World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1360
Saint Beast Fruit had, is refines Saint Beast Pill to give Long Xueyi, before Shen Xiang had one, if failed, a grain cannot refine, even if succeeds, on according to Long Xueyi's appetite, is very difficult to satisfy her. If Shen Xiang wants to maintain a livelihood in that Saint Beast Ancient Domain, not only need promote own strength, but must make Long Xueyi also more formidable, like this he can be safer. Ji Meixian comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, at this time here nearest Immortal Palace also needs to dash continuously for ten days ten nights, therefore is quite safe. She looks at all around that palatial green mountain, the took a deep breath fresh air, the face length time in Hidden Jade Ring is staying, will think of that outside world, she can realize that now Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's are helpless, but for serveral days, she also exchanged with them in inside well, the sentiment promoted. You have formidable spirit awareness, that is your talent, you according to do, can get rid of tracing of these Heavenly Dog I said not long.” Long Xueyi said that Ji Meixian is Shen Xiang's female slave, therefore she also teaches many Imperial Dragon Clan methods to give her in Hidden Jade Ring. I know that you do not need too to be worried about me, on me protecting body divine cloth is very formidable, even if meets Dragon Emperor that expert, I can undying!” Ji Meixian said. Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian subscribed one set of secret marks, after facilitating, they related. Takes care!” Shen Xiang moves the uncombed hair of Ji Meixian forehead, said with a smile. You must take care, you compared with my danger(ous)!” Ji Meixian said with a smile to him. The Ji Meixian floating body flies from this piece of mountain, but Shen Xiang looked for a quite peaceful mountain corner/horn, opens cutting a cave there. In Shen Xiang dantian five beast image, originally each nine grains of Heaven Dan, but after he crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, separately gathers is a grain, for all that however his True Qi becomes more vigorous, the quality is to have many time of promotion.

Now his dantian inside Heaven Dan is not circular, the beast that but with is at separately Venerable to be the same, has the light outline, he thought that if continues to practice, can present and that five beast image exactly the same shapes, even slowly will also increase. Naturally, now he must refine Saint Beast Pill first, fills the Long Xueyi's belly, although had eaten the phoenix meat before, but that also tries the flavor, cannot make Long Xueyi promote the strength. Long Xueyi really also had has not eaten the good thing for a long time, otherwise she does not shout all day. Saint Beast Fruit is one type may unceasingly Qi Guo of self- evolution, high energy becomes Sacred Level, will therefore be called Saint Beast Fruit, but that needs many years, even if Shen Xiang uses Soul Creation Fluid to expedite childbirth, perhaps also needs more. But Long Huishan to Shen Xiang's Saint Beast Fruit, is Heaven Level low-grade, was lower regarding the Long Xueyi present strength, if quantity are many, there is a good effect. The Saint Beast Pill refinement difficulty is not big, is easier compared with reduction chemistry pill, and has main herbs, therefore beforehand that Long Peirong will choose to refine this pill, refines the peak quality to come. Now Shen Xiang had not planned that refines the peak quality, required the time and energetic, if one day, he did not need to think of every means and exhaust strength of whole body, pill who the casualness can refine a grain of peak quality came, then he thought one in this Heaven World's alchemy circle were quite fierce. Shen Xiang failed one time, successfully refines Saint Beast Pill to come, furnace three grains, quality excellent. Sees Shen Xiang to open pill furnace that instantaneous, Long Xueyi immediately runs from Hidden Jade Ring. Saint Beast Pill is quite big, litchi chinensis such, Long Xueyi one grain including in the mouth, has not bitten open immediately, causes her fragrant cheek drum drum, such is very lovable.

Eats up to have a look to have any effect quickly!” Shen Xiang has pinched her other one side cheek. Is very sweet, I want to contain.” Long Xueyi rouses the profile saying that in hand also grabs another two grains, like fears is robbed. Shen Xiang shook the head smiles, has rubbed her face, then continued to refine Saint Beast Pill, he must give his these to refine pill Long Huishan completely, now Long Xueyi treats as the sugar to eat Saint Beast Pill equally, that Saint Beast Fruit, not long will be eaten to eat all one's food by her. Heaven Level low-grade herbs uses Soul Creation Fluid to make the copy to need many quantities, if needs to duplicate massively, Shen Xiang must close up suffices for a long time, if makes Saint Beast Fruit, cannot keep up with the speed that Long Xueyi eats. He refined Saint Beast Pill to use several days of before, but after he refines a furnace successfully, the speed will raise slowly. alchemy of Shen Xiang in the cave, Long Xueyi squats to sit is looking at the same time, in the mouth also holds that grain of Saint Beast Pill, eats sugar such likely, plays in the mouth with the tongue, eats a face Mei Mei appearance. Shen Xiang first time sees this eating pill's appearance, but he also sees that grain of Saint Beast Pill in her mouth gradually changes is small. Finally did not have!” Long Xueyi is sucking in own tongue, is licking the lip, probably is the child who first time eats the sugar is the same, then she puts in grain of Saint Beast Pill the mouth. Shen Xiang has calculated next time, she ate grain of Saint Beast Pill a moment ago, with time of double-hour, this is a good deed, if before looking like her, that eats the law, a double-hour can eat several cylinders. Now Shen Xiang knows that beautiful woman Dragon Chongke is not good to raise, if other people, definitely already cried.

Long Xueyi also knows that can raise her person not to be many, therefore she will decide Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has used ten days, finally refines Saint Beast Pill these Saint Beast Fruit completely, but Long Xueyi also eats very slowly, a day eats one grain, does not know how she eats, can contain the most of the day in the mouth. Shen Xiang has put out that small Golden Peng [gold/metal] pill, small Imperial Dragon Dragon Pearl that as well as that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal and Huang Jintian hunt and kill. This is the big tonic, but you cannot absorb one time too many, proceeds in an orderly way.” Long Xueyi said. Must want to gain the massive energies, now Shen Xiang can only depend upon these things, but cultivation technique that he cultivates can build up to change into these energies completely own. Practices in Heaven World, the time passes quickly, Shen Xiang stayed for five years in that cave, if in Emperor Heaven, five years for him is very long, but in Heaven World is actually not anything, but five years ago many matters that competition has, the people had not forgotten now that his posting a reward made also everywhere is. Shen Xiang absorbs that Golden Peng [gold/metal] pill and two grains of Dragon Pearl promotes own strength, making him have not the small harvest in the five years, he has entered into Human Immortal middle stage, in within the body five beast image five grains of Heaven Dan, at this time had the beast clear outline gradually. In his dantian five beast image are phantom, he thought that later that five grains of Heaven Dan can be completely long is the same with that phantom, but that possibly is his peak.