World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1359

Shen Xiang looks for the Long Huishan also quite important matters, but Long Huishan also guesses to obtain. I obtained many pill at the competition, these pill I have no need.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I want to let go your here, I do not want any Immortal Crystal, so long as some Saint Beast Fruit that's alright, Heaven Level middle-grade and low-grade.” I know that you do not have means to sell that group of Earth Level pill, this, I give you surely Immortal Crystal, delivers you again some Saint Beast Fruit, Saint Beast Fruit here does not have many temporarily, will have after a period of time a number of maturity.” Long Huishan said. These pill who Shen Xiang refined during the competition although have, but is Earth Level High-Grade Dan, grain of only value two hundred Immortal Crystal , he although refines more than 30,000 grains, but is 67 million, the price that therefore Long Huishan gives is very high. Can be too many?” Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed said. What with me are you polite? pill who you refine is the quality excellent, my Long Family takes away the words that sells, will not owe, heard that you is a very black heart fellow, you should now maliciously is black my ticket to be right.” Long Huishan said while loudly laughing. I do not dare!” Shen Xiang shameless one red, if he sells few people, his truly maliciously black others ticket, but Long Huishan and his relationship are very good, moreover later must trouble her to look after Leng Youlan and Shen Lingling these two younger sisters. Shen Xiang has given Long Huishan these pill, Long Huishan received looked that cannot help but sighed: Your this little brat, but 2-3 days refine that many to come, words that next time you will come, I may result in the preparation to be many some herbs to practice to you, when the time comes do not reject me.” Certainly, who will not let you are my elder sister!” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile. Good younger brother!” Long Huishan smiles tenderly, then has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheek: I go to take Saint Beast Fruit to you, you wait for me here!”

Long Huishan leaves, Shen Xiang traces by she has kissed the face, happily said with a smile: „The kiss mouth is good......” You should make her take several grains of Saint Beast Pill to come while convenient, I long am so big, has not eaten Saint Beast Pill.” Long Xueyi shouted, the sound is very anxious. Anxious anything, gives me to select the time, I will make you eat to spit.” Shen Xiang said that now he knows the Long Xueyi's strength is not very weak, therefore after him, emphatically will help the Long Xueyi promotion strength. Shortly after Long Huishan just walked, the old woman slowly walks, is that always falls behind Shen Xiang's Long Peirong during the competition. Three competitions, Shen Xiang is first, but Long Peirong is second, if result a little disparity that also considers as finished, who knows that Shen Xiang always her distant casting off, letting this second and first compares to be ugly. Long Peirong is looked for Long Huishan, but she, as soon as comes, actually saw a young handsome youth, she knows certainly that who at present this strange man is, because Shen Xiang's posts a reward the portrait to paste the full avenue is, or knows that is strange. Shen Xiang, such shy little rascal has defeated her, whenever Long Huishan thought about, always thought own this lived on the dog the age. Shen Xiang sees Long Peirong, immediately stands up, said respectfully: brat Shen Xiang, has seen Senior!” Long Peirong knows that Shen Xiang is the Long Huishan righteousness younger brother, although she loses to the Shen Xiang three times, but Shen Xiang now to her respectful saluting, lets in her heart the secret appreciation, but she somewhat is not feeling well.

Long Peirong enters the hall, long sighed: You fold ghost old body, you win one after another my three times, leads my many each time, should not be impolite with me, reaches is the master, I should salute to you am right.” Shen Xiang smiled, then and Long Peirong sat together. Outside issues a warrant for arrest Shen Xiang's to post a reward to make run all over the place, in groups searches for him everywhere, wants to obtain that precious monetary reward, but Shen Xiang actually leisurely sits at this time drinks tea here, not having the tense feeling, Long Peirong to hit in heart to admire this little rascal. Shen Xiang and Long Peirong age gap is very big, but they are the alchemy masters, therefore mentioned the alchemy matter, chatted very vigorously, Shen Xiang has the unique novel viewpoint in the alchemy aspect, after Long Peirong listened, feels to benefit greatly, but she has to refine the rich experience of high level pill, that was does not have including Su Meiyao, Shen Xiang also released modest asking for advice at this time. Long Huishan went to more than double-hour to come back, sees Shen Xiang and Rompuy chats comes, she was also very happy. „Aren't you anxious? Or lives in some days here, treated as your family that's alright here.” Long Huishan throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside thinks of many Saint Beast Fruit. „, I worried that Dragon Emperor met suddenly to find here, was not good to you.” Shen Xiang said. Fears anything, he came, we expel his that's it, although we have dragon blood, but we do not fear Imperial Dragon Clan.” Long Huishan said that her father is very mysterious expert. Shen Xiang also guessed correctly that Long Family is hiding very formidable influence, on the same day he was surrounded by many expert, Long Huishan and old man dare to come, moreover threatens, wants to fight one evidently, but afterward Huang Jintian led him to run quickly, the conflict has not occurred.

Shen Xiang must walk, no one can detain, Long Huishan was only somewhat angry scolded several, made him leave. He has not kept Saint Dan Territory, by Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple these super big influences, definitely the investigation obtains him and Long Family relationship, but Earth Level High-Grade Dan that now in the Long Huishan hand one group of he refines, the Shen Xiang's personal enemy will realize not long, therefore he will choose to leave, this can make Long Family avoid the unnecessary trouble. Leaves through Immortal Palace inside Teleportation Formation transmission, Shen Xiang is far away from Heaven World Immortal Palace to be quite many remote area, here Immortal Qi is not rich, the beasts are not many, the strange flowers different grass is few, this place little some people. 20 Saint Beast Fruit, she is really natural!” Shen Xiang thinks, only then about ten, can sell two million Immortal Crystal, these 20 quite in four surely Immortal Crystal, must know that Saint Beast Fruit not good to plant, even if there is that law. Really is a good elder sister, I also want to make her be my elder sister.” Long Xueyi keeps the saliva saying that this small greedy dragon, has the milk is mother, Shen Xiang at this time very much despises this behavior. In that storage pouch also has jade token together, some above special techniques inscribe surely Immortal Crystal, so long as goes to some Immortal Crystal immortal palaces, then can exchange with this jade token, this jade token is very difficult to imitate, moreover was discovered that the fate with using Primordial Strange Poison is the same. This 45 surely Immortal Crystal, regarding Long Huishan at all are not anything, she is Long Family female Dragon King, after Sacred Dan World merges into Heaven World, she makes Long Family develop formidable, in addition them has many fierce Dan Immortal, now also has certain status in Heaven World.