World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1364
First waits, you should better inquire that has any person to go, you can follow first in behind of that group of fellows.” Su Meiyao said that she and Bai Youyou knows inside that Beast Slaughtering Technique to the Shen Xiang's importance, moreover in also has Dan Emperor is hiding the thing, perhaps is that Divine Cauldron cover. Shen Xiang left Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace, transmits to the town Devil Immortal palace, if must go to Night Demon Underworld, must have the Suppressing Devil Temple's person absolutely, therefore Shen Xiang will come to here. Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal Palace is not biggest, but is actually one of the most intrepid Immortal Palace! Other Immortal Palace middle majority are to encircle, makes a central area, only allows to have the massive Immortal Crystal people to enter, or is the agglomerations of some powerful official characters, but the central area of this town Devil Immortal palace, then completes a giant incomparable main hall, that is Suppressing Devil Temple. Shen Xiang does not know how to revolve, it is said only then Suppressing Devil Temple inside person knows . Moreover the Suppressing Devil Temple's people keep one's mouth shut, will not disclose that inside detail, the average person wants to enter this Temple is very difficult, because is some formidable Immortal King must go, must hit to summon beforehand. However outside Suppressing Devil Temple is very lively, because approaches the Temple place, Immortal Qi is quite rich, therefore around Temple also establishes the big grand construction, is some hotel inn anything. Shen Xiang comes to here to inquire the Suppressing Devil Temple's sound, if Suppressing Devil Temple must plan that Night Demon Underworld, the scale is not definitely small, the sound is very certainly big, here can harvest. For many years, many expert died in Night Demon Underworld, has not thought that unexpectedly is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, inside probably changed, is not the Saint Beast cradle, instead turns into the Evil Devil cradle.” old man shakes the head to sigh. What Shen Xiang is a teahouse, he discovered that in this inside person, majority are inquires the Suppressing Devil Temple's sound, if there is Suppressing Devil Temple to go into action, they will feel relieved, when the time comes certainly will follow on the heels. Suppressing Devil Temple, Fire God Palace, Imperial Dragon Clan and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, add on ten Datong Celestial Immortal countries and ten big Saint Territory Immortal Country again, as well as other every large or small Immortal Palace Immortal Country, go to the Saint Beast Ancient Domain words together, perhaps is in history biggest strength, should have very big harvest.”

But has not known now, if these super influence send out , can perhaps retreat in fear inside Night Devil.” Shen Xiang hears these people to chat, this also he collects one of the news ways. little rascal, said at inside matter Punishing Demon Summit that remembered to add inflammatory details, says exaggerates some.” Su Meiyao suddenly said. Shen Xiang understands the Su Meiyao's thoughts immediately, hastily transfers to that table, said: You possibly do not know, Punishing Demon Summit in that Legend in Night Demon Underworld, these big influences possibly to attack Punishing Demon Summit.” „The Punishing Demon Summit matter you have heard, inside comes out is the monsters, was once by a person of strength, has provoked the fellows of many big influences, for example past Heartless Devil Venerable was, but that Shen Xiang it is said was also Punishing Demon Summit comes out.” The Shen Xiang's words make the person in this teahouse raise up the ear in abundance, this view they are first hearing, although does not think reasonable, but sounds to be very satisfying. Heartless Devil Venerable is a hundreds of thousands years ago great person, to the present his fame still, him truly is in Punishing Demon Summit comes out.” Shen Xiang so is no wonder fierce, actually he is also Punishing Demon Summit, but he has not possibly gone to Punishing Demon Summit, but roamed about outside Punishing Demon Summit juniors receives the gate.” In Punishing Demon Summit definitely has fierce divine art devil art, as well as wise alchemy technique, how that is Shen Xiang possibly so otherwise fierce?”

Said that these big influences do need to attack Punishing Demon Summit really?” This is the affirmation, it is said on the same day rescues Shen Xiang's to have two people, form that but only the small number of people can see the two, obviously is fierce, moreover for instance kills Suppressing Devil Temple with Fire God Palace's two Immortal King, the arm of Dragon Emperor was broken, Dragon Emperor that understood that the alchemy Holy Dragon son is also same is made waste.” Why that can Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country also attack Punishing Demon Summit? Although they are good with Imperial Dragon Clan relationship, but attacks Punishing Demon Summit not to have the advantage to them, they and Punishing Demon Summit do not have the enmity!” Shen Xiang hears other people to say here, interrupted: You have not to know that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country is the loss is also serious, but Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country new king He Pei Qing Sacred Fruit, that will be the reward of competition, but was actually stolen, but that person will be Punishing Demon Summit!” Therefore they will endure suffering to take that Divine Cauldron, although that Divine Cauldron has been short of a cover, but value by far above that Sacred Fruit, because after that Sacred Fruit, can grow, Divine Cauldron delivered not to have.” so that's how it is, does not know where you do hear? Is this real?” old man asked. Naturally real, this spreads from Fire God Palace.” Shen Xiang said. This truly real, Shen Xiang does not have have lied, he knows, this rumor will spread not long quickly. Shen Xiang Suppressing Devil Temple stayed several days later, has not thought that Suppressing Devil Temple's Immortal Monarch had mentioned in public places, Punishing Demon Summit truly in Night Demon Underworld.

Punishing Demon Summit in Night Demon Underworld, Punishing Demon Summit inside person to suppress in serious demon?” Shen Xiang sits in the window drinks tea, looks at distant place that huge incomparable Suppressing Devil Temple. Does not know that Human King Immortal Country can go.” Shen Xiang is not worried about Liu Meng'er they, their strengths will not allow to go to such danger(ous) place. Now the matter makes that greatly, Suppressing Devil Temple they want surely not to be quietly good, Shen Xiang had determined that present range Night Demon Underworld these Immortal Palace gathered many people and Immortal Beast. Does not know that Demon Heaven and Devil Heaven Demon and Devil can come!” Long Xueyi said: Imperial Bird Clan and Imperial Dragon Clan definitely go back, this place was too for them important, that is their roots, moreover for these years does not have Saint Beast born, therefore they the meeting want to gain into Saint Beast strength from inside.” If were found by them?” Shen Xiang has remembered White Tiger that strength, including that so-called Dragon Emperor to frightened White Tiger that strength. Does not have anything, they could not find you in any case, moreover cannot rule Nine Heavens like before, Saint Immortal of humanity definitely also has, can contend with them, will not make them act unreasonably.” Long Xueyi said. Now Shen Xiang waits for Suppressing Devil Temple here, copes with that mysterious Night Devil, must have Suppressing Devil Temple, even if Suppressing Devil Temple does not want to go, perhaps other influences will also ask them to lead the way.