World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1350
This time stadium is empty, only then ten alchemy masters here, moreover before not having, that tension-filled atmosphere, alchemy master who because now competed, pursue is not the speed is not pill quantity, but the quality of most limit, this need they sink heart round trip attentive alchemy. In order to lets these ten alchemy masters better performs well, the match also opened sound-insulated formation, outside can isolate that noisy sound, letting the alchemy master to have a peaceful environment. The present range obtains first, enters these ten alchemy masters of finals to have the one pace regarding this time, to refine pill of most high quality comes, they put out the strongest strength to go to alchemy, each alchemy master is a face is earnest, not slightly lax. Besides Shen Xiang, other nine are Dan Immortal , some are very famous, Shen Xiang sees these Dan Immortal whole-heartedly, he feels very tremendous pressure immediately, so long as he has won, he can obtain that Divine Cauldron, if loses, that will become he will possibly regret the life-long matter. He does not permit this matter occurrence, therefore he also puts out oneself most limit now the alchemy strength. Only can like this!” Shen Xiang knits the brows, sees only flame glittering that his palm spout to have a glare suddenly, afterward erupts color multi-colored sunlight, illumination four directions. Sees such one, all first was quiet the moment, then loudly called out in alarm. „The color flame, isn't this Seven Colors Heavenly Fire in Legend?” It is said in Nine Heavens, can use Seven Colors Heavenly Fire person also such several, has not thought that unexpectedly personally saw at this competition, is really fierce! Was shone by that ray, makes people think that the soul was baked is the same!” That Long Family can't Dan Immortal release Saint Fire? Perhaps currently has been using, that may be fiercer than Seven Colors Heavenly Fire!”

This is uncertain, Saint Fire is extremely formidable, can release not to mean to use, releases, cannot control to come alchemy not to have the big use it, but now this person can control such well to Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, wanted the specific energy to release Saint Fire to be fiercer.” Regarding Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, the people had been hearing that but now can actually witness, they thought that these time does not have came in vain. Shen Xiang releases Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, however other nine Dan Immortal feel very tremendous pressure, because can control this type of flame to come alchemy, to enhancing pills the quality has very big help. Legend Long Peirong can use Saint Fire, but competed was so long, other Dan Immortal have not induced to the Saint fire Qi breath that Long Peirong pill furnace released, her flame at most was also only the Heavenly Fire rank. Although Seven Colors Heavenly Fire is formidable, has very big help to alchemy, but crazily is actually burning now True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body, before Shen Xiang, calculated, even if used Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, his within the body that assembled an powerful Heaven Dan storage vast True Qi also enough to consume. Supreme Elder, Grandma Long she, if uses Saint Fire, can refine to release Holy Light pill to come?” Long Huishan sees Shen Xiang to use Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, is very surprised, she has not thought that a period of time has not seen Shen Xiang, unexpectedly adolescence such quickly. Yan Zilan also curiously asked: Such that Grandma Long her Saint Fire really and these people said that isn't able to use?” That Supreme Elder has not answered immediately, is stroking the beard slowly, is staring at arena Long Peirong, then looked at Shen Xiang palm that group to spray the seven colors light flame, said: Releases Saint Fire itself to need to consume very massive True Qi, previous time I teaches her to use, she emits the hair silk size, consumes True Qi of her whole body cleanly!” What strength at that time was she?” Long Huishan asked.

Immortal Monarch late stage, now she, although is Immortal King, but Saint Fire also soon, now can she use little Saint Fire to carry on alchemy, look at her, if, this without doubt were a huge breakthrough.” That Supreme Elder sighed one. Yan Zilan awes to this Supreme Elder at this time, can teach others to use Saint Fire, cultivation base is not definitely simple, perhaps has surmounted Immortal King. Shen Xiang uses Seven Colors Heavenly Fire builds up that beginning of the universe fruit the time, one unusual strength that but also contains Seven Colors Heavenly Fire in pours into these herbal powder, that dries has cultivated the mystical energy after Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, mixes in herbs, can make its quality higher. Two double-hour pass by, Shen Xiang is slow and earnest building up melted that beginning of the universe fruit, at this time his palm has one group of light shining in all directions Qi mist, inside herbal powder is fluttering chaotic, sends out five colors light glow. He builds up the good beginning of the universe fruit to put in that Big Dipper explode pill furnace this carefully, afterward puts out the beginning of the universe tree root , to continue to use Seven Colors Heavenly Fire to burn to build up, but in pill furnace also poured into few Seven Colors Heavenly Fire to cultivate by him to build up. When Shen Xiang just started uses Seven Colors Heavenly Fire to build up that beginning of the universe tree root, his suddenly felt that Long Peirong that direction floats a very strong flame aura. Not was only Shen Xiang induces, can induce in this arena other people, He Pei Qing hastily retreat several steps, because that flame gave the feeling of person is really too danger(ous). „Is this Saint Fire?” Shen Xiang frowned, forehead unexpectedly has seeped out the beads of sweat, other Dan Immortal also change countenance, because that wild flame in Long Peirong pill furnace, probably momentarily spout to be the same. Is Saint Fire, is really very fearful.” Su Meiyao said.

That flame that little rascal previous time releases...... Also is the one breath can consume his all True Qi flame, is Saint Fire?” Long Xueyi asked. Has not known, but looked that be much more fearful than Saint Fire, does not know that what flame that is.” Su Meiyao said: Before taught my alchemy Young Martial Uncle, he can also use Saint Fire, compared to have very big difference with little rascal that type of flame, therefore his was not Saint Fire.” Long Peirong uses Saint Fire, the complexion becomes serious, moreover how long that Saint Fire has not continued to stop, however in many person eyes, this was unusual has resulted, can use very short time, will have very big help in the alchemy aspect. Naturally, Shen Xiang's Seven Colors Heavenly Fire is better, but this does not practice easily, how as for must practice how to grasp these fierce Heavenly Fire, since did not have what method, it is said majority are because have the fortuitous encounter to have, but Saint Fire has the method of practice, but who is not can use, because consumes True Qi to be terrorist, even if Immortal King cannot withstand the consumption. If before, a furnace such pill, at most is also only 2-3 double-hour, but passed now six double-hour, actually also nobody opens pill furnace, obviously for the high quality, each alchemy master slows the tempo, refines very much attentively. Shen Xiang built up to melt the beginning of the universe tree root, puts in pill furnace, after he also entered now, stage.