World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1351
Sees Shen Xiang's Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, Liu Meng'er to say in a soft voice: Has this type of flame, not refiner words, a little waste! Does not know after him, has the time, I teach his refiner.” My Master also used to practice Seven Colors Heavenly Fire to come for a long time, but this brat age was the same with Xianxian, can actually control so handily to this Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, he was no wonder ambitious, dares to found Subduing Dragon Sect, dares to fight with that many big influences.” Liu Zongyu long sighed. Does not know that small Junior Brother Subduing Dragon Sect also if wanted person, I should be able to mix elder anything.” Wang Weiquan grins to say with a smile. Master, in Young Martial Uncle Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, is one crowd of little rascal, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong their this crowd of little rascal is the Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, the words that you go, definitely will be despised by them.” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly. actually is this, no wonder I must to them introduce Master time, they are not interested, appearance that but also a face entrains very much.” Wang Weiquan said with a smile. Liu Meng'er said: Xianxian and Youlan they compare notes with that crowd of little rascal together frequently, that crowd of little rascal strength is also good, moreover cultivates very mysterious cultivation technique, don't forget, Subduing Dragon Sect, but very fierce Great Elder, can with the Dragon Emperor resistance.” Initially in Sacred Dan World, Liu Meng'er this line was stopped by Dragon Emperor, at that time was White Tiger suddenly appears, making Dragon Emperor retreat. Then, we underestimated that crowd of little rascal before, but they were also too low-key, but also the careless appearance, saw all day likely is not an elder of big influence.” Wu Canghong says with a smile, now Yun Xiaodao their in Human King Immortal Country, but they have not joined Human King Immortal Country, but stays temporarily there. Wu Canghong and Liu Zongyu they had to win over the Shen Xiang's idea, but this is not realistic, because Shen Xiang is in itself big sect's Dean, but forms an alliance does not have any issue actually. Last competition cannot be listed in any position, be only first is most meaningful, diligently pill who now everyone is refining the best quality, competes for first. It looks like according to the present, everyone may obtain first, because these ten alchemy masters can arrive this step, is the level is very high.

Eight double-hour pass by, finally had the alchemy master to open pill furnace, this was mysterious Dan Immortal that He Pei Qing sent, he refined grain of Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, was nine Yuan Good Fortune Dan, with nine Good Fortune Fruit refinements, Good Fortune Dan that Good Fortune Fruit refined is Heaven Level middle-grade, was well below these nine Yuan Good Fortune Dan. This pill's market is very big, is pill who many Immortal most like one . Moreover the price that buys is not low, on the scene has several Dan Immortal refines this pill, because nine Yuan Good Fortune Dan herbs is quite abundant, so long as is not too poor, can obtain with the massive Immortal Crystal purchases. That Dan Immortal is confident to own nine Yuan Good Fortune Dan, after he refines, immediately arrives at that test quality by immortal tool, places the middle depression that grain of pill. On that disc refers to rotating immediately, afterward stays on 88 scale divisions, unexpectedly on 90, this has not let in the He Pei Qing heart secret disappointed. Eight double-hour refine furnace Heaven Level pill High-Grade Dan, have used long time regarding these Dan Immortal, but the quality so was bad, obviously this Dan Immortal was not too fierce. Famous Dan Immortal of Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country are many, but they cannot attend the competition, the organizer cannot send for participating. Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal also has completed afterward, is grain of nine Yuan Good Fortune Dan, fragrant and outside light glow cannot see the concrete quality from pill, because pill of excellent quality is that appearance, but this is not the peak quality. Suppressing Devil Temple specialty is not alchemy, but they are such fierce Dan Immortal, calculated well. He arrives at that to test by immortal tool, tests, the indicator fierce rotation, jumped 94 there, regarding this result, that Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal was quite satisfied, on the face showed a smiling face. peak quality that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country seven Dan Immortal refine, 97, but differs three, therefore he can refine this quality to come, was very good.

However, the more high quality can break through on exceed, although differs three, but he for a lifetime is possibly hard to break through this figure. Dan Immortal of third completion is Imperial Dragon Clan Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, is many people thinks that quite can obtain first hopefully, because of him at former that competition, performed very well. What he refines is a grain of Heaven Level Holy Dragon blood pill, this pill's herbs perhaps also only then their Holy Dragon is quite easy to plan, main herbs is Holy Dragon blood essence. He is taking in the hand that grain of shining pill, arrives by the test plate self-confidently, he has surpasses that Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal self-confidently. Refers to a rotation, stops in 96 there, sees this result, the people are secret surprisedly, because this and peak quality only differed little. Suppressing Devil Temple's Dan Immortal sees itself to be defeated, the smiling face on face vanished, shakes the head sighs. However the final result has not come out, because seven alchemy masters have not completed, but these seven alchemy masters are very fierce. What fourth completion is Du Hai, he is three Dan Immortal, this Dan Immortal is also quite honored, moreover he comes on behalf of Sacred Dan World participating, what he refines is Heaven Level High-Grade big pill, after this pill eats up, will fall into the deep sleep condition by oneself, will then restore the injury at a very terrifying speed, suits the severely wounded stupor Dan Immortal to take. After Du Hai big pill puts, refers to rotating to 94 there, this made him discuss one reluctantly, although cannot obtain first, but he actually knew his level. Now leading is still that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, 96 result!

Afterward, Li Tianjun has also completed, he refines is also nine Yuan Good Fortune Dan, he also makes people think that quite obtains the high score hopefully. At this time that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal complexion becomes intense, he worried that Li Tianjun will surpass him! 96!” He Pei Qing said. If final high score is the same, how can that calculate?” That Holy Dragon Dan Immortal relaxed, hastily asked. Then you continue to refine, till deciding which one is better.” He Pei Qing said. The peak quality that seven Dan Immortal refine is 97, now they can arrive at 96, presses up to the highest standards of seven Dan Immortal, in Li Tianjun and that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal heart are quite satisfied to oneself. Finally completed!” That Fire God Palace's Bixia Dan Immortal opens pill furnace, has not projected Dan light, obviously is not the peak quality. Li Tianjun compares to care about that Bixia Dan Immortal score at this time, before he lost all, loses to this Bixia Dan Immortal, he is this Bixia Dan Immortal has the gambling to make at this time probably, therefore that Bixia Dan Immortal complexion is also very serious, because the Li Tianjun score is not low.