World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1357

Long Family in Saint Dan Territory, is away from Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country to be very far, but there is Teleportation Formation to go, so long as Shen Xiang goes to Immortal Palace, can go to Saint Dan Territory very much with ease. He arrives around small Immortal Palace, although this Immortal Palace is very far from the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country Immortal Palace group, but also is Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country governs. Shen Xiang has used for more than ten days, depends upon that to refer to the Immortal Journey plate arriving here, as soon as he enters this Immortal Palace, immediately inquired about his something. With is the same, he who he guessed posted a reward, moreover not with Immortal Crystal, but was five Immortal Dan, this foot let many Immortal Monarch and Immortal King has gotten rid, posted a reward from Suppressing Devil Temple, Fire God Palace, Divine Blade Immortal Palace, Imperial Dragon Clan as well as Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, the monetary reward that various opened was rich, looks beckoningly. Which five are Immortal Dan so easy to obtain? To catch me, evens up five Immortal Dan herbs more difficult than you.” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking secretly, then moves toward the Teleportation Formation direction. When he just saw that is arranging many Teleportation Formation plaza, Teleportation Formation suddenly dodges, after a female appears, immediately dashes about wildly in this direction. Is small female slave!” Shen Xiang one startled, that personal appearance is graceful, the appearance beautiful white skirt female, is Ji Meixian. Shen Xiang thinks immediately that initially can deceive Dragon Emperor, framed by planting stolen goods on to shift blame to that Taiyuan Dean, had the Ji Meixian help, otherwise he was impossible to succeed. Now reveals the truth, Dragon Emperor knows that Holy Dragon Crown Prince is he kills, this Ji Meixian naturally will be suspected, is considered has relationship with him, therefore was chased down is not strange. Really, that Teleportation Formation glistens once more, presented one group of people, Shen Xiang has been by far able to feel that group of people to have that to give people the vast feeling White Sea True Qi, that was White Sea Sacred Realm inside expert. Hears that dog's bark sound, knows that Ji Meixian was being traced by Heavenly Dog.

Ji Meixian is the Jade Immortal Woman rebirth, the body has fierce divine cloth, in addition she is the Heartless Devil Venerable niece, moreover in Imperial Feather Clan grows up, after entering Heaven World, her strength is also increased quickly, is Immortal Monarch. Even if the Immortal Monarch strength, but was pursued full Jiepao, obviously chases down her these person of strengths to be stronger. Small female slave, comes here!” Shen Xiang is spinning Ji Meixian sound transmission that comes, then walks into a corner fast, there person is few. Sees Shen Xiang here, in Ji Meixian heart one happy, directly soars to Shen Xiang, she approaches the Shen Xiang's time, put in Hidden Jade Ring by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang pushes in street crowd afterward, looks that these are leading the person who several Heavenly Dog are flushing. Small female slave, did White Sea Sacred Realm discover you?” Shen Xiang asked that he also planned made Ji Meixian ambush in that White Sea Sacred Realm. Um, Dragon Emperor and White Sea Immortal Country king friendship is very good, you escape on arena shortly, I felt that had danger(ous), then immediately flees, has been pursued here by them, three Immortal King, luckily you appeared here, otherwise I have not known when must run away.” Ji Meixian in Hidden Jade Ring, just and Bai Youyou Su Meiyao same place, she pants at this time, consumes many, is exhausted. Su Meiyao put out some pills to eat to her, making her more comfortable. Yixuan? Does she have is discovered?” Shen Xiang asked. She must follow me, but I make her continue to keep White Sea Immortal Country, after waiting, perhaps to us helpful.” Ji Meixian said that Shen Xiang is Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, later sooner or later one day can with the White Sea heaven to, Zhao Yixuan attach great importance to inside, if no accident, perhaps later can have a very high status.

Does not do right by you, has almost harmed you!” Shen Xiang said guilty that at this time he walks into Teleportation Formation, has paid million Immortal Crystal, transmits Saint Dan Territory. Ji Meixian is Shen Xiang's female slave, although before and Shen Xiang had very big contradiction, but after afterward became Shen Xiang's female slave, knows that behind Shen Xiang also had Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, she had very big favorable impression to Shen Xiang, moreover Shen Xiang was also good to her, has given her many pills, can make her fast Immortal. Naturally, what she most regards as important is the Shen Xiang's potential, she hates Imperial Feather Clan, but now Shen Xiang has dared duel Imperial Dragon Clan, later definitely also dares to do right with Imperial Feather Clan, she wholeheartedly is thinking must destroy completely Imperial Feather Clan. You and I said that these do do? From with your time, I already prepared time risk.” Ji Meixian said. What do you later have to plan? Or with our stay here!” Su Meiyao said that she also wants to have a partner. „The present is only White Sea Immortal Country, perhaps later Imperial Dragon Clan also will chase down you.” Bai Youyou said. Ji Meixian looked at Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, sighed lightly: If you request me here, I naturally cannot oppose.” In this, although safe, but actually does not favor her adolescence, she thinks that the quick point restored oneself past years that formidable strength. Goes to Long Family, you will stay there should not have the issue.” Bai Youyou said that she and Su Meiyao, has the special sentiment to this Ji Meixian, in the past Ji Meixian has chased down them, but is good for them, making them avoid being chased down by other personal enemies, but Ji Meixian is their Master niece. Was far away from Heavenly Dog final range that's alright.” Ji Meixian said that she was also to come before and go freely, now has been separated from White Sea Immortal Country, she also no longer thought the attached influence.

Although Shen Xiang is her master, but she knows that Shen Xiang will not restrict her freedom. Here has the small Golden Peng meat, do you eat?” Long Xueyi rushes to Ji Meixian side vivaciously, said sweetly. Golden Peng Wang son? unexpectedly was massacred by Dean!” Ji Meixian was surprised extremely, great war, the Golden Peng king died on the same day a son, this matter has also caused very big stir. This has anything, who also does not have a look at that brat is hand in hand ** comes out!” Long Xueyi said with a smile. You are White Dragon is right...... No wonder Imperial Dragon Clan now is in chaotic situation.” Ji Meixian looks at Long Xueyi, the complexion is serious, although Long Xueyi the appearance is delightful, stature devil, but gives her feeling actually very danger(ous). That is natural, my Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor goes into action, frightens can scare to death them.” Long Xueyi said while loudly laughing, she already knows probably will have this matter. Ji Meixian had not said that White Dragon matter, she knows that at present this attractive white Female Dragon is shouldering entire White Dragon Clan the enmity of eternity, looks like with her very much. Shen Xiang arrived at Saint Dan Territory Long Family Immortal Palace, this Immortal Palace was Long Family constructed recently, many places have not improved, the fence was also very low, but can in such a short time complete this to be also good.