World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1363
Duan Chong already crossed the transcend stage, therefore he , to come Heaven World is very difficult, but appears now here, he does not have change appearance, but looks like somewhat goes down in the world. At this time late at night, in Duan Chong in a big way holds one to fold the map, but at this time several youngster ran over, put out Immortal Crystal to purchase the map in Duan Chong hand. After selling, Duan Chong immediately returns to the room, but quick crawls from other one side window, shuttles back and forth in the alley in broken old building area, arrived at another house. This looked in Divine Soul of upper air by the Shen Xiang dissociation clearly, sees the Duan Chong act, he is more definite this person is Duan Chong is unmistakable, but can he here? Shen Xiang concealment aura, quietly arrives at Duan Chong to be at that room entrance that knocks on a door gently: Elder Duan, the shutter, is I!” In inside Duan Chong suddenly one startled, but thinks that quick understands one were very been also normal by the Shen Xiang discovery. After Duan Chong opens the door, has entrained Shen Xiang. That map is really you puts!” Duan Chong said with a smile: Just you little have drawn a river, I helped you make up.” Old Duan, can you here? You not in Emperor Heaven?” Shen Xiang asked. Dean, now in Emperor Heaven, our Subduing Dragon Sect are very fierce was very stable, I thought that was too bored there, has come then up, I was use very big effort to open passage to come up, but also almost died.” Duan Chong has a lingering fear said. When do you come?”

Two years ago, does not want you to be the same so is also popular in Heaven World.” Duan Chong said with a smile. Duan Chong is Immortal Monarch . Moreover the concealment ability is greatly strengthened, he disseminates these maps quietly, others were also very difficult to find him. I looked for the related old book, does not clarify this Saint Beast Ancient Domain position, but I can affirm that Imperial Dragon Clan definitely knows, these Heavenspan Family and Saint Territory also know, does not know that they noticed what feelings these maps do have?” Duan Chong said with a smile: Your this brat wicked idea are many, if not this, perhaps Saint Beast Ancient Domain must be wrested away by that group of fellows.” Now was good, once the map disseminates, would seeing the person of that type of topography, not long, where everyone knows Saint Beast Ancient Domain.” Before Imperial Dragon Clan for the several big influences of representative on purchase related clue, but currently the clue had, but was public, Shen Xiang has truly gone bad their good deed, no wonder Duan Chong will hide that deadly. Shen Xiang also helps to print these maps now, he asked: Old Duan, followed the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens family to have certain status in Heaven World in the past, some even can compare with these top rank big influences, your doesn't Duan Family have this base industry in Heaven World?” Other our Duan Family different families, we by a mysterious strength seal, we will be been once for a while good to the present several seedlings, was already eliminated in the Heaven World's foundation, but Legend our Duan Family Old Ancestor had a grave in Heaven World in the past, I came the Heaven World's goal am to find this grave, then dig out he, it is said inside had very important thing.” Duan Chong said. Duan Chong thinks of every means Heaven World, to dig their ancestor's graves, moreover their ancestors transfer the matter that must handle evidently. Duan Sanchang that brat did not have the ability to dig that grave now, therefore I will train him well, my strength is insufficient, after a period of time I will go to Human King Immortal Country.” Duan Sanchang also in Human King Immortal Country, that slightly robs a grave to arrive at Heaven World, definitely will continue to resume old profession, this Heaven World's grave has many to have the buried treasure.

One month, these maps appear in many Immortal Country Immortal Palace, moreover was confirmed that that is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, because once old Beast King came out to show. Began to materialize, Duan Chong also and Shen Xiang distinction, he also has the important matter to do, but he believes that Shen Xiang can certainly a person come back from Saint Beast Ancient Domain safely. The clue are getting more and more, especially in Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace, here is hiding some old Beast King, has in Saint Beast Ancient Domain peripheral zone adolescence, but before them, does not know that place is Saint Beast Ancient Domain. And old Beast King said one will not go back there, he said that there at is not Sacred Land that everybody imagines, there is Hell, he is experiences thousand Xin Cai to come out from inside, that so-called Saint Beast Ancient Domain very danger(ous), even if he currently had the Beast King strength, does not want to go back again. Has Beast King also two of this view, but many people and beasts do not believe that they think these old Beast King are was worried others seize that Saint Beast Ancient Domain, therefore intentionally said there that fearfully. Those who make Shen Xiang somewhat impatient is, still does not know that place where, these old Beast King said does not want to make too many lives bring death, keeps one's mouth shut. This was Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace old Beast King agree did not say, but another Shapeshift Immortal Beast gathered, has in formidable hostility war beast Immortal Palace old Beast King to say to humanity. Night Demon Underworld! This place probably very fearful appearance.” After Shen Xiang hears the latest news, many people in abundance feel to this Night Demon Underworld very frightened. Saint Beast Ancient Domain unexpectedly is Night Demon Underworld!” Su Meiyao said panic-strickenly that the sound is having a fear. „Is this place very terrorist?” Shen Xiang hastily closely examines.

I heard, Punishing Demon Summit in inside, but is not this Night Demon Underworld middle, can only be the mountain peak of , but middle place nobody can go.” Su Meiyao said. In the past our Master thinks that a person goes to Punishing Demon Summit, but actually the severe wound comes back finally, nobody receives and instructs, is hard to approach radically.” Bai Youyou said that in the past they were also strong side, their Master were fiercer, but suffered a loss in that place. Where no wonder many people cannot come to see that through the landform are, actually that place few people can approach, usually was covered by the thick fog, and has flown also very danger(ous) from the upper air, if is really this, that several old Beast King that runs from inside no wonder does not want to go back.” Su Meiyao has inhaled cold air, she thinks to think fearful, because he once saw the appearance that her Master cut and bruised has come back. No wonder they run to become Beast King, they do not have an ability unable to come out, according to Legend, in that is truly same as Hell, especially to the night, will hear very scary roaring, in Legend the fiercest thing is night Night Devil!” Bai Youyou said. These are Legend, because goes is very difficult to live coming out. I have the route of security, can perhaps avoid some danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang said that because he hears Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's tone, does not want to make him go, their Master that formidable old devil goes in suffers a loss, let alone is he?