World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1361
Long Xueyi had already eaten to eat all one's food these Saint Beast Pill, but she occasionally complained several, Shen Xiang also once for a while found time to make 12 furnaces to eat to her in the five years, therefore she also promotes now quickly. Cannot promote continuously, equal-space a period of time continues to use again!” Bai Youyou urged Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang uses these Dragon Pearl [gold/metal] pill to practice, is equal to absorbing others' strength, this need a period of time can complete builds up, if gets down continuously, after him will have some influences. Where now first confirms that Saint Beast Ancient Domain, after you , the strength has sufficed, can pass immediately.” Su Meiyao said. Before Shen Xiang, had this idea, now he enters Human Immortal middle stage, although also had certain pressure facing these Immortal Monarch, but met the Human Immortal late stage words, he can defeat the opposite party. Now he must go to one to be far away from the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country place, although he goes not to be discovered to Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country now, necessity that but there had not gone. In Heaven World, pills quite lively Immortal Palace, although is few, but has besides Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country. Goes to Shapeshift Immortal Beast quite many Immortal Palace, can perhaps inquire the Saint Beast Ancient Domain matter there.” Su Meiyao said. Heaven World is so big, the formidable beasts that changes into the human form are many, their this existences are divided into two kinds, one type is humanity does right, one type is the mutual non-aggression, if humanity provokes them, will not have the fruit to eat. They also study humanity, establishes giant Immortal Palace to form a giant collective, this can also protect in them these small and weak members.

Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace, although does not have the Immortal Palace group like that Immortal Country, but this Immortal Palace strength on Heaven World can being able to stand in line number. This Immortal Palace is somewhat special, inside does not have Teleportation Formation, to come this Immortal Palace, first transmits to nearby human Immortal Palace, then walks. Shen Xiang arrives under this Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace front door now, he has not gone, because is having a very giant snake to wriggle at this time slowly entering a city. The Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace front door is Shen Xiang has seen the main entrance, but that python has occupied the half of front door, Shen Xiang estimated that this python has more than hundred zhang (3.33 m) widely, these huge Dragon Corpse is the same with before he has seen. This fellow has gotten sick, should be the preparation flood dragon evidently, the long such great ability starts to melt the flood dragon, can perhaps direct Dragon Transformation.” Long Xueyi said. In Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace regarding these giant beasts, is very good shelter, because of these giant beasts outside words, is the objects of human expert capturing and killing, therefore enters in Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace, goes do not hunt and kill these giant beasts, otherwise that will certainly be besieged by the group beast, even if Immortal King of humanity does not dare to act unreasonably in inside. That python has gone in finally, crawls fast from a very broad street, quick on vanish from sight. Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace inside street is very big, moreover can see some build very big giant beasts once for a while, naturally, majority are to change the turn into a human shape. Must look for one to speak the words here real difficult.” Shen Xiang walks when the street, listening to Long Xueyi to point out that the main bodies of these people, his cannot help but, especially knew these tender dī dī females were a very very savage ancient times giant beast, in his heart was scared.

In this Immortal Palace is the beast dwelling place of celestial beings are many, Beast King should have many, moreover majority are very harmonious, overall powerful is not strange.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang passed by a wall, above pastes is posting a reward the command, is posts a reward his, but does not have many Immortal Beast to pay attention, they are not interested in these matters obviously. Here majority are the beasts is in the majority, but pill who humanity eats to their use is not very big, therefore the business is quite here dreary, actually immortal tool magic treasure anything here sells very hot. Do not despise these to practice the turn into a human fellow from the beasts, they can survive in that bad environment, has the forte, therefore here each Immortal Beast gives the feeling of person is very formidable, their wisdom are not low, only if that not any brutal experience small Immortal Beast.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang can also look, therefore he will walk to feel a very depressing aura on the street, moreover these beasts can also discover that probably he will not be his similar, will therefore have the hostility to him, place that so long as he will present, all around these Shapeshift Immortal Beast will immediately be vigilant that will transfer strength of whole body. This can understand that because of majority can Shapeshift Immortal Beast, have by the experience that human expert chases down, hates incomparably to humanity, although this Immortal Palace can make humanity enter. If there is Saint Beast Pill to be good, Saint Beast Pill should have the market here very much, does not know that these Shapeshift Immortal Beast were wealthy.” Shen Xiang said. Is very wealthy, in their adolescence process, but has killed many human expert and formidable beasts, moreover they move in some remote mountain Old Lin all day, Heaven and Earth Treasure are many, but they have do not know value, therefore this place will have a special estimate place, after some Shapeshift Immortal Beast obtain treasure, will go to that place to spend Immortal Crystal to confirm immediately own that treasure value.” Su Meiyao said. This lets Shen Xiang at present a face, so long as he can give the price, he can purchase these Shapeshift Immortal Beast to collect many years of treasure here, what he compares to care is these high level herbs.

Shen Xiang flanerie is walking in this inside, shuttles back and forth on broad avenues, his suddenly sees the front giant stone building entrance to gather round this crowd of Shapeshift Immortal Beast, they were saying something chaotically. He walked immediately quickly, only sees that giant stone building entrance to paste a paper, above writes something people. Shen Xiang looks at that paper, having the shock to read off the above content, he has not thought that the above content comes here goal to be related with him. Humanity inquired about that our beast clan Sacred Land some clues, hope cooperates with us, seeks for this to lose many years of ancient Sacred Land, is initiated by Fire God Palace and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, if everybody has the clue, can provide, can obtain the rich reward.” This clarified is saying Saint Beast Ancient Domain, Shen Xiang has not thought that this Saint Beast Ancient Domain so will be mystical, unexpectedly has been at loses the condition, for many years had not been discovered. Is Imperial Dragon Clan initiates...... Possibly Imperial Bird Clan also in seeking, in Heaven World, perhaps only then their most multithreading, these two ancestors of formidable beast clans from Saint Beast Ancient Domain, do not know that what goal they currently have, they also know that in Saint Beast Ancient Domain has the good thing?” Long Xueyi said. Fire God Palace and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country have very good friendship with Imperial Dragon Clan, Long Xueyi will suspect that immediately Imperial Dragon Clan is also very normal.