World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1362
Shen Xiang also thinks that Saint Beast Ancient Domain can be very easy to find, has not thought how Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple these ancient and formidable influences do not know in the place, but must collect the clue. They definitely had a clue to Saint Beast Ancient Domain, but insufficiently completely, but I believed them not long, can determine position that Saint Beast Ancient Domain was.” Long Xueyi said. Where don't you know Saint Beast Ancient Domain?” Shen Xiang asked. I, if knows, I already told you, in my memory inheritance does not have the related memory, probably was in the past the formidable beasts that came out from inside, will not inherit this memory, to protect Saint Beast Ancient Domain?” Long Xueyi said. That is your Sacred Land, does not know in the past after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens died, there has had anything.” Shen Xiang guessed that this matter possible to have close relationship with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. Behind Fire God Palace has Fire Emperor, this Fire Emperor is possible where, only then a clue knows Saint Beast Ancient Domain, Imperial Dragon Clan present Dragon Emperor and these Old Dragon should also some clues, therefore they will unite to explore Saint Beast Ancient Domain.” Long Xueyi said: That was in the past Sacred Land of all beasts, now many people think that inside had any extraordinary thing, will otherwise not cultivate large quantities of fierce Saint Beast.” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried: They should not have that map!” Long Xueyi said: Actually your clue are most, because you have two maps.” Shen Xiang has two exactly the same maps, one is he obtains from that valuable box, has the Dan Emperor mark, another is the Duan Chong ancestor hands down from generation to generation, now in his hands. I, although has the map, but where I do not know that position.” Shen Xiang was sighing, if he knows that possibly already in the chamfering strolled.

If that map is the Saint Beast Ancient Domain complete picture, then was too small, Saint Beast Ancient Domain should greatly be very right!” Su Meiyao said that she and Bai Youyou has looked at many that maps in repeatedly. „It is not small, Saint Beast Ancient Domain is very ancient, therefore inside mountains and rivers anything is very huge, now seemed like only reduces, I thought that at least also had Immortal Country to be so big, regarding Saint Beast Ancient Domain, this was big enough.” Long Xueyi said. But I do not know that mountains and rivers of that map drawing where, Heaven World is so big, how do you make me check?” Shen Xiang feels very reluctantly: Perhaps that place at all not in Heaven World.” Therefore, you let out map, making others help you look for that's alright, hid these safe routes, the danger(ous) marks and hidden treasure marks that's alright, if in had the treasure, without the map mark, they were very difficult to find in that big place, if you know that Saint Beast Ancient Domain there, when the time comes you can on the safe route through map arrive at the hidden treasure point most quickly.” Long Xueyi said. In is a good idea, in his hand on that two maps will mark the security the route, in other words walks these places is very safe, moreover where will mark to be clearer the danger(ous) place. Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace inside this time has fried noisily this matter, Saint Beast Ancient Domain regarding this inside Immortal Beast is Sacred Land, everyone wants to go to that place. Many years ago, once was the world of beasts, Dragon Clan and four Saint Beast is incomparably formidable existences, but commander Nine Heavens Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also stems from Saint Beast Ancient Domain, which looks like today's beasts hunted and killed objects. However Shen Xiang thought that Saint Beast Ancient Domain again appears, the present beasts could not return to those days that formidable status, because humanity for many years developed formidable, some perfect practice cultivation technique, alchemy technique and formation, were not the beasts can compare with the brute force. Moreover for many years, humanity also presented many to compare existence of Saint Beast, at most erupts evenly matched great war by descendant and beast.

Shen Xiang has purchased some materials here, rented a secret room to cast a wash bowl size, then carved that map on above sheet iron, this matter was for him simple, he can carve lifelike, moreover when did not spend. Map originally is very big, big round table such, but is carved by him now on an iron sheet of face size, reduced. He has taken one pack of papers, occupies the ink with that iron seal, then in the paper above seal next map, although is very rough, but can see clearly the above these mountains and rivers, where enough has made the person see that is. Shen Xiang has been busy for day, has printed several hundred, then issues everywhere, said that this is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, no matter there are to believe. However several days, in the Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace this mysterious map pastes everywhere is, posting a reward Shen Xiang's these portraits are more. Sought for Saint Beast Ancient Domain this matter to pass on Heaven World everywhere is, now presented the Saint Beast Ancient Domain map, but many people do not believe that but where many people cannot say on the map to describe that region, because of the modeling and gap distances of these mountains, as well as that more than ten rivers also appears, this is many people have not seen. On a map has more than ten giant rivers and streams, the great mountain and big lake, understand at a glance this map, although is small, but if goes, inside is certainly vast and shocks. Shen Xiang had printed more than 1000, after he sends everywhere, changed an appearance, now he hides in Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace, had actually discovered a strange event, these map unexpectedly are getting more and more, and needs to purchase. His mother, this does not make absolutely according to my, this wants to be clear much!” Shen Xiang spent hundred Immortal Crystal to buy one: Was I makes this map have the fame, but afterward had fellow to rely on this gust to gain Immortal Crystal, which bastard was?”

This person of also map, on your seal has certainly been short of a river, but his here actually presents.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang carves that seal time not earnest, moreover he thought that few river nothing. Possibly are others are correcting your mistake?” Su Meiyao hee happily said with a smile. If his map also has the mark of hidden treasure, moreover that fellow is fiercer than me, when the time comes did I owe soon?” Shen Xiang thought that this is not the good deed, he must discover this to sell the person of map. Then, Shen Xiang is strolling in street every day, simultaneously investigates the source that batch of maps flow, this map is he made, he also planned, had the fame to open again sells, who knew some unexpectedly people to snatch in front of him. Has Long Xueyi to use Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, branches out many Divine Soul to seek, quick had slenderly, sells the person of map to live in this inside very worn-out region, there house is very inexpensive, Shen Xiang arrived here quickly. This fellow is...... Duan Chong!” Shen Xiang just arrived, sees old man to open the door to walk.