan Immortal can refine.

Naturally, this rule is also partial to that two mysterious Dan Immortal that he sends, because that two Dan Immortal are good at refining the peak quality, hope that therefore also one puts together, moreover is two, if can take first, that Divine Cauldron did not need to hand over. The limiting time is also 12 double-hour, refines a furnace pill with 12 double-hour with single-hearted devotion, where definitely will not miss arrives, before the people saw the Shen Xiang this alchemy madman alchemy terror, but they compare to favor Shen Xiang that way, because the speed is fast, leaves pill quantity to be many . Moreover the quality is the excellent quality! Competition starts!” The big gong deafening sound, the alchemy master puts out herbs to come, at this time they do not worry, because does not need to rush to time, pill who such one, truly can very good display, probably refine the high quality is not difficult. Shen Xiang has put out Primordial Dan herbs, sees the beginning of the universe fruit and beginning of the universe tree root in his hand, the people are somewhat accidental, because everybody thinks he did not understand refines Heaven Level pill. Now he puts out Heaven Level pill's herbs, that explained that he will certainly refine, but he has not actually refined at former that competition, but thinks that can also understand, because he refines Earth Level pill also to win, naturally refines Earth Level pill, moreover can obtain massive Earth Level pill. Shen Xiang puts out that Seven Stars Precious Furnace, now each alchemy master carefully is reorganizing herbs, is responsible for supervising old man of competition to walk, inspects pill furnace of each alchemy master, preventing some people to enter the thing to be used to cheat in pill furnace inside conceal ahead of time. But Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that in Legend, pill furnace doubtful flame Dragon Zi of Shen Xiang use refines, that is Sacred Level dragon tool, does not know that compared with top grade immortal tool precious many times, but he has not taken present to this crucial point, making the people suspect that he is Shen Xiang. To the present, Shen Xiang has not truly needed to cover up, but the people do not understand that water jar pill furnace has very big help to Shen Xiang's Refining Simulation Technique. Naturally, uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to be definitely better, but before , nobody can determine that is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, therefore he does not plan to take, the person who can judge the quality of goods on the spot were too many, will take definitely to be recognized, he does not want because of Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then by some big influence caring, perhaps one group of people jumped again, then said one and that flame Dragon Zi will have any relationship, said that what that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace and they will have origin......

Shen Xiang observed, discovered that other Dan Immortal are the choice refines Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, before they collected herbs time, but also remaining many, therefore did not lack Heaven Level High-Grade herbs, but the refinement Immortal Dan words, 12 double-hour were insufficient. The Heaven Level High-Grade Dan difficulty is not small, otherwise a grain will not have 1000, moreover is not casual can purchase, must purchase Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, must pay Immortal Crystal in some large-scale pills shops first, then waits for the notice, sometimes must mount one year or so to have. But most influences massively will not sell Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, because this has very big use to Human Immortal, Human Immortal in each influence inside quantity is most. Can use that way?” Su Meiyao asked. Way that she said that directly lets herbs is in the hand builds up, such can better control herbs build up the later quality, if uses God Refining Technique in pill furnace, possibly the effect is not good, after all he must pursue the highest quality now. Only can like this, for Divine Cauldron!” Shen Xiang said. Those present, only then the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has experienced, therefore Shen Xiang, once uses, then the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade can confirm the Shen Xiang's status immediately, initially Shen Xiang like this defeated her, but Shen Xiang turned into old man at that time, disguising is a Subduing Dragon Sect's mysterious elder. Shen Xiang turns on the pill furnace cover, reorganizing good auxiliary herbs loses, unexpectedly has not put in main herbs, many people feel strangely, because most situations together put. One of Primordial Dan main herbs, the beginning of the universe fruit, on the Shen Xiang's palm, sees only his slightly frowned now, looks at the beginning of the universe fruit of palm, one group of five colors flame from emit suddenly brand-new, cover the entire palm, is burning down that beginning of the universe fruit! „Is he doing?” Long Huishan said with amazement.

He in building up beginning of the universe fruit, his alchemy way is so, but before , carries on pill furnace, but now lets herbs and own body contact directly, after this can make he better control herbs build up the quality.” That Supreme Elder looked immediately, if Shen Xiang, certainly will be here surprised, because of the principle of this God Refining Technique, can be speculated approximately by that Supreme Elder. unexpectedly is he!” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade complexion big change, then went to Subduing Dragon City to compete the alchemy matter to say initially her. This bastard, has not thought that he sealed god large formation to run from that very much long time ago, moreover played the role of an elder and I competes with, has defeated me maliciously, has not thought that defeated my fellow unexpectedly is he.” On the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade face full is anger. This young bastard won, pill who he refined had Dan light, that quality has surpassed the limit.” The words of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, making in that distinguished guest theater box other Fire God Palace big shots feel shocking, they are control very strong flame expert, therefore their alchemy, knows the Dan light matter. Shen Xiang is not each furnace Primordial Dan can leave Dan light, he after that time, has refined many furnace Primordial Dan, but cannot leave Dan light. It seems like the previous time Dan light is accidental, if you now do not have a breakthrough, perhaps is unable to leave Dan light, perhaps cannot obtain first, I think that you should have the countermeasure.” Su Meiyao said that she sees Shen Xiang to be so confident, should be has confidence to build up to send out Dan light Primordial Dan. Shen Xiang has not replied, but carefully looks at palm that by the beginning of the universe fruit of five colors Heavenly Fire burning down, a moment later, he said: I understood, is really this, my this furnace, can leave Dan light!” Um, do not let my disappointed Oh! Su Meiyao smile: Your Sister Youyou!”