World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1356

Huang Jintian cuts off the arm of Dragon Emperor, he not to Shen Xiang a wee bit , because Shen Xiang also obtained grain of Dragon Pearl. What then do you have to plan? Has path that what gets rich?” Huang Jintian asked. Even if there are, Shen Xiang perhaps will not tell this stingy Master now. No, my following plan well cultivates a period of time, waited for the rumor while convenient in the past.” Shen Xiang said that this truly is he then plans the good plan, but is first half. Now you were also safe, we here separate, but you carefully, although your ability is big, but these anything Imperial Dragon Clan is not weak, you later run into them, shunts as far as possible.” Huang Jintian said. Knew.” I walked, takes care well!” Huang Jintian said that vanished directly, should use the earth escaping technique to leave. After Huang Jintian leaves, Shen Xiang continues to stay in this mountain scene forest, here is not in Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country Immortal Palace, moreover is very far from Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, he does not need to be worried. Has the Long Xueyi's help, his can very good concealment, he hide the truth from many expert before, but afterward he because of own alchemy technique exposed. Does not have the cover, what a pity!” Shen Xiang is taking that Divine Cauldron, this does not need to drop blood owner recognition directly to use, but suddenly is unable to display entire Divine Cauldron strength, because this need carries on the sacrifice to build up, needs to pour into own Divine Power and True Qi frequently, lets this Divine Cauldron and user has the relation, can control freely.

It seems like you must result in go to Saint Beast Ancient Domain.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has not wanted to go now, because his strength is very weak, some time ago he was surrounded by that many expert, a dilutedness, if not for he also has Primal Chaos Fire Token, he does not have withdraws easily. But in Saint Beast Ancient Domain may have Beast Slaughtering Technique, in map that Dan Emperor keeps, aims there. The open Divine Cauldron in Shen Xiang hand is Divine Craftsman builds, but Dan Emperor has actually used very long a period of time, therefore above will have that design that Dan Emperor keeps. Now was unable to go, that place too danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said reluctantly, after he arrives at Heaven World, the experience arrived here expert to be fearful, therefore he no longer underestimates that Saint Beast Ancient Domain, there breeds the White Tiger Azure Dragon this Saint Beast place, was the past antique time formidable Saint Beast cradle, he now is small Immortal, went to there is courts death radically. Heaven World is so big, a clue does not have, to seek for Shen Xiang to be difficult here, if will be other people or will be quite easy, because can to rely on these Heavenly Dog or other traces magic treasure, but these things do not have to a Shen Xiang use now. Hides in remote mountain inside Shen Xiang, at this time is safe, like this type of remote mountain, beasts herbs are not many, usually some people will not idle bored come, therefore he feels relieved stay here. Can refine Saint Beast Pill?” Long Xueyi asked excitedly: „ If you must refine, I that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal Dragon Pearl that I obtain to you, you refine Holy Dragon pill time withdraws some Holy Dragon Dragon Yuan to refine from Dragon Pearl, the effect should be better. I refined to say reduction chemistry pill again, when I learned refinement reduction chemistry pill, I thought that large quantities of Earth Level pill of means in my hand to sell, traded to be many some Immortal Crystal, then purchased Saint Beast Pill herbs, with the words that Soul Creation Fluid duplicated, that too wasted the time.” Shen Xiang said. Heaven World here, Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan herbs is not scarce, has Immortal Crystal to buy, therefore he thought that uses Soul Creation Fluid in these high level pill above words, can have a higher value.

That, I have not eaten Saint Beast Pill quickly, Long Family that grandma have refined Heaven Level High-Grade Saint Beast Pill, I thought you, if must sell these Earth Level pill, best is looks for your Elder Sister Long.” Long Xueyi keeps thinking about Long Peirong to refine that grain of quality 97 Saint Beast Pill at this time. Shen Xiang initially truly had complied with Long Huishan, after waiting competed to end, there is a time to go to Long Family, he also planned that had a look at Shen Lingling while convenient. When the beforehand that competition, Shen Xiang had many attainments, he believes he then refines reduction chemistry pill, certain meeting can succeed. Before he refined reduction chemistry pill time, failed several times, had not succeeded. Reduction chemistry pill's herbs he did not have many, if were not successful, outside he must go to purchase. The place that before he failed, is unable to succeed built up that Bai Yuanguo, Bai Yuanguo as reduction chemistry pill only main herbs, therefore was very formidabe, made him be defeated repeatedly here. Shen Xiang places on Bai Yuanguo palm, then stimulates to movement True Qi, releases Seven Colors Heavenly Fire to come, after Primordial Dan of that furnace peak quality, his control to the Seven Colors Heavenly Fire enhanced, although Seven Colors Heavenly Fire consumes in a big way, but is used for alchemy actually to increase the successful assurance. Bai Yuanguo was burnt down by Seven Colors Heavenly Fire quickly all over the body blood red, before was the white, but now actually becomes red splendor evil looking, moreover sent out red light glow slowly glittering, making the person seem like similar to a heart of slowly beat. At this time Bai Yuanguo is stable, like before, is always not easy to explode. Was praying in Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi secretly Shen Xiang a bit faster succeeds, then she can eat Saint Beast Pill quickly.

Became!” Shen Xiang shows the smile, implored the one breath gently, although Bai Yuanguo in his hand was burnt red, but melts, actually suddenly turns into one group of snow white multi-colored sunlight. His hastily puts in this group of multi-colored sunlight Seven Stars Precious Furnace, but inside already built up these auxiliary herbs, so long as at this time fuses, can march into to congeal pill stage. Concentrates pill to be very smooth, although only then three grains, however his pill counted enough makes many Dan Immortal feel ashamed, because reduction chemistry pill was high level therapy pill, but main herbs had Bai Yuanguo, quite fierce Dan Immortal can also refine two grains, most alchemy masters can only refine one grain. But first time refines successful Shen Xiang, can actually refine three grains, this must give credit to that God Refining Technique as well as his solid foundation of basic skills. Refines Saint Beast Pill quickly, I good to eat, especially matches that phoenix meat to eat together, is very definitely crisp.” Long Xueyi said piteous. My present suddenly does not want to build up, wants to relax.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile. You...... I disliked you......” Long Xueyi to hear Shen Xiang saying that immediately life Qi/angry said. I will go to Long Family, goes directly to ask Elder Sister Long to there, refines to be much quicker than now me!” Shen Xiang adds. Right!” Long Xueyi said immediately happily: That is not quick.”