World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1355

In that arena, Long Huishan and that Supreme Elder just arrived, sees Shen Xiang to put out the Holy Dragon sword thorn to Dragon Emperor, after puncturing, attacks two Immortal King with the quickest speed, afterward was dragged into the ground to vanish. Protecting body divine light that Primal Chaos Fire Token sends out vanished, Dragon Emperor that can move, sends out angry roaring hiss, Nine Heavens by this angry roar. Shen Xiang...... was the homicide Crown Prince, the Holy Dragon sword in his hands!” The Dragon Emperor anger sound track, the whole body is shivering, murderous aura is intermittent. An audience peace, because on Dragon Emperor has a blood hole, but an arm had been cut, is keeping intermittent golden dragon blood. Moreover, two Immortal King pour in the ground, abdomen split open, the head falls in while, that was in Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace the comparison has Immortal King of power and influence, unexpectedly is killed a moment ago. But that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal sits down exhausted in the ground, the abdomen is also keeping the massive blood, his Dragon Pearl had pulled out. Dragon Emperor worthily is Dragon Emperor, knows that own son was killed by whom, moreover by plotting maliciously, but he accidental calmness, before that type was actually furious vanished. A moment ago fight also has other people, cuts my arm, another pulled out Dragon Lin's Dragon Pearl!” Dragon Emperor coldly looks at Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple's that Immortal King that died: That brat has also used a very extraordinary hammer, is away from their fleshly body, is mixed up their Heaven Dan.” Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple's person hears, is exceptionally angry, they have not thought that Shen Xiang so will be crazy. Before Holy Dragon Crown Prince was cut to kill, has caused the stir of Nine Heavens, but now cuts to kill the Holy Dragon Crown Prince person truly, unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! Hammer...... Is the black hammer?” Fire God Palace's old man asked that this was past seal Shen Xiang's that Palace Master. Right! Very fierce hammer!” Dragon Emperor said that at this time his calmness, making the person be afraid. Ice Emperor took the person of black hammer to massacre by one!” That old man grips tightly the double fist: This is really Shen Xiang does!”

Hears Ice Emperor to be killed by Shen Xiang, Dragon Emperor changes countenance, the Ice Emperor matter he also knows that is the barely alive condition, but initially was Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is unable to cut to kill Ice Emperor completely, now actually by Shen Xiang killing! Long Huishan hears these dialogs in the distant place, in the heart criticizes Shen Xiang, unexpectedly is doing this big matter to come, now has not needed her to help. Rong'er, comes!” That Supreme Elder shouted. Long Peirong was frightened a moment ago also heavily, her hastily arrives at side that Supreme Elder now. Dragon Emperor looked at Long Family Supreme Elder, frowned, then leads their Imperial Dragon Clan person to vanish in arena. Shen Xiang transcend Heaven World, indicates status for the first time, makes the unusual high-sounding talk the matter, has had the dead enmity with three super big influences all of a sudden. This small Junior Brother really not awfully, but he escaped.” Wang Weiquan relaxed. Young Martial Uncle is such person, who wants to his fight, not to have the good end! Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple lost Immortal King, Imperial Dragon Clan that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal have also ruined.” Hua Xiangyue said. Has not thought that Holy Dragon Crown Prince is really he kills, initially in Sacred Dan World, but also thinks that was that Taiyuan Dean, this little rascal really played a good scheme, unexpectedly to let that Taiyuan Dean by being unjustly discredited, moreover Dragon Emperor had not discovered.” Liu Meng'er said. We hurry to return to Human King Immortal Country, the Dragon Emperor extraordinary calmness, this is not the good deed.” Wu Canghong said. Long Huishan also immediately returns to Saint Dan Territory, all the way she crassly: This young bastard, unexpectedly made that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, in the hand also the Holy Dragon sword, no wonder he will leave me Ice Dragon Sword.” Then, that Taiyuan Dean died really injust, was killed by him.” Yan Zilan said with a smile lightly.

A moment ago got rid has three people, should be his Master Huang Jintian, what displays is Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art . Moreover the very fierce pointed weapons, can cut off the arm of Dragon Emperor!” That Supreme Elder is serious. „? Why can't we see the person? I think that this is Shen Xiang does!” Long Peirong asked. Another is not a person, but is a dragon, from that aura, should be White Dragon! Side Shen Xiang has White Dragon, all said opened, inheritance memory that White Dragon obtained, moreover very ancient had, Shen Xiang should obtains the help of that White Dragon!” White Dragon!” Long Huishan has been startled being startled: That this is White Dragon shouldering the blood sea deep enmity? No wonder he will help Shen Xiang to Imperial Dragon Clan fight!” The Supreme Elder nod said: All Dragon Emperor understand immediately that this not only involves his individual grievances, but is the entire Imperial Dragon Clan life and death, revenge White Dragon in Legend appeared, predicted that had said that Imperial Dragon Clan will be destroyed, but this is White Dragon creates.” Therefore initially Imperial Dragon Clan will be ruthless to White Dragon, has not thought or had White Dragon to survive, moreover is very fierce White Dragon.” Huishan, after this matter us, do not meddle, Shen Xiang he is very fierce, does not need you to be worried completely that can be killed by him including Ice Emperor, strength that he hides is not your I can imagine.” This Supreme Elder said to Long Huishan very seriously. I knew!” Long Huishan sighed gently. These matters that today has have been similar to the floods, spread in Nine Heavens...... Shen Xiang looks at Huang Jintian, said: Master, has not thought that you can chop the hand of Dragon Emperor, you are really deep conceal have not revealed!” If not Long Xueyi tells him, he does not know that Huang Jintian unexpectedly walks off with another's possessions, cut Dragon Emperor dragon claw. Snort, hasn't a skill made your this little rascal Master? On matter that you annoy, if trades to be other people, was already worried!” Huang Jintian Hehe smiles, can obtain an arm of Dragon Emperor, he is very happy.

But...... If not I uses Primal Chaos Fire Token, you do not have the opportunity to cut away the arm of Dragon Emperor, therefore you score points my point.” Shen Xiang said. I, you could not run away.” Huang Jintian said: Therefore we have averaged, I the wool to your, you will not want myself to make.” Was only a pity that the Imperial Bird Clan bird emperor is not, otherwise I can also make a bird emperor wing.” Sees the facial expression that the Shen Xiang whole face despises, Huang Jintian saying: What fierce thing on you also has? What is that hammer? That dragon where?” Shen Xiang has put out that hammer, said: This is Divine Craftsman's Hammer, with that Divine Cauldron is one set, therefore I must not hesitate to obtain that Divine Cauldron.” Huang Jintian receives, discovered that divine hammer is very heavy: Good thing, worthily is divine hammer! Has not thought that you can also kill the ice place, the Ice Emperor corpse? That is the good thing, although unedible!” Did not have, that corpse melts completely, I have used many Devil Decaying Death Qi.” Shen Xiang also thought that somewhat was a pity. little rascal of ruined family!” Huang Jintian thinks was a pity that has given back to Shen Xiang divine hammer, he has not closely examined the Long Xueyi's matter, Shen Xiang had not replied a moment ago that quite will not tell him.