World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1354
Shen Xiang is holding that four grains of pill, under the people surprised look gaze, arrives by that test plate, he takes out one grain from the palm casually, puts in the test plate middle depression. At this time, most affected the will of the people the moment, these Dan Immortal in abundance encircled, was gazing at that indicator. Especially Long Peirong, she, although lived many years, but never has now so to be likely anxious, because she was worried very much one will lose. Refers to a fierce rotation, the vision of people locks in 95 to 100, who knows that indicator transferred 100 had stayed in three there! Sees this, the people have been startled being startled, afterward took a deep breath, may not believe the indicator that looks at that to stay! Quality unexpectedly has surpassed 100, has achieved 103, must be higher than compared with Long Peirong 98, has far exceeded Long Peirong. When the people look dull, Shen Xiang takes that grain of pill, has traded then one grain, refers to revolving, once has transferred 100, stays in three there, is the quality 103! Shen Xiang looks at He Pei Qing, said with a smile: Now can determine the result of this competition!” He Pei Qing slowly took a deep breath, in heart very unwilling puts out that small cauldron to give Shen Xiang. You are first!” Even though He Pei Qing 1000 do not hope, but he does not dare to act shamelessly before that many people. Shen Xiang received that Divine Cauldron, immediately puts in Hidden Jade Ring, but at this time several distinguished guest theater box inside Big Shot have been ready to make trouble. Competed to this finished!” He Pei Qing also feels somewhat anxiously, because and other definitely will have many people to block Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang has attained Divine Cauldron, walks in the exit / to speak direction. Halts!”

Wait / Etc.!” The one who shouted halting was Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, another was He Feng, they know that at present this person is Shen Xiang, had the people of diverse heavy treasure, how could to ask him such to leave. That Holy Dragon Dan Immortal looked at same He Feng, thinks otherwise, moves sideways to arrive around Shen Xiang, cold voice asked: You are Shen Xiang, your body has my Imperial Dragon Clan supreme Divine Blade, you quickly hand over, otherwise you cannot go out today here.” Regarding this matter, Shen Xiang was already used to it, before he had met several times. You said anything, I have not understood what is heard.” Shen Xiang just said that a formidable pressure raids suddenly, afterward very terrifying Dragon Qi emerges arena very much, sees only side that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, suddenly presented ten to come individual, what stood in front was a formidable middle age, the imposing manner of body that looking disdainfully world, made people feel the fear. This middle-aged Dragon Emperor! Hands over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the beforehand matter we no longer investigated.” Dragon Emperor indifferently said, a pair fills to suppress the eye of intent to look at Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang feel the great stress. Why saying that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is your Imperial Dragon Clan?” Shen Xiang asked: Produces the evidence, but Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Divine Craftsman builds, in Legend, has not mentioned any Imperial Dragon Clan.” Shen Xiang said that without doubt acknowledged his status, at this moment, he does not have what is good to conceal, he had already been ready. This Imperial Dragon Clan, really goes too far!” Wang Weiquan angrily said, he is just about to go to that arena, but Shao Xuanyun actually suddenly walked. Everybody does not need to be worried that Master also came, has him, Junior Brother will not have the matter.” Shao Xuanyun said that before Shen Xiang, had mentioned with her. Facing Dragon Emperor, even if Human King Immortal Country also has very tremendous pressure.

Supreme Elder, fight, this Imperial Dragon Clan was too rampant!” Long Huishan stands up, on the face is bringing anger. But at this time Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace's person enters arena in abundance. Shen Xiang, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal in your hands? Hands over quickly, that is not your.” Shen Xiang, we must calculate the old debt when Emperor Heaven.” Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace's people seize the opportunity to look for the reason and Shen Xiang to, how they must make a thing from Shen Xiang. At present this person, is expert, the influence of Immortal King rank, but that Dragon Emperor has surmounted Immortal King, therefore Shen Xiang present strength insufficiently looks before this group of people radically. Dragon Emperor sees some people also to slice, coldly snorted and said: Does not hand over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, you have at death's door one!” The Dragon Emperor strength is strongest, but Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace's most strong people have not come, they do not certainly dare with the Dragon Emperor resistance, otherwise their strength also to be not enough to contend with Dragon Emperor. „Doesn't little rascal, on you have Primal Chaos Fire Token? You use that thing, then I pass to make you.” Huang Jintian said to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang four Primal Chaos Fire Token have not fused, fuses Primal Chaos Fire Token the time will send out to protect body divine light, by person who light glow shines, cannot move. Shen Xiang stands there, is waiting for Huang Jintian's to instruct that he already wants to use Primal Chaos Fire Token before, but he worried that is useless to Dragon Emperor, but Huang Jintian said now that he can only comply. If Primal Chaos Fire Token is useful, you put out the Holy Dragon sword to puncture Dragon Emperor, Dragon Emperor when the time comes absolutely will not defend the Holy Dragon sword!” Long Xueyi said: However I when the time comes will make that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, today must make them know, even if Dragon Emperor, must suffer a loss in front of Subduing Dragon Sect Dean.” Shen Xiang hears, in the heart is secretly excited, his palm presented a token suddenly, many people are fixing the eyes on Shen Xiang at this time, therefore in his hand suddenly are many together the token, immediately was discovered by many people.

When the people guessed he must make anything, they see the Shen Xiang's palm to overflow blood suddenly, at this time they know that token was any thing. Is Primal Chaos Fire Token! Dodge!” Dragon Emperor just wants to leave, the ray that but Primal Chaos Fire Token sends out has shone to him on, all around person issued a license by Primal Chaos Fire Token. Gathers round the Shen Xiang's person, is covered by silver-white light glow that Primal Chaos Fire Token sends out, completely by inside that mysterious and formidable strength anchorage, is unable to move. fight, quick!” Long Xueyi shouted, left the Shen Xiang's body afterward. Shen Xiang has put out the Holy Dragon sword immediately, according to Long Xueyi said that the strength of use strongest Holy Dragon, thorn to Dragon Emperor Dragon Pearl , he although punctured, but by inside very strong strength rebounding, even if this Dragon Emperor cannot move, he is hard to cut to kill. Punctured his sword that's alright, you killed undying he, kill other Immortal King Long Xueyi to return to Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, it seems like she has gone well. Shen Xiang exchanges Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately, locks Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace that two strongest Immortal King, is only the instant, he looks at the head of that two Immortal King, and smashes their Heaven Dan with Divine Craftsman's Hammer. In Shen Xiang also wants to the harvests of other person of fight, Huang Jintian shouted: Has sufficed, don't you want to live?” Shen Xiang only thought that own calf was held, then at present one black, when he can see clearly the thing, appeared in a giant lake!