World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1358
Although Sacred Dan World fused with Heaven World, but the terrain does not have what change, he initially also had stayed in Long Family a period of time, he is quite familiar with here. However here had very big change, for example Long Family headquarters, in the Immortal Palace middle, there is a high fence to encircle, in must enter is not easy. Shen Xiang has put out Long Huishan initially to his jade token, he does not know that now is useful. He arrived at the central area, in that big fence following entrance, has put out that jade token, gives that Immortal Monarch that guards a gate. „Do you need to guide?” After that Immortal Monarch sees, immediately has profound respect to Shen Xiang, although he does not know that who this person is, but there is this jade token, is Long Family that female Dragon King relationship is best. Led me to look for your Patriarch that's alright.” Shen Xiang said that receives jade token, afterward that Immortal Monarch called a young girl, brought to enter in that big building. In this central area Long Family, looks like a large-scale city, has many constructions, obviously Long Family develops now very well. Shen Xiang was led into a luxurious reception room, the young girl makes him wait for here that she asked the person to notify Long Huishan. Long Huishan knew that some people are holding jade token of that style, she knows that was Shen Xiang came, she also thinks that Shen Xiang met a period of time to come, does not want to be so quick. She rushes to that reception room immediately, after seeing Shen Xiang, she wants to pass to punch the Shen Xiang two fists very much, but she endured, has not said anything, directly leads into Shen Xiang a stricter manor, this is her residence, only then she and several trusted friends lives here. Just entered inside, Long Huishan hangs on a fist on the Shen Xiang's chest: Young bastard, you dares to play really!”

Shen Xiang changed own appearance, happily said with a smile: Elder Sister Long, does not see for a long time, before you compare, looks like more attractive, and has the female Dragon King imposing manner.” Little loquacious!” Long Huishan grabs Shen Xiang, leads into him the hall, advances on him a chair vigorously, then also sit down. Long Huishan makes the long braid to hang in the front, wears one set of golden war clothes, can see above these glittering the golden light stiff armor piece, it seems like she momentarily combat status. Long Huishan truly changed, Shen Xiang first time meets her time, to the feeling of person she is a strong female, but now is actually an aggressive queen, before not having, that type is shy and gentle. Naturally, this is the environment compels, she sits in that position, must have this imposing manner to deter the person. Sees Shen Xiang that badly bad eye to sweep to sweep off in her Shen Xiang, Long Huishan stared his one eyes: What looks at randomly? It is disappointed to my this clothes?” Initially Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue have stayed a period of time in Long Huishan there, at that time Hua Xiangyue put on all day very attractively, moreover in the evening also frequently and Shen Xiang double cultivation...... Where I dare, the Elder Sister Long stature is so good, the cheek is so attractive, wears any clothes is very attractive, naturally, does not put on is more attractive.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Owes to hit!” Long Huishan drinks, the person arrived around Shen Xiang, has knocked in the Shen Xiang's head maliciously. Long Huishan was truly getting stronger and stronger, initially she obtained the inheritance of Ice Dragon, but just became Immortal King, but now was more formidable than that time. Long Huishan sits in Shen Xiang chair, looks that Shen Xiang rubs that to be hit the pain head by her, the matter that cannot help but when remembers initially Shen Xiang and she entered Dragon Cave has, at that time she was small and weak, all difficulties that encountered all the way, was Shen Xiang helps her melt, allowing her finally to enter the Dragon Cave deep place, obtained the Ice Dragon inheritance.

Remembers this matter, in her heart cannot help but warm, looked that the Shen Xiang's look becomes very gentle, therefore Shen Xiang arrives at Heaven World, has not come to look for her, lets her is very life Qi/angry, making her feel that Shen Xiang thinks she is not very formidable, worried implicates her not to come to look her. Regarding the Shen Xiang's benevolence, she to the present does not know how should repay, initially Shen Xiang by Dragon Emperor and other expert surrounding time, she has prepared dying in battle. Silly brat, you cannot provoke some quite weak influence, making the elder sister I help over you can also be more relaxed?” Long Huishan said with resentment, puts out a hand to rub the Shen Xiang's head. You, although shouted me for elder sister, but I completely have not arrived at my responsibility.” Long Huishan sighed lightly. Does not need to rebuke oneself, my this time comes is troubles your, you will not catch up with me to walk.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, works on Long Huishan that to hang in the front long braid, mischievous is playing with. I know that you have the matter to look for me.” Long Huishan pulls the braid, tenderly snorted and said, she has the appearance of female at this time actually. Was right, Xiao Ling she is now good.” Shen Xiang asked. In the deep sleep, this little girl has not known that her big brother Yan posts a reward not to dare to make an appearance now.” Long Huishan by the chair, is curling upwards the leg, sip tea, asked gently: What matter asks me to have? A fort younger sister gives me?” Shen Xiang truly planned puts here Ji Meixian, but Ji Meixian does not want, she takes a person in the outside wanderer.

Elder Sister Long, have you seen Youlan?” Shen Xiang compares to be worried about Leng Youlan now, because her white hair has the symbol of white dragon blood, although Long Xueyi has not told the hatred that he White Dragon and Imperial Dragon Clan see only, but he has realized the white dragon bone sub- in that revenge the intense thought. After Leng Youlan has awakened White Dragon Bloodline, had very big change, although very much loves this brother. My previous time goes to Human King Immortal Country time has seen, I have chatted with her in private, chatted very much with me comes, moreover I have also fought one with her...... Is she entangles is wanting me and she compares notes, otherwise she does not endure my this eldest sister.” Long Huishan said. Leng Youlan and present Long Huishan look like very much, is that violence female, moreover within the body has dragon blood, but Long Huishan compared with Leng Youlan maturity many, work is quite steady. She actually has White Dragon Bloodline, will therefore have a white hair, if can the words, I hope that you can receive her, making her here dull on a period of time, some certain strength said again that I felt she is quite suitable and your together, as for her Master and Xianxian there, you them told that this is my meaning.” Shen Xiang whispered. Hears this, Hidden Jade Ring inside Ji Meixian is also very surprised, then looks to Long Xueyi. Before Long Xueyi, has said to Shen Xiang, making Leng Youlan with Long Huishan quite good, because Long Family is one group of dragon people. Long Huishan knows that side Shen Xiang has White Dragon, at this time Imperial Dragon Clan because of the appearance of White Dragon, is anxious, Shen Xiang such does is also very normal, she knits the brows to nod: Does not have the issue!”