World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1353
Long Xueyi responded immediately: Has me, you toss about boldly, making them have a look at your fierce, making country bumpkin that this crowd has not seen the world open mind.” Regarding Shen Xiang, Long Xueyi is self-confident, moreover she also frequently prepares to get rid to protect Shen Xiang at this time, although Shen Xiang has not acknowledged own status, but most influence Big Shot confirmed that he was Shen Xiang. Two double-hour must end, Shen Xiang has not grasped by own quality now is surmounted Long Peirong, therefore he seeks for a method from Heaven Refining Technique, can let the upgrading of pills. He does not know that is called any method, is only Heaven Refining Technique inside in which one type, is a small method, therefore does not have a name like Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique. Is called to rise the Yuan technique!” Shen Xiang gave a name to this method, because can enhance the quality, although he can't succeed definite, but he plans to try. Although ended also two time of double-hour from the competition, but the people actually wait very much not patiently, because has Shen Xiang not to refine now, but the people anticipated. suddenly, Shen Xiang's pill furnace trembles slightly, the people see this, is in abundance joyful, they think that this is concentrates pill's indication, but after that pill furnace trembled one next, changed did not have the sound. But, Immortal Qi in entire arena actually slowly rushes Shen Xiang's that pill furnace, moreover forms one spiral-shaped to move around pill furnace. Rich Immortal Qi forms the cyclone to cover Shen Xiang's water jar pill furnace, quick on condense many, rich Immortal Qi sends out the light white multi-colored sunlight, looks like very beautiful from the distant place, the people do not know that but actually knows that this is alchemy strange technique that Shen Xiang displays, before Shen Xiang had demonstrated simultaneously refines several hundred herbs alone gate strange technique, now presents this mystical matter, the people have not made much ado about nothing, but is curious he such to do to be useful.

Supreme Elder, is he doing?” Long Huishan asked that her governing Long Family in Sacred Dan World, although was a alchemy big influence, but she cannot alchemy. Should be evidently absorbs Immortal Qi to enter in pill furnace, does he want to enhance the pills quality with Immortal Qi? But this invalid, for thousands of years, many alchemy masters have attempted, I had also tried before repeatedly, but is unable to enhance the quality with this way.” That Supreme Elder also very much has doubts, but he knows that other Shen Xiang and alchemy masters are different, therefore he will not wrap his failure to Shen Xiang on. Shen Xiang truly in absorption massive Immortal Qi enter pill furnace, but does not pour into pill to let the upgrading of spirit dan, but uses that liter Yuan technique, making these Immortal Qi be assimilated by the energy that pills releases, becomes one type can fuse the together strange energy with pills perfect, so long as integrates in pills, can enhance the quality. But this is difficult, because absorbs massive Immortal Qi to come, can be assimilated has very little and very few, moreover needs Shen Xiang to release massive True Qi and Divine Power carries on the guidance to build up these Immortal Qi, may be assimilated. Immortal Qi that if absorbs is equal to a house, after changing into herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, only then sand general size, therefore needs to absorb very many Immortal Qi. Consumption massive Divine Power and True Qi, resorb massive Immortal Qi, but to transform a wee bit can enhance the pills quality the energy, on the present Shen Xiang's strength, must exhaust within the body ** level strength can succeed, therefore he will make Long Xueyi more vigilant. Except for Shen Xiang, all people do not know that he is doing now, but he is displaying alchemy strange technique, people therefore anticipated. The Long Peirong original manuscript thinks one can take first, but sees Shen Xiang to be so earnest now, the innermost feelings are disturbed, she little carries on Alchemy Competition, even if the ratio, she is also wins, except for and her father, she little has lost.

But in this big situation competes with alchemy, her first time, if loses, will really have certain attack to her. Person who now is worried about, perhaps also only then a Long Peirong person, because other eight alchemy masters had determined that misses first, they at this time patient waiting here, to wait for final result. Shao Xuanyun and Shen Xiang are Senior Sister younger brother's relationship, she naturally hopes that Shen Xiang can win, but she also thought that Long Peirong is very fierce, she has heard this Long Peirong Legend before. Before Long Peirong admission time, many alchemy masters were awe-stricken to her, henceforth can look. A double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang such, pill furnace is revolved by rich Immortal Qi. Also passed half double-hour, induces in arena inside person suddenly to Shen Xiang big pill furnace stops absorbing Immortal Qi, but Shen Xiang True Qi in within the body is also scarce at this time, can see him to consume very greatly. The people just realized that Shen Xiang's pill furnace had the change, Shen Xiang has opened the eye, but he has not opened pill furnace, he completely has not refined now, moreover he was very exhausted, he builds up that several grains of Primordial Dan efficacy that before ate up, making him restore Yuan Qi gradually. I built up!” Shen Xiang said that the people brace oneself immediately, is staring at his pill furnace.

He can refine peak quality, at most is only 97, even if 98, that is I am also impartial, I have the stratagem which ensures success.” In the Long Peirong heart is musing. Shen Xiang opens the eye time, that self-confident look, making each people think that he has won such probably. He reaches that pill furnace cover the hand slowly, but he suddenly cannot open, could see that cover holding by strength. Shen Xiang increased strength, finally raises the cover, has revealed a slit, at this time, inside suddenly sprayed seven color light glow, is similar to that Seven Colors Heavenly Fire released, but be intense the person compared with Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, because these light glow penetrating power were very strong, shot. Sees these light glow, everyone is at a loss for words, especially these Dan Immortal, because they know that this is Dan light of genuine goods at reasonable prices, but this Dan light is extremely intense and wild, this also explained that inside pill quality is much higher. Shen Xiang lifts the cover vigorously, afterward seven color light glow are similar to the bubbling spring generally spout from pill furnace, impacts the crown in this immortal palace instantaneously, that seven color light glow are not loose for a very long time, seven color light beams were being twined by the brilliant varied light fog, scatters an intermittent rich pill to be fragrant, passes the will of the people spleen, making people immediately full of vigor. Seven color light beams vanished, Shen Xiang takes out in that Primordial Dan, at this time what is most surprising is in the Shen Xiang hand that four grains of Dan light sparkles Primordial Dan that he in this case, unexpectedly also dares to pursue pill's quantity, but not like other alchemy masters, to pursue the quality, only refines one grain!