World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1352
How this Bixia didn't Dan Immortal know level? She now at least is five Dan Immortal, should not be bad.” Su Meiyao said that this Bixia Dan Immortal had lost to her, it is said after losing, stripped off the clothes to stroll a great-circle in Immortal Palace. What Bixia Dan Immortal refinement is a grain of natural life pill, can increase life essence Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, she puts in the middle of that disc, is staring at the indicator of that rotation! 95!” The He Pei Qing sound makes the heart of Bixia Dan Immortal such as be hit hard general, retreat several steps, it seems like she and Li Tianjun gambling was very approximately big, looked that she that pallid face knows now. Even if Li Tianjun cannot take first, but he has also won this Bixia Dan Immortal, as for the gambling stake that they see is only anything, is the matter that the people comparison wants to know. Now what leading is Li Tianjun and that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, but they still have very tremendous pressure, because Long Peirong has not completed, Long Peirong is their number one powerful enemies. But can use Seven Colors Heavenly Fire Shen Xiang, refinement Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, they have not neglected, because of the beforehand two competitions, is Shen Xiang leads, takes first. Shao Xuanyun has completed, she refines is also natural life pill, she wants certainly to win, but the competitive power was too big, therefore she only hopes one were not too disappointing that's alright, after all she here was very young, Shen Xiang arrived at her. 95!” He Pei Qing said that this result let in his heart gradually some hope, Dan Immortal that because he sent has not congealed pill to be completed. With the Bixia Dan Immortal same level, this made on the Shao Xuanyun face show the sweet smile, this made Bixia Dan Immortal look is not feeling well. However after Shao Xuanyun sees Shen Xiang, smiling face vanished immediately, if Shen Xiang is fiercer than her, when this Junior Sister has decided that consecutively three lose to Shen Xiang, she does not have any energy and Shen Xiang competes for the position of second child. Currently also has that mysterious Dan Immortal that Shen Xiang, Long Peirong as well as He Pei Qing send. Long Peirong and Shen Xiang close one's eyes at this time, obviously also has a period of time to congeal pill, but that mysterious Dan Immortal pill furnace rocked slightly, should enter has congealed pill's stage.

That Dan Immortal that not long, He Pei Qing sends opened pill furnace, still does not have Dan light to appear, explained that is not the peak quality. Must want to refine the peak quality, looks like in many Dan Immortal, needs a luck, otherwise is hard to arrive. 96!” He Pei Qing is quite satisfied, because now only then the peak quality can surpass this figure. Now had Long Peirong and Shen Xiang! Long Peirong can use Saint Fire, many people think that she can refine to have Dan light pill, at this time her pill furnace starts to shake slightly, obviously is congealing pill. Shen Xiang frowned at this time slightly, looks at Long Peirong pill furnace with Divine Soul. pill furnace stops swaying, Long Peirong opens pill furnace, immediately golden light overflows, pill is fragrant! Dan light appeared, Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, Li Tianjun and in the He Pei Qing heart sighed, Dan light one presently, means that was the peak quality, can absolutely over 96 this digit! The Heaven Level pill's peak quality, can release Dan light to come, but that Dan light refined compared with former Shen Xiang wanted weakly many. Calm, you are hopeful, her Dan light and your difference were too many!” Su Meiyao felt that Shen Xiang is somewhat agitated, hastily stands firm him with that gentle and charming sound. More is hopes to obtain, more is fears to lose, now Shen Xiang is this, because he wants to obtain that Divine Cauldron very much, but Long Peirong has pill time, has to make him have a feeling of losing.

Long Peirong not lets people down, refines peak quality Heaven Level High-Grade Dan, presented rare Dan light, at this time she takes in the hand that grain of peak quality Saint Beast Pill to move toward that test plate. Heaven Level High-Grade Saint Beast Pill, making Long Xueyi immediately mouth-watering, person who within the body has dragon blood, eats Saint Beast Pill also to have the effect, therefore Long Peirong will refine this pill. 98!” He Pei Qing was exclaiming in surprise said. unexpectedly is higher than the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country that seven Dan Immortal peak quality, although is are only many for one point, however disparity is very big, otherwise before , not so many 96! Two double-hour must compete to end!” He Pei Qing looks at Shen Xiang saying: Only then he has not completed, does not know that he can bring many pleasant surprises to us!” Shen Xiang is only one understood the alchemy master who refines Heaven Level pill, must make pill who he refines over 98 qualities come, this is very difficult, many people do not favor him now, because he must achieve nine ten 9th level natures to be good! Does not know that he can defeat Grandma Long, Grandma Long is really fierce!” Long Huishan whispered. Waits, two double-hour!” Yan Zilan said that in her heart hopes Shen Xiang first. Supreme Elder, if you, how many qualities you can achieve?” Long Huishan inquired curiously. 97, 98 do not have the issue, if refines several furnaces, 99 have the possibility.” That Supreme Elder he he smiles: If that brat can defeat Rong'er, I trim off my beard.” Long Huishan happily said with a smile: This was you said that when the time comes do not go back on word!”

This Supreme Elder is self-confident to his daughter, he said with a smile: Rong'er but now the ultra level has displayed, she can build up very short time with Saint Fire, therefore she can leave such high quality, even if I, possibly is also only and this peak quality ties, perhaps other old fellow do not have can surpass him self-confidently.” Shen Xiang, although unusual, can control Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, takes the roads of different Pill Dao, the opening selling person exclaims over alchemy technique, but he was too after all young, the result of this peak quality needs many year of precipitations to be able to refine.” If he knows that Shen Xiang refined has released Dan light Primordial Dan, he will not say. The people are waiting for Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang at this time before probably that Uncle Li was the same, falls asleep was the same, the person and pill furnace did not have a wee bit sounds. Before Shen Xiang, in that two competitions, alchemy speed that called a terror, but now slowest was he, to person a feeling of being as deep as a well. Also insufficient! If there is not been able to find solution, I must lose.” The Shen Xiang heart said that now pill furnace inside Qi ball has been divided into four, he wants condense four grains of Primordial Dan. When he is at a loss, he starts to glance through that Heaven Refining Technique fast, he remembers that he had looked at 1st Stage, has about helping to enhance the quality. Quick, he had found that part, but operates somewhat difficultly, will consume Divine Power and True Qi of his whole body. dragon brat, I build up this furnace pill possibly to consume almost strength of whole body, when the time comes you must pay attention to a point, if some people sneak attack me, must lead me to walk immediately.” Shen Xiang said that in all around is in the situations of enemy, consumes whole body strength, that is the danger(ous) procedure.